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A Peek into a Beauty and the Beast Chat by Some Sunday Episode Chatters


After watching a season two episode for our Sunday chat, several of us stayed connected for a few hours to visit with far flung friends.  The discussion ranged from Beauty and the Beast, to family, food, movies, the gutter, (there’s a surprise!), and home/school work.  One of our chatters had to write a paper dealing with a topic in the Middle Ages and the setting stayed fresh in our minds.  

Our apologies, there is no spell checker in chat.  The chat id’s have been changed somewhat to shield the guilty.

tunnelbaby: i've been to my first con..i'm ruined for life..the angel is gone

zanna_z: she is Riff Raff after all

tunnelbaby: :P

tunnelbaby: :D

zanna_z: but I'm not sharing Vincent

UpSideDownLyn: =))

tunnelbaby: =))

tunnelbaby: =;

Zatanna: ;;)

tunnelbaby: hee hee

UpSideDownLyn: :-h=;

Zatanna: It was a dark and stormy Middle Ages.

UpSideDownLyn: and all the little monks were fast aleep :D

Zatanna: after saving all the ancient texts by copying the knowlege into manuscripts.

UpSideDownLyn: yep

Alaskan_angel: Not a single candle was lite throughout the church.

tunnelbaby: somewhere in the enchated forest, vincent and catherine were riding at a slow pace togethr on his valiant steed

tunnelbaby: that's not meant to sounds tst Zatanna

tunnelbaby: =))

Zatanna: But then, Catherine pushed Vincent off his horse.

VCMermaid: =))

Alaskan_angel: =))\

Zatanna: And dove down next to him

UpSideDownLyn: into a pool

tunnelbaby: he was instantly taken aback :-O

UpSideDownLyn: =D>

Zatanna: Well, he was taken.

tunnelbaby: =))

VCMermaid: aback...

tunnelbaby: whatever

VCMermaid: ok good

Zatanna: on his back?

VCMermaid: lol1

tunnelbaby: i can't ytpe

tunnelbaby: you guys know this

VCMermaid: =))

tunnelbaby: *Type

tunnelbaby: sheesh

tunnelbaby: gimma a break

Zatanna: He is different than other men.

tunnelbaby: *gimme

tunnelbaby: AAHHH!

tunnelbaby: i quite

tunnelbaby: *QUIT!

tunnelbaby: good grief

Zatanna: I just didn't know he was THAT different.

tunnelbaby: haha well i screwed it up with my typos

tunnelbaby: :P

tunnelbaby: ok i'll fix it

Zatanna: Catherine smacked his backside

Zatanna: the horse's backside, that is

tunnelbaby: :))

Zatanna: to scare him off

VCMermaid: oh, yeah right

tunnelbaby: the horse took off and vincent called after her

Zatanna: stranding them deep in the forest

tunnelbaby: oh she's off the horse

tunnelbaby: good

tunnelbaby: =))

UpSideDownLyn: then it began to rain and they had to find shelter

Zatanna: alone, with no hope of anyone finding them so deep in the forest

tunnelbaby: They came to the conclusion they had to keep warm SOMEHOW

tunnelbaby: nights got really cold

UpSideDownLyn: and they had to remove their wet clothes

Zatanna: "Vincent, I'm cold.  Can I put my hand in your pocket?" Catherine asked sweetly.

tunnelbaby: =))=))

UpSideDownLyn: =))

tunnelbaby: pssht innocent...

Zatanna: "CATHERINE! That's not my pocket!"

tunnelbaby: :P

tunnelbaby: >:D, kidding

tunnelbaby: >:D<

tunnelbaby: =)) Zatanna

VCMermaid: hmm!

tunnelbaby: oh i'm sorry vincent...can i keep my hadn there...itt keeps it warm...

tunnelbaby: ;;)

Zatanna: "My pants don't have pockets!"

tunnelbaby: =))=))

UpSideDownLyn: =))

tunnelbaby: we've gone

tunnelbaby: :P

tunnelbaby: see ya!

tunnelbaby: Vincent, my dress doesn't have any pockets butif you need to keep your hands warm...

tunnelbaby: ;;)

VCMermaid: The Kid!

tunnelbaby: =))=))=))

UpSideDownLyn: =))

Zatanna: =))

VCMermaid: =))

Zatanna: 8->

Alaskan_angel: I'm taking Salemteacher’s advice...

tunnelbaby: lol!

Alaskan_angel: I will probbaly be back in like... 3 hours... though

Zatanna: good luck, A_angel

Alaskan_angel: I have to finish this paper

tunnelbaby: >:D< see ya later A_angel

Alaskan_angel: >:D< to all

UpSideDownLyn: take it easy A_angel >:D<

Zatanna: >:D<

Alaskan_angel: I had a blast!

Alaskan_angel: Keep up the creativity!

Alaskan_angel: Later!

Alaskan_angel: Night (just in case)!

VCMermaid: brb, need food

Zatanna: brb

Zatanna: laundry needed tending

UpSideDownLyn: oh oh HB awake :-S

Zatanna: Thwarted by Vincent's over zealous need to protect her from his obvious desires, Catherine, stepped back to plan her next move.

tunnelbaby: we should really get out of these wet clothes vincent...

Zatanna: That is, until she looked at Vincent, whose clothes were so wet they clung to his tight muscles and large

Zatanna: shoulders

UpSideDownLyn: you writing this down Z?;;)

Zatanna: Thirteen layers of birth control reduced to luscious body draping.

tunnelbaby: ooo

Zatanna: I'll save the chat transcript.

tunnelbaby: She stared at him, forgetting herself for the moment. Her lips parting and the desire she felt becoming more evident in her eyes..and through their bond

Zatanna: Unbeknown to her, Catherine's clothing was equally revealing.  Her cream colored blouse and pants now nothing more than transparent cloth.

Zatanna: The last time Vincent had seen so much of her, Catherine was being treated for her injuries after her first attack.

tunnelbaby: Vincent's breath caught in his throat as he swallowed hard, taking in the sight of her. Feeling her overwhelming desire wash over him, he trembled.

Zatanna: Then, he could only treat her injuries and pity the pain she suffered.  

Zatanna: Now, she was a shimmering, willing goddess.

Zatanna: He remembered the last time they were caught in the rain together.  Her face was lit with innocent joy -- playing in the rain.  

Zatanna: Catherine' eyes smouldered with want and love.  No rain could quench this fire.

tunnelbaby: The only cleansing she could have of her soul would be the feel of hers joining with his, the feel of his love adn desire in return washing over her like this rain.

Zatanna: He could try and carry her out of this forest, but Vincent knew that if he held her, his control would be lost.

Zatanna: Night was descending, and with it came the cold.  Any effort to give her warmth would release his passion, long denied.

tunnelbaby: Both of the trembled anxiously from the cold and desire posessing them

VCMermaid: :-SS

tunnelbaby: "Vincent, I'm ffreezing. Do you think you could just hold me?"

Zatanna: Slowly, he raised his eyes towards her.  "Catherine.  I love you.  I will always protect you, but I don't want to lose control, trying to keep you warm.  Will you join with me and complete our dream?  No cold will harm us when we are together."

Zatanna: "Yes, Vincent, complete our dream, now and forever."

VCMermaid: 8->

tunnelbaby: 8-> *sigh*

Zatanna: Vincent led her to a tall pine tree with low sweeping branches.  He parted the branches; the ground was dry.  He gathered a large pile of dry needles.  He placed his cloak carefully upon the needles so that the top side was the drier side.

Zatanna: Slowly he removed his vest and hung it on a branch.  He held out his hand to her.  "Come to me, Catherine."

VCMermaid: =P~

tunnelbaby: @-)

Zatanna: Her hand trembled in his.  He wondered if she was afraid, but she placed her other hand on his heart.  "Vincent, is this a dream?  I'm so afraid that I will wake up and..."

Zatanna: He pulled her close., wrapping his arms around her.  Lowering his face to her head, he nuzzled into her hair.  The rain made her lovely scent stronger and he breathed it in.  

Zatanna: Catherine reached  up and caressed his hair, thrilled that he finally let her play with it.

tunnelbaby: 8-> yep

VCMermaid: 8->

tunnelbaby: just enjoying the story

VCMermaid: hee

Zatanna: I got carried away.

VCMermaid: well, i can see that! and you've wrapped me in it...

Zatanna: didn't mean to take over

VCMermaid: :D

tunnelbaby: keep going!

tunnelbaby: it's too good

Zatanna: really? I'm just fooling around.

tunnelbaby: it's good!

VCMermaid: good' it's better than best!

VCMermaid: we've got our RP WFOL submission, lol!

Zatanna: OK, so, waking up the sleeping skunk under the pine tree... not a good idea?

VCMermaid: kiding

VCMermaid: haaahaahaaa!

tunnelbaby: :))

VCMermaid: well... they can't keep in those clothes if they wake it...

tunnelbaby: VC!!

tunnelbaby: You SEE!!

tunnelbaby: She's not innocent!

tunnelbaby: We have PROOF!

tunnelbaby: HA

Zatanna: They couldn't be around other people reeking of skunk, either.

VCMermaid: lol!

Zatanna: Their clothes would take forever to air out.

VCMermaid: hmm...

tunnelbaby: they would have to try to soak away the smell together

VCMermaid: what, Frtuitcake? I'm only being logic!

tunnelbaby: mmhmmm

Zatanna: See... lot's of ways this could go

VCMermaid: yup

Zatanna: back in five, hanging laundry

tunnelbaby: k

Zatanna: shall we continue?

VCMermaid: hee

tunnelbaby: go go go!

Zatanna: Vincent kissed her hair and slowly placed gentle kisses on her crown, her forehead, her temples.   He reluctantly released her.  

Zatanna: "Catherine, I never dared to imagine our joining.  I want to be slow and gentle, but your touch enflames me."

VCMermaid: 8-> uh oh

tunnelbaby: @-)=P~

tunnelbaby: 8->

Zatanna: "You must know how much I am enjoying your caresses.  Please don't stop.  I couldn't bear it."

Zatanna: He reached for her, bringing her face close to his.  His eyes looked deeply into hers.  Then he lowered his eyes and looked at her lovely, full lips.  He longed to touch them; to taste them.

tunnelbaby: 8->

VCMermaid: @-)

Zatanna: His lips lightly touched hers.  Then they slowly moved over hers, memorizing every curve and texture.

Zatanna: Catherine trembled under his touch.  Her fingers  tangled in his hair and he pulled her closer, holding her steady.

tunnelbaby: @-)8->

VCMermaid: 8->

VCMermaid: OMG... 8->

UpSideDownLyn: is it getting hot in here?

Zatanna: His unique mouth tortured her in sweet kisses.

----- Audio from Yahoo chat---- not available----

VCMermaid: shhh A_angel... we're in the middle of a story... 8->

VCMermaid: lol!

Alaskan_angel: Okay

Zatanna: Then, he could resist no longer.  His tongue stroked her lips.  She groaned.

tunnelbaby: =P~

Alaskan_angel: Wow....

Alaskan_angel: Walked in just in time

tunnelbaby: oh yeag

tunnelbaby: *yeah

Zatanna: Her parted lips were too irresistible and his tongue slipped past, drinking her in.  Catherine responded in kind and their tongues danced together.

tunnelbaby: 8->

Zatanna: The melody of the bond intensified and now a new harmony began.

Alaskan_angel: =P~

VCMermaid: @-)

Zatanna: Vincent, slowly ended the kiss and whispered, "Let me undress you, Catherine."

tunnelbaby: =P~=P~@-)

VCMermaid: 8-> yes, let him!

VCMermaid: so...

VCMermaid: 8-> lucky girl... :D

tunnelbaby: 8-> yummy

Zatanna: She  nodded slowly, robbed of any words.

Zatanna: Vincent knelt at her feet and removed her boots.  Next he took off her socks.  Her feet were cold and he breathed his warm breath on them and tenderly rubbed them.

Alaskan_angel: Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!=P~

VCMermaid: woooh is right... 8->

Zatanna: He quickly removed his leg wraps, shoes, and socks.  Sheepishly, he looked at her.  Catherine had never seen his feet and smiled when they were finally revealed.  They were more powerful looking than other men's feet and the nails were stronger and sharper.   "Shall I rub your feet too?"

Zatanna: "There is no need.  Your beauty has warmed me."

tunnelbaby: 8->

Alaskan_angel: hehehehe

Zatanna: He reached for the buttons at her neck and began to unbutton her blouse.  She could feel the heat from his hands radiating on to her skin.

Alaskan_angel: Oooooooo

Zatanna: He reached the waistband of her pants and he gently pulled the blouse from her pants.  Finally, he undid the last button.  Vincent parted her blouse revealing her soft, creamy flesh.

VCMermaid: :D

Zatanna: A lacey bra was her only defense from his hungry eyes.

Zatanna: "Vincent, please, let me see you."

VCMermaid: Ooooh, yes, let her... 8->

Alaskan_angel: ;))

Zatanna: Catherine reached for his lacings and he  watched as she struggled to untie the wet cording.  His hands tried to help her, but she stopped him.  "I want to undress you, too."

Zatanna: Smiling his sweet half smile, he removed his hands.  Catherine fought the laces and finally defeated the ties.  She eagerly pulled his shirt from his pants and began to pull his shirt up over his abdomen.  Her activities were torture and he helped her pull his shirt up and off.  She hung his shirt next to hers on a branch.

Alaskan_angel: =P~

Zatanna: He longed to feel her skin against his.  His hands deftly unzippered her pants and they were off and suspended on another branch in mere seconds.

Zatanna: Catherine wore matching lace panties.   So very little material hid her charms from him.

Alaskan_angel: Wow..... *fans self*

tunnelbaby: @-)

VCMermaid: Oooh

Zatanna: Vincent was quite aroused and his soaked, cold pants were clinging to him.  Catherine could sense his discomfort through the bond.  The rain and his arousal would make removing his pants difficult.  She was gentle but it was like feeding a thirsty man water one drop at a time.  Finally she was able to loosen his pants.

Zatanna: Vincent took his pants in both hands and slowly lowered them -- his eyes never leaving hers.  Catherine was surprised to see that he wore no undergarment with his pants.  His erection once released from the bonds of his pants was impressive.

tunnelbaby: *fanning* @-)

VCMermaid: Holy cow... 8->

VCMermaid: woooow 8->

Alaskan_angel: Oh yeah!

Zatanna: At long last Vincent revealed himself to her and was relieved that she was not frightened by his body.  He lowered his head and his hair hid his face from hers when he felt her strong attraction and delight.

Alaskan_angel: Oh, LORDY!

Zatanna: Encouraged, he reached for her bra, intent on discovering the invisible clasp.   Just as he was about to use his claw to cut the offending garment open, he found the clasp and the bra parted.

Alaskan_angel: Oooooo

Zatanna: Catherine flung the bra away where it dangled on a low bough.

VCMermaid: go, Catherine

tunnelbaby: woo!

tunnelbaby: LOL

Zatanna: Vincent's large hands slowly pulled her panties down her legs.  Impatiently, Vincent threw the panties aside and they joined the bra.

tunnelbaby: *fanning*

VCMermaid: certainly fanning...

Alaskan_angel: tehehe;))

Zatanna: The lovers gazed at each other for a long moment.  Vincent held out his hand.  "Catherine, may I have your hand?"

Zatanna: "You may have my hand and all of me, now and forever."

VCMermaid: Oooooohhh!

Alaskan_angel: OOooooo

tunnelbaby: Ooo

tunnelbaby: lol

Zatanna: She placed her hand in his and he pulled their bodies together.  His lips caressed hers.  All those wonderful touches caused her knees to tremble and she began to slip out of his arms.

tunnelbaby: no kidding

VCMermaid: 8->

Zatanna: Vincent gathered her up into his arms and placed her on top of his cloak.  She reluctantly let go of him and her arms reached up toward him.

Alaskan_angel: I'm trembling... ;))

Zatanna: He lay next to her and began to touch her face.  He lips followed his hands and he langorously made his way away from her lips, past her chin.  He nibbled the lobes of  her ear, then continued down the long, delicate column of her neck.  

Zatanna: lobe, dammit

VCMermaid: woohoo 8->

tunnelbaby: 8->

Alaskan_angel: Ooooo.... I didn't even notice that

Zatanna: He nuzzled the base of her neck, feeling her blood pulse under her skin.

Alaskan_angel: OOooo

Zatanna: She  combed her fingers through his hair, caressing and kissing his neck and hair.  She licked at his necked and tasted his skin.  He was slighty salty and spicy.

Zatanna: neck!!

VCMermaid: holy cow! 8-> oooohj!

VCMermaid: 8->

tunnelbaby: yummmmy

Alaskan_angel: Most def

Zatanna: His fingers caressed her shoulders then inched delicately down the valley between her breasts.   His lips and tongue followed leaving a fiery path where ever they touch her.

Zatanna: touched her

Zatanna: Distracting myself!

tunnelbaby: lol

Alaskan_angel: It's okay Zatanna >:D<

tunnelbaby: =P~8->

Zatanna: Hey, A_angel, did you finish your homework?

UpSideDownLyn: =)) they are gonna kill you Zatanna

VCMermaid: huh? what's that!

VCMermaid: #-o

VCMermaid: AAAAHH!

tunnelbaby: you crazy lady!

Zatanna: can't help it, I'm a teacher!

tunnelbaby: let her be responsible for that..keep going!

Alaskan_angel: Yes I did

VCMermaid: me too, Zatanna... but A_angel is a big girl!

Alaskan_angel: NOW continue!

VCMermaid: :))

Zatanna: well, ok, then

VCMermaid: lol!

Alaskan_angel: :-w

Zatanna: I hadn't planned to write a fic tonight.

tunnelbaby: well you're sucked in

tunnelbaby: LOL

Zatanna: got too many half done already

Zatanna: shouldn't you get some sleep, missy?  You start work tomorrow!

VCMermaid: who?

VCMermaid: The Kid'

Alaskan_angel: Who?

Zatanna: The Kid!

VCMermaid: not until 10

UpSideDownLyn: you'd better bring this one to it "climax" or you will be getting poisoned emails ;;)

Zatanna: I could pick this up next week.

tunnelbaby: 10:30

tunnelbaby: I'm fine

tunnelbaby: it's orientation anyway

VCMermaid: is that a promise?

tunnelbaby: go go go

tunnelbaby: LOL

VCMermaid: wait! if she's tired, we must respect that!

tunnelbaby: true nough

VCMermaid: but we need a promise...

UpSideDownLyn: =))

tunnelbaby: *enough

Zatanna: no, it's just that I've never written "the actual scene "before.  You are my guinea pigs.

Alaskan_angel: Please, con't Zatanna....

tunnelbaby: what!? really?

Alaskan_angel: I will happily be your guinea pig... ;))

VCMermaid: what!

UpSideDownLyn: go for it Z

tunnelbaby: sure!

UpSideDownLyn: ;))

Alaskan_angel: >:D< Aussie Mummy!

UpSideDownLyn: >:D<

Zatanna: "You are my heart's best treasure."  His fingers gently traced circles around her breast.

VCMermaid: uh oh!

tunnelbaby: uh oh! watch out VC!

tunnelbaby: =))

VCMermaid: >:D< Hi Shiloh!

VCMermaid: :))

UpSideDownLyn: =))

Shiloh: hey

Alaskan_angel: Hi Shiloh!

tunnelbaby: omg i dunno if you can handle Shiloh AND Zatanna's steamy story

Zatanna: Hello

tunnelbaby: :P

Shiloh: i just got home

VCMermaid: shut up! =))

Shiloh: you guys are still chatting?

tunnelbaby: Hey shiloh! >:D< :D

Zatanna: sorta

Shiloh: didnt the conference start like 7 hrs ago

Shiloh: lol

UpSideDownLyn: =))

VCMermaid: lol!

tunnelbaby: Zatanna's writing us a fantastic story!

VCMermaid: yes, but some of us are still here

Alaskan_angel: I want more story!

VCMermaid: uh oh!

tunnelbaby: sure we're still here. we can go for hours =))=))

Shiloh: =))

Zatanna: Hi Shiloh.  I'm from one of the Maryland tunnels.

Zatanna: Where are you?

VCMermaid: oh! you two haven't met?

Shiloh: hey Z

Zatanna: No, I don't think so.

Shiloh: i've from indiana

Shiloh: i'm

Zatanna: welcome

UpSideDownLyn: 8-> so?;;) Zatanna?

Zatanna: shall I continue?

Alaskan_angel: ;))

tunnelbaby: yes!

Alaskan_angel: YES!

Alaskan_angel: <:-P

UpSideDownLyn: <'sturring pot*

tunnelbaby: 8->

Shiloh: i have to go to bed in an hr and be up in 7 hrs from now

Shiloh: ya'll still be chatting

Shiloh: lol

UpSideDownLyn: 8-> I wanna see how it ends

Zatanna: um, Shiloh, I am trying out some steam with some willing guinea pigs.

Shiloh: as in STEAM TUNNELS??!

tunnelbaby: yep

Shiloh: cause i wanna see that for sure

Shiloh: lol

Zatanna: Never written it before, so, be warned.

VCMermaid: hee

Shiloh: B&B has got to stand for bodacious bods in the steam tunnels

Shiloh: lol

Alaskan_angel: ;))

tunnelbaby: haha

VCMermaid: =))

UpSideDownLyn: :D

Shiloh: :-*

Further interruptions pulls the chat participants off track leaving poor Vincent and Catherine unfulfilled as usual!!!!  Then, a bit later…

Zatanna: I've often thought that Father would be a whole new man if Mary...

Zatanna: put a spring back in his step

Shiloh: lol

UpSideDownLyn: Mary is too hesitant and Father is oblivious

tunnelbaby: i think mary and father should ahve hooked up too

Shiloh: oh i think they hooked up

Shiloh: for sure

Zatanna: yes, but one night, Father was feeling especially uncomfortable and William added whiskey to his tea.

VCMermaid: woohoo!

tunnelbaby: :))

UpSideDownLyn: LOL

Zatanna: Mary had some too.  Well, they both had more than some

Shiloh: lol

tunnelbaby: =)0=))

VCMermaid: /:)

VCMermaid: =))

Zatanna: Vincent went to Father's chamber in the morning to check on him, as usual

Zatanna: and Mary answered his "Good morning" greeting

tunnelbaby: and we hear father say as vincent rushes out "Vincent it does wonders! You should try it!" =))=))

UpSideDownLyn: =))

Zatanna: Vincent is scarred for life and swears off tea forever

VCMermaid: =)) OMG guys

Zatanna: Just hearing the china rattle will send Vincent running for the deeper tunnels

tunnelbaby: =))

tunnelbaby: then catherine is oblivious to what's happened and she invites him in for tea one night :P

tunnelbaby: >:D<>:D< A_angel

Alaskan_angel: Oh, Lordy! ;))

Zatanna: Vincent gets the wrong signal

VCMermaid: ooooh!

Zatanna: and starts taking off his clothes

tunnelbaby: she flips out :-O:-O

Zatanna: Catherine is surprised but vows to keep that brand of tea in stock at all costs

tunnelbaby: thinks "damn all i had to do was ask him in for TEA!?"

Zatanna: muwahaha

Zatanna: all those times he asked if she wanted tea, he must have thought she was clueless

Further chat silliness followed as it usually does, especially considering the lateness of the hour and the time spent in this chat. And who knows, perhaps, someday, a story will finally get finished? At least Vincent and Catherine hope so as they have tired of reaching toward their dreams and each other, only to be left, interrupted and unsatisfied.  



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