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Monday, 13 February 2012

We raised a record-breaking (for a Winterfest Online) total of $1,326.66 for our chosen charity, Doctors without Borders. Thank you so much, all of you who donated cash or ebay items, and those of you who bid in the auctions. If you meant to send a donation, but never quite got to it, there's still time, if you hurry! If you're mailing a check, let JoAnn know ASAP.

Please know that we have enjoyed your company immensely. We hope you’ve had fun, met new people or reconnected with old friends and acquaintances, and enjoyed the spirit of the tunnels. Thank you for joining us. As always, Winterfest wouldn’t be the same joyous occasion without you. We love ya!

Until next year.

The Wintercandlemakers

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday? It's Sunday!? Yes, it is so get out there and make the most of it. Do something you haven't done yet. Add a line to your favorite Mosaic story. Take the Daily Challenge after reading and being inspired by all the marvelous poems written by your fellow fans. Your reading choices are practically endless. Watch a video. Play a game. Have you stopped in the Helpers Nook and answered our "Help with a Game" questionnaire? And best of all, take time to visit with friends. community is what Winterfest is all about.

It might be the last day of the party, but there are still a few new things to see.

In the Gallery, you'll find our wallpapers of the day, along with three additional wallpapers, have been made into calendar wallpaper!

Feeling a little grungy after digging for treasure and running through the tunnels for over a week? Stop in to the Bathing Chambers and freshen up before returning Topside.

The ebay auctions are ending today. You'll find a link on the charity page in the Helpers Nook.

Lastly, don't miss the closing ceremony. It will be posted later today in the Great Hall.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

It’s already Saturday?! When did that happen? We hope the fact that time seems to be flying by is because you’re having a good time.

Do you sing? Play an instrument? Recite some poetry? Any other talent you'd like to share? Not really, but you'd like to cheer your fellow BATB fans? Then come join us in the annual Winterfest Online Talent Show! We'll be waiting for you at 2PM EST, so bring your microphone and go to

If you enjoy Beauty and the Beast art, please check today’s DeviantArt Gallery. These artists have graciously given their permission for us to display their work at Winterfest.

And if you are as attached to your cell phone as you are to Beauty and the Beast, look in the Amphitheater to find ring tones from our favorite show to download to your phone. Then, though you and the tunnels can never be together, you will never, ever be apart.

Be sure to check all the daily challenges, poems, etc., and check in on the Mosaic stories. If you are more of a people watcher than a participant at the party, enjoy the efforts of others; but we’d love to see you step out of the shadows and join the fun of posting something of your own.

Have fun. We’ll be looking for you.

Friday, 10 February 2012

We hope you enjoyed the Treasure Hunt! If you're still hunting and need help, drop a word on the wfol yahoo group, or pop into tonight's chat.

After all that exercise yesterday you can relax in the Gallery where you'll find Rosemarie Hauer’s gorgeous calendar art. This year we're featuring “Forever” from 2000 and “The Gift of Dreams” from 2001.

In the Amphitheater sit back and listen to two original BATB songs! - how cool is that?! - written and sung by Rob Scotton.

Have you added a line or more to the mosaic stories this year? Written a Daily Challenge? Answered a Question of the Day? You might find there's something creative inside of you just waiting to get out!

If you haven't already done so, please consider stopping by the Helper's Nook and helping with a game to be played at the Dallas con. Thanks much!

All the daily updates are waiting for you to discover today also. So get out there and enjoy!

Oh, and we sincerely apologize for the server errors people have been getting intermittently. Unfortunately, the problem is at our hosting provider, and at this point there's very little we can do about them. Keep trying!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Well, it's finally here. The favorite WFOL activity of some and the bane of others, the Treasure Hunt!

Just a few words to help you get started. Somewhere within the chambers you will find a treasure chest. Find it. Click on it and you're on your way. We know you're all anxious to find the treasure but don't forget to take note of the BATB sites you'll be visiting. They're all wonderful places, each with their own unique personality. If you really don't want to tarry, bookmark them and be sure to come back at a later time. Remember, it's a treasure "hunt." You need to do some HUNTING.

If you get lost, or stuck, you can ask for help on the WFOL yahoo group. And if you want to answer someone's cry for help on list, hints rather than answers are the way to go. Tonight's scheduled chat at 8 p.m. EST is Treasure Hunt hints and help, so hang in there.

Now grab those picks and shovels and start digging for treasure!

Or, if treasure hunting isn't your cup of tea, there's new content all around - Hearthside stories in the kitchen, Daily Challenges, a new crossword, all of the 'of the day' pages, well, you get the idea!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Today the Listening Chamber makes its appearance in the Amphitheater with poems for everyone to enjoy. Find a selection by clicking on the graphic or enter the chamber and follow along as you listen to them read aloud. Or better yet, just close your eyes and image yourself in the tunnels.. 

Also in the Amphitheater, you will find an interview with the Chesapeake Helpers Society. Here is a group who knows how to have fun and embraces the tunnel values. Come meet them. 

In the Game Nook, we've brought back one of the most popular activities, Who Wants to Be a Beastaire? Newbies, old hands, classic, or all season. Everyone will have a great time trying to dredge up the answers to these "I should know that" questions. 

So go out and explore. Have fun. It is a whole new day in the tunnels. Then come join your fellow fans for a chat in the evening.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Running out of things to read? Well, we can't have that! Take a trip to the Library and settle in to read this year's Finally Online selection, "Song of Solomon" by Linda Mooney.

Also, there's something new in the Crafts Submissions today which we found hiding in our spam folder! Have a look at Becky Flaming-Martin's BatB art quilt.

Thank yous go out to those fans who have contributed to our charity. The spirit of the tunnels burns brightly in your hearts. And keep those bids coming on our ebay auctions. All the funds raised will go to our chosen charity, Doctors Without Borders.

Enjoy all the things the chambers have to offer and if you haven't already, answer a Question of the Day, make a contribution to the Daily Challenges (some of the entries are simply amazing) or drop into a chat. You won't be sorry and you will be adding to your own fun as well as the enjoyment of your fellow fans.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Where did the weekend go? It went by in a blur of fun and activities. Now it's Monday, the beginning of the traditional work week. Fortunately, that is in the world Above, and we are in the world Below. The celebration continues with new things to discover and all the daily updates to chuckles, polls, poems, stories, questions, round robins, daily challenges… well, you get the picture.

Did I mention “new things?”

Does anyone NOT enjoy BATB artwork? How about BATB poetry? Then today we have a special treat for you. We have unearthed “Like Magic”, a 1995 calendar illustrated by Chan and each piece of artwork accompanied by a beautiful poem by Pat Leslie. You'll find that in the Gallery.

The Game Nook is a popular chamber and today we've added the Logic Puzzle. Why don't you put on your thinking cap and see if you can help Father figure out where his books went. And who took them.

Yesterday afternoon our charity auction items became available on Ebay. Here is your chance to donate to a worthy charity and win yourself a wonderful keepsake of Beauty and the Beast. Our charity page with the link to the auctions can be found in the Helpers’ Nook.

Don't forget our BATB chats. You can find the schedule in the Conversation Corner. For your convenience Monday’s chats include (times are all EST) 20 Questions at 7PM, Fan Fic Writing Tips and Tricks at 8PM, a Role Play chat and a Shades of Grey episode Chat at 9PM.

Have Fun!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Welcome to day two of WFOL!

So are you having fun yet? There’s just so many wonderful ways to run and beautiful things to see!

Special treats for today are Esther’s Doll in the Gallery and Arthur’s stories in Mouse's Chamber. Yes: Arthur has so much fun at Winterfest, he demanded to have his own page! While you are on your way to visit these treats, stop in Williams Kitchen for a cup of tea and check out The Secret Keepers to learn more about some of the tunnel helpers. Just wonderful fun!!

Is there a question you would like to pose to someone in the tunnels? Your opportunity to “Ask a Tunnel Dweller” awaits in the Helpers’ Nook. You never know who will answer your question or what their response might be.

If you love to talk with your fellow fans, then we have lots of opportunities to do just that. At 2:00PM EST come play hide and seek in the games chat, and let's watch Dead of Winter together at 4PM EST. Then, at 7:00PM EST, we’ll have another round of “fortunately/unfortunately”. And at 8 pm EST, come share a discussion about one episode characters important to the BATB experience.

And you might have thought you were done with chatting tonight! Oh no, no, no, we do not sleep during WFOL! At 9 pm EST we'll play Mouse's Raccoon.

Speaking of the chats, we'd like to remind all the chat participants that there could be lurkers of all ages in our chats, and we ask everyone to be mindful of that. Please consider the appropriateness of the conversation. We'd like WFOL to remain fun for everyone.

We as a tunnel family always try to reach out to help others. Our charity this year is Doctors Without Borders. Stop in the Helper's Nook and learn a little bit about this wonderful organization. We've already received some donations, which is very encouraging. Keep an eye out for the eBay auctions which will be coming up later this week to raise more funds for this worthy cause.

And of course there’s a new Question of the Day, Poll of the Day, Poem of the Day, Daily Challenges, Round Robin chapters, Sudoku and who knows what else.

Did you tip toe into the Bathing Chamber? And don’t look at me with those innocent eyes and tell me you haven’t, because I know you have!!! ……Good!!! Keep looking, somebody has got to bathe before this Winterfest is over!

And now you’re off to day two of Winterfest.

Surprises are waiting,
So… get on your way!!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Happy Winterfest! We're so pleased you could join us!

Visit the Pipe Chamber every day to see what's new at Winterfest. Today everything's new, so go on out and play!