Secret Keepers Banner Picture: NYC at night. Text: Secret Keepers

Behind these lights, someone could be watching ... and smiling. Because they know.

"We trust so few with our secret," Vincent said.  "All of them friends. Helpers.
Without their light, our world would be dark; our lives would be cold without their warmth."

A magician, a doctor, a bicycle messenger ... who are these Helpers? How did they learn the secret?
What connects them heart to heart with those who live Below?

Come inside; hear their tales
Nine Helpers.  Nine beginnings.

Maria    Dr. Wong    Eli    The Sax Player    Peter   

Lou    Miss Kendrick    Sebastien    Benny  

Secret-Keepers is Volume 2 of the Hearthside Stories. Volume 1 was published during WFOL 2011. Click HERE to read last year's stories.

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