All That I Am
by Jodie Boyle

“My Darling”…

 I like you –

You’re sweet and kind
Wonderful to cuddle up to
You give me the greatest joy
Just by being at my side…

 I adore you –

You are my heart – a part of my soul
I think of you when I awake
You are there with me in my dreams
In the darkest night you are my shining light…  

I cherish you –

Seeing you smile
Holding your hand
Being held in your arms –
What more could I wish for…
I honour you –
As you honour me
Say the word my love –
I will be there for you whenever you call
No nobler person have I met…
I love you –
Oh how I do!
Must I speak of my love for you –
I will – everyday!
I love you my darling…
I’m yours