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A ”Beauty and the Beast Story”

by Molly George


Illustrations by “Cat”







“Ever After” is an amateur publication and as such does not intend to infringe upon the copyrights of RON KOSLOW FILMS, REPUBLIC PICTURES, CBS TELEVISION, THE FAMILY CHANNEL or any other holder of ”Beauty and the Beast” copyrights.


All rights to material produced in “Ever After” are reserved to the author and illustrator. DO NOT REPRODUCE BY ANY MEANS MATERIAL PRODUCED IN “EVER AFTER.” Anyone wishing to inquire about the artwork appearing in this publication is welcome to send a SASE for ordering information to “Cat.”


NOTE: Due to unavoidable technical difficulties, this story was printed on a dot matrix printer and therefore the print does not match the first two stories in the trilogy. My apologies for this deviation; I hope it won’t affect your enjoyment of the story. -- MG






December 1990


copy  # 44



Gee whiz - where do I start??!! First things first:


My undying gratitude goes to Ron Koslow and every single person involved in the creation of “Beauty and the Beast” for giving us a complete world in which to move, breathe and create. (A special note of thanks to Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, whose words I borrowed in somewhat altered form on page 133.)


Thanks to my mom, Roberta Daniel, for her kick-ass copy editing (yeah, I know, I asked for it!) and continual support; to Deb Hicks, an excellent friend, an amazing writer and a discerning copy editor; and to “Cat,” my wonderful friend, collaborator, inspiration, confessor, copy editor -- I love you all.


Most of all, a huge thank you to Jim, my husband, computer guru and best friend:     thank you, honey, for saying (and meaning), “Whatever you want to do, babe, I’m behind you,” and for teaching me what it truly means to love and be loved. I love you so much.










A big ongoing THANK YOU to my husband Ed. I couldn’t indulge my “artistic nature” without your “loving nature” and your support. Thanks for your constant nudging to keep me working on my writing and my art. I don’t know what I did right to deserve you these past 24 years, but I’m damned glad I did it, whatever IT was!


Thank you, Molly, for giving me a chance and for giving all of us a wonderful trilogy to lose ourselves in.   You really should be writing in Hollywood. (And song writing and singing in Nashville!) For your encouragement to me to write my own zine and for taking time out of your busy schedule to edit me, over and over and over...! THANKS----my friend.  For that most of all - your friendship. A true gem found buried in this Beauty and the Beast fandom and one that I will treasure for the rest of my life more highly than I can ever tell you. I look forward to your next story and hope to be a HELPER for you on it as well.







A look, a touch...

Even the simple things we share

Are a celebration of our love

Now we are bound in a circle of eternal light

Born from the rebirth of the joining of our souls

Forever becomes a small word In the face of our love


- Molly George

December 1990


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