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Every year during Winterfest Online, we bring you the opportunity to get to know a select group of people who have contributed to the Beauty and the Beast universe in their own unique way, thereby enriching our lives and the "dream" over the years.

This year's interviewees are an interesting assemblage. They have performed as actors, wrote music, created comics, and have let the depth of BATB values touch their lives and in turn, the lives of others. We hope you will enjoy meeting them as we post their interviews one at a time and we encourage you to let them know what their efforts mean to you by leaving the small gift of your thoughts and thanks in the guestbook provided.

This is only a small group of those whose creativity has been a big part of making Beauty and the Beast the show we all love. Many others have also been part of the creation of this dream we share and our heartfelt "thank you" goes out to all of them.


Band of Angels

WFOL 2006 - Interviews