Graphic title: Wallpapers.

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Vincent looking directly out, smiling. Text reads: A Time to Remember, a time to dream. Winterfest.
Catherine and Vincent facing each other. She
An image of Catherine joining the circle at the end of Winterfest, her hand held out to Father. An image of dusty pink roses and snow flakes and lights. Text reads: Winterfest. Your heart led you here.
Catherine and Vincent gazing out pensively. An image of a lit candle, a snowflake. Text reads: Winterfest, the most beautiful flame.
Vincent and Catherine standing together. Images of the NYC skyline in the background, two blue birds, and a snowflake. Text reads: Winterfest. Every moment a triumph and a gift.
Vincent gazing out solemnly. An image of the NYC skyline in the background and a lit subway train. Glowing jewels and a snowflake superimposed on the image. Text reads: Winterfest: The pathways and crossroads ... the rush of possibilities.
Catherine and Vincent in silhouette walking together in the dark Central Park, though the trees are lit with golden lights. Text reads: Winterfest. The night has a special magic to it.
Vincent gazing pensively to the side. The background image is a collage of steampunk elements - compasses, circles, gears, stars, beads, brads and rivets. The center glows with a white-blue light. The text reads: Winterfest - a circle of light
Vincent holds a lit candelabra and stands smiling softly. In the background is an image of an ballroom-like space. The text reads Winterfest, sort of like a dream.


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