Come to Winterfest
By Rebecca Board
Art by Sandy Tew

It’s time once again for Winterfest Online,

Come join us this year one and all!

Helpers and Dwellers will gather alike

Making merry inside the Great Hall.

Rebecca has hand dipped the candles once more

And William’s preparing his brew.

Mary?  She’s running around fretting

Over last minute work left to do.

B&W drawing of Mouse peeking over a table full of food

Arthur scurries quickly to his favorite place

With flour all over his paws and his face

(It seems he’s been in the kitchen again

Crawling in and out of the large flour bin).

B&W drawing of Pascal listening to Jamie

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Mary with a basket of food

Father rehearses new speeches and toasts

While Mouse sneaks some pieces of savory roast.

B&W drawing of Arthur on the flour barrel

The Children’s Quartet try a difficult song

While Samantha and Geoffrey sing right along.

Michael is writing his holiday thesis

While Brooke polishes all of Father’s chess pieces.

Sebastian will do all his tricks again this year

While Eric tries to pull a quarter out of his own ear!

Pascal stands by his pipes and, wearing a frown,

Listens to Jamie who’s fussing over wearing a gown.

Outside the tunnel entrance in Central Park

Vincent waits for Catherine to lead her through the dark.

Now we’re all waiting outside the Hall’s heavy door,

Waiting for YOU and what are YOU waiting for?

Come to Winterfest!