Refections: Stories Inspired by Chan

Chan's drawing of Vincent and Catherine at the end of The Watcher, in each other's arms, looking intently at each other. Cyndi's Chan-Inspired Story. Drawing is Catherine's head turned on her pillow. The scene is from Orphans. Carole W's Chan-Inspired Story. Drawing is Vincent sitting on a rock at a lake's edge. Aliset's Chan-Inspired Story. Drawing is of Vincent sitting on the floor, holding his baby in his hands, looking down on the baby lovingly (of course!) Olivia K. Goode's Chan-Inspired Story: drawing is Catherine looking over the shoulder of a sleeping Vincent JoAnn Baca's Chan-Inspired Story. Drawing is a kiss between Catherine and Vincent, an illustration from the dream in The Watcher, Catherine and Vincent on the beach. SandyX's Chan-Inspired Story:  Drawing is of a young Vincent and and young Devin, imagining themselves like Huck Finn, at the water's edge, fishing. Devin is wearing a straw hat

Our beloved Chan continues to inspire us
with the visions she left in our keeping.

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Please note: Chan's illustrations may not be used without permission.
This project received approval in writing from her proxy committee.


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