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Coming Out of the Dark

by Patricia Anne Kehoe

Note! Rated: X

From the Qfer:

by Patricia Anne Kehoe
August 1991
Rating: X
Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 139 p, some art, color cover (Rosemarie Hauer), bound in a clear plastic jacket with slip-on spine.

Art Information: The interior art, mainly by Hauer, includes side nudity

Additional Information: Second novel in the series by the author of the Vincent's World series. Mitch Denton, now in command of the surviving members of the Silks gang, captures Vincent with the intention of selling him as revenge for his own previous humiliation. Those Below, together with Devin and Joe Maxwell, plan a rescue. Much explicit V/C sex.

If reading about explicit sex is not your cup of tea, then DO NOT CLICK!

Coming Out of the Dark (PDF, 30.8 MB)