Singing As We Go
by Carolyn, 'misunderstoodemon'
When the love fades.
When the rose withers.
When the candles die.
When the music stops.
What do you do?
Do you paint it anew?
Plant the bush again?
Re-light them?
Continue singing?
Do you fall silent?
Letting the candles sputter,
and go out?
Letting the melody fall silent?
When the love begins,
When the rose blooms,
When the candles burst into flame,
when the music roars into life.
That is what must happen.
That is what the cycle is.
That is who we are,
who we were,
what we are.
Where we've been and where we'll go,
singing loud as we show,
the world out there
that we are,
singing as we go.