The Art of
Catherine deMasque

Zine Illustrator

the color cover of the zine, She Walks in Beauty II. Vincent and Catherine are facing each other in the foreground. Catherine wears an emerald green jacket. Vincent is very golden-red. In the background is a black and white silhouette of Catherine walking into the stream of light under her building.
A very vividly colored drawing, the cover art for She Walks in Beauty III. Catherine is in the center with her arms crossed and her palms up in front of her. It appears that two distinct Vincent faces rise like smoke from her palms.
She Walks In Beauty II
Cover Art and 10 Drawings
April 1991
edited by J. D Miner and D. J. Humphrey

She Walks In Beauty III
Cover Art and 18 Drawings
February 1993
edited by J. D. Miner


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Catherine's BatB journey began in Canada. A fan of the show, she saw a notice in her local paper – a meeting of poetry group, inspired by BatB. A few months later, the leader of the fan group passed along a flyer – a request for a zine illustrator. Already a professional artist, she thought, "Why not?"
Several conventions later, Catherine's portrait of Father was chosen by Kay Dotrice, herself, for display in their Stratford on Avon home.

Today, Catherine is a published author.
Her young adult novel, Quest of the White Stag, was published in 2012.


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