As the World Sleeps by Cyndi



The water lapped at the pier beneath his feet; the wood groaned. All too soon, the docks would begin to bustle with the activities of man.  However, for now – right now – the darkness shielded him. The pre-dawn hours were his, the time of day when the world above belonged to him, when he could travel the streets of the city. A world of blacks and grays. So often he longed to see what the sunlight would reveal – both the beauties and the not so beautiful.

He’d had a glimpse of that world once. He’d been ill and Catherine had watched over him. Her love saved him when the darkness threatened to consume him. No one else could reach into that soulless darkness and touch him, make him want to break free of the jealous hold the emptiness had on him. Only Catherine.

Only Catherine … One word. One name. But it meant everything to him. If he thought he lived before Catherine, he was wrong. He’d merely existed. He had family and friends and, yes, even love, but it was a different love. Not this love. This love filled him body and soul, lifted him and gave him hope. Made him want to be a better man. 

And a man he was.

Before her, he questioned what he truly was. Was he man or beast. Father told him he was both. 

Catherine told him he was more. 

Nearby, something startled the birds sleeping in the shadows. The clap of wings told him it was time to return home. He used to hate the signs of dawn that forced him below, but no longer.Catherine's head is turned on her pillow, a loving look on her face. 


He entered his chamber and quietly hung his cloak on its peg ... and heard the rustle of the bedclothes behind him.

In a sleepy rasp, Catherine spoke, “Good morning, Love. Did you enjoy your walk?”

“I did.”

“Good. Now come back to bed … I need you.”



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