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      Andreas Sauer
      Lynn Wright

BatB FreeCell

Playing the Game

Rules: The cards are dealt into eight tableau columns. There are four cells in the top left corner and four foundation piles in the top right corner. As they become available, the four Aces may be played above the tableau onto the foundations. Cards of the same suit are played onto them in ascending order, 2 to King. On the tableau layout, cards are played in descending order and alternating color. The top card of each tableau column and cards from the four cells are available to play. Only one card at a time can be moved, but groups of cards in sequence can be moved if there are enough free Cells and/or tableau piles. (Note: That's how Free Cell is supposed to be played. This version has a glitch. You can move any groups of cards no matter how many free cells there are. Mouse was going to fix it, but Father stopped him--it makes it easier for him to win.) The top card of any tableau pile can also be moved to any Cell. Each Cell may contain only one card. Cards in the cells can be moved to a foundation pile or back to the tableau pile, if possible.

Moving cards: To move the cards from one stack to another, use click-to-move. Click the card you want to move, then click the location to where you want to move it. You can also double click on a card to move it to a foundation stack. This makes it possible to use the game on devices that do not have a normal mouse. If your browser offers spatial navigation (such as Opera), you can use that to select the right card, but note that due to the number of positioned elements in close proximity to each other, the spatial navigation may have some trouble selecting the right cards. Note: Drag and drop will work, but the game has a tendency to freeze using this method--usually just as you are about to win. It is not recommended.

To start a new game: Click the "DEAL justly with me"* button or hit F5.

Options: You may select cardsets and card backs. Click the "Come and take CHOICE"** button to access these options.

* Shakespeare, William, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Act II, Scene 2
** Ibid, The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus, Act IV, Scene 1

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