But ... but wait! WAIT! That's it???

(Nor Iron Bars a Cage ~ Episode Enhancement)

A small group gathered one night to watch a favored episode together online.

At its end, from 5 corners of the earth, fierce shouts rang out ...


Vincent's face, ending scene, NIBaCCatherine's face, ending scene, NIBaC

And so we assigned ourselves homework.

We were each to write a short, expanded ending

to be presented the following week at our next get-together.

We laughed, betting we might produce similar stories.


Two of us (LauraG and SandyX) received A's for turning in their work on time.

Two of us (Carole and Aliset) had excuses – good ones, really! – for being late.

Vicky's song is just spectacular. What fun we had with this.

Catherine reading, Vincent reclining, ending scene, NIBaC Vicky's Song Song by Vicky

The stories should be read in order

Carole – Aliset – LauraG – SandyX

and then ... Vicky's song

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1-Carole's Story 2-Aliset's Story 3-Laura's Story 4-Sandy's Story 5-Vicky's Song