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A Mosaic Story - Third Season - English

Winterfest Online 2010

February 6th - 14th

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This story was created by participants of Winterfest, piece by piece to create the collective whole. Thanks to eveyone who contributed in the creation of such a wonderful story.


Diana looked around and once again marveled at the world Below.It had been two years since the case that changed her life forever - since Catherine Chandler had gone missing.Now there was incredible news.Catherine was alive,but there were complications. She wondered how Vincent would take the news. How silly, of me, she thought to herself. He will be simply ecstatic. But what about me? What are my chances now? And what about Catherine? Will she be affected by all that happened? I need a Prozac! 'OK get a hold of yourself', Diana mentally chided herself,'it's too early to tell Vincent anything. Other matters have to be taken care of first.I care for him so much..who wouldn't.I know he cares about me,but he will always love her.'A tear escaped. As Diana thinks about all she has recently learned regarding Catherine, Vincent is in the nursery playing with Jacob, who looks up anxiously at Vincent. "Daddy", young Jacob asks, "will you pweeze tell me the stowy about my mommy again?".... Vincent gently picked up the toddler to settle down in their special rocking chair.Speaking of Catherine was always bittersweet, but he wanted his son to know her."Once upon a time.."

Jacob was lulled to sleep in his father's arms by the well known tale. As Vincent settled Jabob in his bed, he heard footsteps at his threshold. Mouse had brought a message. "Diana", peeped Mouse, "she wants to see you." Vincesnt was immediately alarmed. Diana would not ordinarily visit at such an hour. It must be something urgent."Where is she?"

"Father's Study." Message delivered,Mouse was off again. Vincent checked on his sleeping son then rushed off to find out what Diana needed to see him about.

'How can I tell him... how can I not.. it's too soon to know' Diana paced. In the city, inside Catherine's apartment, Joe nervously watches her pace the floor. "Why can't I go to him now, I don't understand!" Joe looks at her with pity and love in his eyes, "He will never recognize you now, Catherine." 'It would have been easier Cath if you hadn't remembered your previous life' Joe thought to himself. With her memory back the construction of a new life fell apart. She could quit her new job, move back to NY, but she couldn't undo the cosmetic surgery.
But ... if she couldn't undo her memories, neither could he, right? Maybe the face didn't matter. Of course it didn't matter. What was he thinking? Vincent would know her. He had to do his best to reunite them. Vincent thought Diana seemed a little flushed. He hoped she was okay. "Diana, what brings you here at this time? I thought you'd be working. "I am troubled, Vincent. I have something I must tell you, and don't know how." "Are you pregnant," he asked? Pregnant?! Diana almost let loose a stunned laugh. That would be easier than the news she held for him. "No. It's about Catherine."

Not expecting that response Vincent reeled back as a thousand emotions played across his face. Some memories never sleep.
"She's alive." He froze.His intense gaze bore into Diana's eyes looking for some way to make sense of this news. "She's alive."Diana repeated.Hope warred with disbelief in his eyes.

"Diana.." His tone was both a plea to verify truth & a threat if her words were false. "How can this be?" he asked, stunned beyond anything he had ever felt before. "Where is she? I must go to her NOW!" "Vincent, wait, there are things you need to know first."
"She lives. Nothing more matters.Now tell me where she is. PLEASE." Vincent implored. Diana sighed, 'Oh this is going well' she inwardly muttered.

"Vincent, Sit down we need to talk first." She insisted firmly.

Left no choice he slumped into the chair. "Please, Vincent, this is going to be difficult to explain as it is. Just listen to me and let me try to get through this before you ask any questions. Diana started to pace as she so often saw Vincent do since she's known him. Watching intently,he kept silent. "Maxwell contacted me a couple days ago.He knows of you from books uncovered in the investigation.Catherine suffered severe trauma both emotionally and physically.She was in a coma state upon arrival to the coroner's.Joe is with her now. She has only bits and pieces of her memories of that horrible time left to her. She doesn't remember Jacob. All she knows is that she was taken from you, and she wants to be reunited with you.
"Bring her.She can heal and in time come to know Jacob as well."His voice was restrained but commanding.

"It's not that simple.Seeing Jacob could bring that trauma back and cause a complete breakdown."Diana argued.

"I will not lie to her." Hissed Vinc ent. "But you will risk her life to have her back?" Her voice rose with his.

Tears formed in his eyes. "What would you have me do? I cannot go on and pretend she is no more when she wants to be here too.

"Then there is Joe. He will want to know she is safe." "Catherine is ALL that matters" retorted Vincent. "You must bring her, now. If you cannot do this for me, for her, then I have mis-judged you. And you have mis-judged Catherine, her strength, her spirit and her love. Go NOW..Diana.. bring her to me. Or I will find her myself and bring her home."Determination shown in his eyes.

"Fine. Basement entrance 9pm tomorrow."Diana set her jaw then abruptly turned and strode out.

Vincent's shoulders dropped as joyful tears flowed down his cheek."She's alive." Diana, upon leaving the tunnels, decides that it is time she met with Catherine. They have a lot to discuss before Catherine and Vincent are reunited. Wondering how they will react to each other, she takes off towards Catherine's apartment. "well, cant say that i didnt try to warn him." Diana thought to herself. She understood their love, and the bond they used to have-but sometimes you cant go back to the way things were. They were both set to have a rude awakening. She hoped she was wrong. The reluctance to bring her Below wouldn't have anything to do with certain feelings you have for him would it? The voice nagged at her. I'll deal with that part later she told herself. The voice wasn't convinced that easily & neither would Catherine be. Diana slowly made her way to Catherine's apartment. What she would say to Joe and Catherine she did not know. She would let them know what Vincent requested. She hoped she wasn't making a big mistake. As she pulled up to the building, she looked up into the darkeness of night, not unlike the darkness she was feeling closing in around her.
A knock on Catherines door brought Joe to answer. Catherine was there, looking anxious. "Joe, could I talk to Catherine alone for a moment?" She asked Joe. "Sure, I'll grab us all coffee from the shop down the street Benett. " replied Maxwell as his eyes exchanged a brief but heavy glance with Diana. " I could definately use one. It's been a long day, and its not getting any shorter. " she commented aloud. Joe ushered her in and turned to introduce Diana.

"Cath this is Bennet.She's with the police, & has been working on your case.I'm goin' to go grab us some coffee." Joe shot Diana a clear look that Cath better be in good hands till he returned.After he left, the two women faced each other. "It's good to see you after all this time, I felt I got to know you when I first started work on your case," said Diana. "What exactly has Joe told you about me, and how is it that you're not DEAD?" -Diana thought silently to herself, glad she hadnt said it aloud. She knew the pleading look in Catherine's eyes from other cases. She silently vowed to professionally put her feelings aside and do the right thing- as she always did in all of her cases. "Joe told me you spoke to him about roses, tunnels, & a guy named Vincent." her voice broke upon saying his name. "Can you take me to him?"

"It's not that simple" Diana retorted.

"If you have met him then you must know how much we love each other."
"I do know." Diana said. "But you have been gone a long time. He thought you were dead. It was terrible for him....He almost died, himself. But...finally...after a long time...he...found comfort. A new life. With..." Diana swallowed hard. "With me." With a start, Diana awoke in her bed, covered in a cold sweat and breathing as if she'd been running for miles. "Oh my God!" she said aloud. "I've never dreamed anything that vivid before! That was insane! Thank God it's not true, that would be the real nightmare!"
She lay back down her psych classes told her that her own fears were imbeded in the dream.
Diana was terribly unsettled by her nightmare. "I thought I was more secure in our relationship by now. Perhaps if I go see him I'll feel better." As she neared the entrance to the tunnels, she could sense Vincent not far ahead, coming to meet her. "Tell me" Vincent said as Diana approached him.
A ghost of a smile passed her lips at the simple but hauntingly meaningful words.
"It was a dream....a dream I had about you." Diana stated in her usual no-nonsense manner. When she had told him her dream experience, Vincent smiled sadly, "I have had many such dreams Diana, but they are only that, dreams. Fears and hopes mingled." He took her hand, "We have each other Diana to help us through such times."
Diana couldn't quite meet his eyes, and trembled a little as he put his arms around her. She sighed and laid her head against his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart. Eventually, her trembling ceased, but she was still uneasy. "I'm grateful to have you, Vincent. I wouldn't want anything to interfere with our love for one another, especially not Catherine." "Catherine is dead, and it's been a long time. We have a love that is deeper, and more satisfying," Vincent assured her. Then she woke up again! Diana needed to make an appintment with her phyciatrist. These dreams are ruining her life. She can't work, sleep or even escape from her daydreams. Vincent loves and will ALWAYS love only Catherine. Jacob now completes his life. "No... No! I must stop this voices in my head!" she reflected, as he waited patiently for her to resume. "It was a dream... just a dream..."

Vincent watched Diana closely. He was concerned for her. "Diana, I did not realize you were so...so insecure about my love for you. Please don't be. If Catherine came back today, she would find me changed too much to go back to how we were. I love you." Diana left the doctors office in shock. How could she tell vincent her news. she wasn't going crazy. She was pregnant. She was pregnant, and she had JUST been in Vincent's chamber! What was happening to her? Was she losing her mind? Waking up all over the place, warping from the tunnels to the doctor's office. Something quite strange is going on here! At her appointment, Diana told the story to her doctor, how she would dream, wake up from the dream in the dream and dream again and re-awaken. "It's terrible, doctor. Can you explain this to me?" "It's normal in pregnancy.It will pass. Don't worry." hmmn. Diana had never hear of that before, but who knows. In her line of work she'd had wierd dreams that seemed to never end, dreams that later were so vivid it was like reality....this was just more of the same she decided, without a secoond thought. She really wasnt sure exactly why it was she had been freaking out so much before.... maybe it was just hormones, after all- the first thing in the dream Vincent asked her was if she was pregnant. "So obviously im concerned about what he'll think." ****Story Break*******
Winterfest Online 3S Mosaic

Diana dug in her purse for a subway token, and at the same time discretely surveying the area. Off to her right was a figure in a hooded sweatshirt and scruffy beard. He'd been following her for some time, and she wondered what his agenda was. As Diana was no shrinking violet, certainly not one to avoid taking action, she approached this person. Turning quickly away from her, and on the verge of taking off, Diana placed her hand on his shoulder, turning him towards her and said,"It's YOU!"
"Shhh!" The man told her, holding his finger before his lips. "Don't make a scene, Diana!"

Diana was completely overwhelmed. It wasn't often she was flustered, but she was shocked. "I...I thought you were DEAD!" Her whisper was more of a hiss.
The doctor's frightened eyes peered out at her from under his hooded sweatshirt and, despite the cold, beads of sweat cascaded from his upper lip as his eyes darted about. "I must speak with you, please, Diana!" "All right, but not here. There's a coffee shop on the corner, we'll go there. You look as though you could use a hot cup of anything, and how long has it been since you've eaten?"
"I don't know," he mumbled. "Been awhile..." He shook himself and stared hard at her again. "Please, Diana. I need your help." She still ahold of his shoulder. "Its good to see you- can i buy you a cup of coffee?" she said aloud and smiled for any prying ears or eyes. "Alright. Coffee shop on the corner- lets go." she whispered under her breath as she walked him up the street. Diana couldn't believe the info she had found online, about a young med student 49 years ago who witnessed the birth of a very strange baby, perfect except for a feline face and claws instead of hands. Could the baby have been Vincent? She had to know. She and Vincent had been married now for fifteen years. When she'd happened across that article, she'd tracked the doctor down, but he wouldn't talk to her about what had happened that night. As she sat across from him at the diner she wondered why he'd sought her out now, of all times. She and Vincent were settled into a happy life, and now this! He gives her an angry look as he says "I need money or I'm going to the papers with the truth." Shocked, Diana could only gape at him for a moment. Then she rallied. "What truth?" She'd never said anything to this man to indicate she knew Vincent, or even that she thought his story was true. She'd spoken in reference to a fake medical case. "You know what I'm talking about, don't pretend you don't. That Chandler case you worked on back in the day, I know all about it. I worked for a Dr Peter Alcott who, while being a great doctor, didn't know how to keep his personal papers locked up."
"Why? Why bother after nearly 50 years?" Diana asked the grizled man. "If you've got some sort of an issue with Vincent, or Peter, for that matter- why not just go straight to the source and hash it out ? "