How did THIS happen!?

Now, you're lost in the maze.

Brian with flashlight & broken string

You really shouldn't go wandering off by yourself?

The ways change, you know.
For every safe road, there are a hundred paths that lead to darkness.

And now look. . . .
You've found one.

We are so sorry.  You must have run into one of the false walls we put up to keep out intruders and then taken a wrong turning -- maybe by the Whispering Gallery or over near the Mirror Pool.  We wish we knew where you really wanted to be, so we could point you in the right direction, but all we can do is send you on the express route to the highest chamber of all.  Back you go to the entrance to the tunnels.  (If you think just going back one step would help you, there's always that trusty gizmo called the Back Button.)

If it was one of our false walls that steered you wrong, it would be great to know about it.  Please tap on a pipe to let a candlemaker know what page you were on and what link you clicked.  Someone will get on that right away, because you know Father told us all not to play in the maze.  He's going to be really grumpy if he hears about this.  Plus, Vincent and Catherine asked us all to make a special effort to keep him in a good mood!  They have a plan, and they're hoping he and the Council will agree.  And this won't help.  So give us a hand!  Give them a hand!  That's what Helpers are for, after all.