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The First Time I Loved Forever

Before you click, please note that this is a much beloved and well-written, but X-rated zine.
If this is not what you like to read, then don't open it!

Also, because we were unable to contact Angelique van het Karr to obtain her permission, we regret that her poems have been omitted.

The First Time I Loved Forever (PDF, 15.9 MB)

From the Qfer:

ed. by JoAnn Baca &Cathy Moran
December 2000
Rating: X
Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 248p.
Art information:. Cover by Sandy Shelton, collage by Terrie Milliman, 20 pages of unnumbered interior art by Sandy Tew, Angelique van der Kaat, Kyle Sariff, Lynn Wright.
Ordering information: Out of print

Additional Information: Collection of "first time" Vincent and Catherine encounters; erotic fanfic with no ratings limits imposed on the authors or artists; some art and all stories are very explicit. Stories by Teri, Trisha Kehoe, Pat King, Cathy Moran, Verity Mathews and Jo Fredericks, plus romantic poetry by Janice Keenan and Angelique van der Kaat. All profits from this zine went to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Alliance.