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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Our last day to chit-chat together here. :-( So let’s take full advantage of the time. We have one more set of daily challenges, one more day to add to the mosaic stories, and one more day to talk and compare notes with our friends. And the games and other daily additions have been updated. And the last chapter of the Round Robin is up.

At noon EST you can say goodbye to our European friends, and at 8:00pm EST, the rest of us can say goodbye to each other before we try to squeeze in time for a few more things before going home.

And if you want, you can walk down to the Mirror Pool and take a few minutes to remember or discover some of the people who are no longer with us but who enjoyed BATB activities as much as we have. Some of them were involved in the early conventions and getting fandom started, others just reaped the rewards and supported their work with enthusiasm.

Now, enjoy your day, and be sure to visit the closing ceremonies later on.

After midnight tonight, the interactive activities will no longer work… things like the guest book, daily challenges, Caption This. You can still contact the candlemakers, though. Most of the games will still work, the displayed submissions and results from The Painted Tunnels and the Daily Challenges will still be visible, and most of the stories and poetry will still be available for a while. So, if you’ve developed a slight compulsion this week, there’s time to ease out of it slowly.

We’re happy you were here. We wish you another day of fun, and we’ll look forward to seeing you again next year.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

It’s Saturday, and that has come to mean the Talent Show and the Bathing Chamber. You choose your own priorities.

The Talent Show will be on Skype at 2:00pm EST. Mosey on over and get your vocal cords ready, or see what your fellow tunnel folk can do. There's lots of talent in these tunnels!

As for the Bathing Chamber… before you visit, we’d like to remind you that when people are bathing, they’re usually… ummmmm, you know… naked… or sometimes maybe even nekkid. If you don’t want to see that, you should go read some stories or play a game or work on one of the daily challenges or something. But if you’re going to waltz right in anyway, we did hear some splashing and giggling in there earlier.

This year’s charity could still use contributions if you can manage that this year. The auctions on ebay end today, so if you intend to bid, mind the ending times.

And if you have feedback, or suggestions for next year, join us in the theme chatroom at 8:00pm EST to let us know – good or bad. We’re open to your ideas and comments.

But you have two more days to explore and get involved, so go forth and do great wonders. Or at least have all the fun you can. We're so glad you're here! :-)

Friday, 9 February 2018

It’s already Friday? How did that happen?!

It's Treasure Hunt Day! Get out your virtual hiking boots and put on your thinking caps. Collaborate all you like, but please give HINTS, not answers. No spoilers, please! If you need help, ask on the yahoo group, or come to the theme room tonight.

Where does it start, you ask? You ask that every year! And every year we tell you to start hunting! :-) Look for it in one of the main chambers of the Great Hall.

If you’ve been inspired during Winterfest or have a BATB project of some kind that you’ve finally finished, it isn’t too late to display what you’ve done at Winterfest. Go to submissions in the Great Hall. In the upper right corner of the page there's a link to the submission form. If you have questions or need help, ask a friend or acquaintance who has contributed to help you out, or tap on the pipes.

There are four episode chats today. The one at 7:00pm is a pizza party. Have your pizza ready at 7:00 – frozen, order-in, or homemade extravaganza - cue up The Watcher, and then have pizza and laugh, groan, whine, growl, giggle, complain, or otherwise share comments with the others who are watching with you. Of course you could choose another episode chat and do the same thing without the pizza. But pizza is always good for gatherings. :-)

Off you go. Happy hunting!

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Hello again!

Yesterday was an interesting day. Arthur got into the Cryptogram machine and scattered letters willy-nilly. After chasing him out, all was restored and the Cryptograms are once more in operation. Aaaaaand…Samantha ran off with Wednesday's Round Robin Chapter for bedtime reading. Vincent managed to get it back, and put it back into the series. The children have been admonished to stay out of the Round Robin shelving.

We've noticed new faces here this year. If you’re new in the tunnels and haven’t found them yet, you might look in the Helper’s Nook for FAQ’s and Fandom 101 for a few explanations and suggestions you might be able to use even after Winterfest.

Are you getting involved in the games and challenges? They’re still out there, new ones every day. Crafts to see. Charity auctions on ebay. Readings in the Listening Chamber, All kinds of ways to play Solitaire. Word games...

Off you go. Have fun!

Wednesday, 7 February 2018


What have you missed? Puzzles? Artwork? The Father Project? There’s still plenty of time to scout around and find those things and more.

If you’re considering going to the convention in Chicago this summer and you missed the convention Q&A chat earlier, there’s another chance to ask your questions today. And there are another couple of episode chats to enjoy with your friends as you watch together – one classic, and one Season 3. You could check the Library for new reading material, and maybe add your two cent’s worth to one or more of the Mosaic stories or catch up on the next chapter of the Classic Round Robin.

Our charity this year is Direct Relief International. If your purse strings allow your participation this year, please consider it. If not, no worries. We all have good and not so good financial times. There are always opportunities to help out that require no financial investment - only your good will, your time, and your good heart.

Okay! Time to take your smiles out into the tunnels and share them with the others out there having a good time. Wave as you pass us. We're always glad to see you.

More coming up tomorrow!

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Are you getting tired yet? We hope not. There’s still plenty to see.

There are a couple of episode chats today. And have you tried Fortunately, Unfortunately yet? There’s even an 18+ version if you’re so inclined.

There's a logic puzzle today in Vincent's Chamber, and all the daily changes have been made for all the games and challenges. We’d love to see what you come up with!

Have fun!

Monday, 5 February 2018

Back to work for many of us today. Are you ready? (Me neither!) We’ll be looking for you whenever you can manage to get back. However, for those of us who are retired or don’t have to be at work today, the tunnels are open for fun!

Today in Vincent's chamber, find a lovely drawing by Winter Rose! Thank you, Winter!

There are new listening chamber submissions. New pictures for “Caption This”, new daily games in the Game Nook, new subjects for the daily challenges and new topics for chats. Check the chat schedule in the Conversation Corner. There’s plenty to do until your friends get back.

There are lots of gooodies in the charity auction, including lots of zines. All of us love the fanfic online, but if you like sitting down now and then and turning real paper pages to read your Beauty and the Beast stories, here’s an opportunity.

We’ll leave you alone now to find your own adventures for the day. The tunnels are waiting.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Hello again!

Are you just getting here? You already have a lot of company, and we're glad to see you.

If you’d like to start by pulling up a chair and having a nice cup of tea with your friends first, try joining the yahoo group or checking into the chat rooms for some conversation.

You like your conversations planned? There’s a chat schedule with specified themes. If you're thinking about attending the convention in Chicago this summer, you might be interested in the Con Q&A at 2pm EST today. Lots of good information there. And there are other interesting topics, too.

Have you tried The Painted Tunnels yet? There are two drawing programs to try this year. If you create a masterpiece, we’ll “Ooo” and “Ah” appropriately, but If it’s less than a masterpiece, that’s okay. It might encourage some of us who are not particularly, umm... masterpiece prone... to smile, recognize a kindred spirit, and add something of our own. We’re doing this for fun, right? :-)

Look for new questions of the day and daily challenges. And there’s a game, “Caption This” open for you to add your interpretations of the pictures. A few people have already started without you. And the Mosaic Stories could use your input, too.

Then there’s Mouse’s Chamber (always an adventure) with a few blasts from Winterfests past.

And all of the auction items are live now. There are some great items! Check them out. All proceeds go to charity.

So after you finish your tea, there are games, art, poems and more. And maybe you can rest your tired feet and finish with a story in a quiet corner of the library. There are all kinds of possibilities.

As always, if you need help, tap on the pipes.

We hope you enjoy your day.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

It’s Winterfest again! WooHoo!

If you’re a new guest, we’re happy to have you! The festivities have started, so feel free to join in... and to ask questions. Tap on the pipes if you need help. If you’re a Winterfest veteran, welcome back! It’s wonderful to see you again. All of you light your candle on the map, and check the map again now and then to see if your friends are here yet.

There are lots of activities to occupy that copious free time of yours. What? Did we just hear you laughing? Well, the good news is that the Great Hall will be open 24/7 for nine days, so drop in whenever you can. There are daily activities like the chats, the yahoo group, and a question of the day to discuss in the Conversation Corner. And you can find daily word searches and cryptograms in the game nook, or daily poetry challenges in the library. Give it a try. It doesn’t have to be worthy of Keats or Tennyson. But if you don’t feel like waxing poetic yourself, you can always read what others wrote. A good presentation always needs a good audience.

The tunnel dwellers were deeply involved in helping others. This year’s Winterfest charity is Direct Relief International; and information about that organization, as well as the items in the ebay auction, can be found in The Helpers’ Nook. All proceeds from the auction will fund the charity.

As Winterfest progresses, among other things, you’ll find stories, artwork, games, crafts, visits to past Winterfest activities, and, a surprise thrown in now and then. Choose your favorites. New fun will be appearing each day, so check here for updates each day when you visit. And if a lightning bolt of inspiration strikes you, don’t forget that you can send submissions at any time during Winterfest.

Check the chat schedule so you don't miss anything there that you really want to participate in. Today, you may want to look in on the Spring Fling Q&A at 8pm EST.

Remember you have nine days for this, so don’t wear yourselves out today. Now, while we back ourselves out of your way, put on your virtual hiking shoes and start exploring all the nooks and crannies of the tunnels. If you get lost, click on the Winterfest logo to get back to The Great Hall.

(Shouting toward your backs as you leave us in your dust.)

Have fun!