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10 February 2013


A third of a century,
I once noted, marveling at the miracle of its celebration. Now a quarter-century more has passed, the last ten years with you in this wider, wondrous world. I have no words

Yet, I must try.

Leonardo da Vinci said, He turns not back who is bound to a star.

When we lit the first candle, that single flame was a star in a dark sky. The light passed, wick to wick, heart to heart. Now our community our family is an array of stars. Each of you is a singular light in the darkness, but together as we are here a constellation takes shape and burns more brightly in convergence than could any one of us on our own.

We are like parts of one great star, ever bound to each other, drawn together for this time ... for this precious time.

I am awed by you. Humbled. Grateful. Without you

Well, I cannot bear to think of such a life.

Our days of celebration have passed too quickly, and this is goodbye, for now. But leave with this, my wish for you

Annus mirabilis.

Defined as a remarkable or notable year, a year of wonders, of miracles. A phrase that speaks hopefully of the future. I want nothing less for you.

May the coming year be magical. May you discover courage and vision. May you ... surprise yourself, dearly so. And may the path you travel be firm underfoot until you are home again in the house you never left.


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