Devin's Dream
By Olivia K. Goode

I never told him what I dreamt
that night under Kenyan stars.
I dreamt
I walked
these tunnels again
not a kid anymore,
but grown,
and everyone was
calling me Devin.

That's it.
That's all.
That's the whole dream.
Doesn't sound like much,
does it?

I dreamt it countless times.
Dreamt of reading in a chamber
or sitting by the Falls
and being called Dev.

After all those hundreds of places -
Amazing, exciting, exotic places -
After all those dozens of lives -
Empty, unloved, lonely lives -

I dreamt about
in the only place
I still longed to go
the only person
I'd never yet been.
  They say you only live once.
Unless you're me...
Then you get a dozen lives.
It took twenty years to get it right
to get back where I
should have been,
started out.

Things change, I guess,
I said
People change, too
and I'm trying.
I'm good at changing names
changing places
changing lives
Not so good at changing me

But I'm learning.
I'm trying
to be
less Black Sheep
more Golden Boy.

Devin wearing a wet dress white shirt