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by Molly George



Illustrations by “Cat”

(except facing pg. 48 - by Molly George)





copy #20











WILDEST DREAMS is an amateur publication and as such does not intend to infringe upon the copyrights of RON KOSLOW FILMS, REPUBLIC PICTURES, CBS TELEVISION or any other holder of Beauty and the Beast copyrights.









It would take a separate ’zine to adequately thank all the people who have helped bring this story into the light. But I’ll be brief. I thank my husband Jim and my son Chris for their encouragement (thanks, Jim, for all those hours spent fixing the computer!); my mom for her encouragement and a few necessary words; Deb Hicks, Thyra Foreman, Gloria Marler, Patsy (Watsy) Nario, Dixie Conine, Vickie Dawkins and Jeanne Cloud for their friendship, copyediting, suggestions and all around support; and especially to “Cat,” for sharing her talent, her warmth, her friendship and some very good story ideas.














First and foremost, thanks go to my husband Ed, for your silent patience with the following: a wife who dumped “domestic reality” to dive headlong into “artistic fantasy;” for enduring dinners being infrequent; laundry that seldom found its way out of the  dryer; and a home that quite often resembled a reenactment of Hurricane Hugo. Through it all you kept encouraging me to go on, to follow my dreams, convinced I was talented though I had strong doubts myself. I know there’s “just-a-twinge” of jealousy over the fact that, like 800,000 other enchanted females, I am guilty of being “in love” with Vincent. Totally unfounded, Babe. You are the “real” Vincent in my life and in my heart. I LOVE YOU, Honey, always.


Thanks also to Jeanne Cloud, for pushing me out of the nest so I would try my wings of poetry and art. And, of course, to all involved in bringing us “Beauty and the Beast,” the catalyst that set all of this creativity into motion and allowed us to pull our fantasies out of the closet and put them on paper.


















Chapter                                  Page


I.December 11, 1989 – Prologue1                

II.        November 20, 1989                                2


III.November 25, 198920                              


IV.       December 3, 1989                                27


V.        December 11, 1989                                38


VI.       December 14, 1989                                47


VII.      December 15, 1989                                57


VIII.      December 16, 1989                                64


IX.       December 16, 1989                                86


X.        December 16, 1989 - Epilogue                        89




Contained within the chambers of my soul is a longing:

Strong enough to burn through steel,

Fierce enough to survive a century.

I hold this heat close within my dreams,

Willing my heart toward yours.

But you deny me,

Deny yourself in your heart.

Until you accept your own wildest dreams,

You will never understand mine.


- Molly George







To sleep, perchance to dream - William Shakespeare


To fantasize, perchance to grow – “Cat”

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