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by Molly George





April 1990


copy #  70






RESTORATION is an amateur publication, and as such does not intend to infringe upon the copyrights of RON KOSLOW FILMS, REPUBLIC PICTURES, CBS TELEVISION or any other holder of Beauty and the Beast copyrights.


All rights to material produced in RESTORATION are reserved to the author. DO NOT REPRODUCE BY ANY MEANS MATERIAL PRODUCED IN RESTORATION.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: The chronology of events in this story is of my own estimation, based on probable time elapsed between certain events depicted throughout the third season of Beauty  and the Beast.


Special thanks to Vickie L. Dawkins for her friendship and her honesty. Thanks, Vick!


Molly George



For those of us who love to read, write and draw, Beauty and the Beast has been a godsend. The richly realized characters and the backdrop against which they act provide an unending source of creative inspiration.


Oddly enough, the painful demise of Cathy and the introduction of Diana’s character have opened an even wider world of story and art possibilities. In the months and years ahead, I’m certain we will see works focusing on the traditional Cathy/Vincent relationship; a possible Vincent/Diana relationship; and stories dealing with Cathy’s return.


The story you hold in your hands falls into the latter category. Initially I did not miss Cathy as much as I thought I would. Still, I found myself intrigued by this premise: what would happen if Cathy’s death was a hoax? What would her life be like, post-Gabriel? What effect would her return have on Vincent, Diana, Joe, the tunnel community? What conflicts would arise in a possible Cathy/Vincent/Diana triangle?


In "Restoration” and subsequent stories, I will explore this permutation of the dream. According to the producers of our show, "It’s not a fairytale anymore.” Maybe so. But it’s still a remarkable love story and a dream worth cherishing.


Molly George April 1990









This is how we connect (our hearts)

Divided by a world of fear

Separated by the darkness of time

Almost conquered by death’s eternal chill (our minds)

You  knew me, knew through me,

Felt beyond me into the impossible reaches

Of love (our souls)

Although we have lost something

There is still more to be gained

The promise of more love

More light

More time restoration.

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