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Daily Challenges

Winterfest Online 2010

February 6th - 14th

Preferences: English | All Season

This year we are going to have nine, thatís right, nine different literary forms for you to try, one for each day of Winterfest. Some of the forms you will recognize from past years but a few new ones have been added to the mix. And weíve expanded beyond just poetry. (Not everyone believes they have a poet hiding inside them.) Since you will be limited to the literary form of the day, we will be giving you two word challenges for each day. You may pick one or write something for both suggestions. We hope you do!

So letís get started.

DateThe Challenge
 2/6/2010 Acrostic Poems
 2/7/2010 Simile
 2/8/2010 Alliteration
 2/9/2010 Clerihew
 2/10/2010 Cinquain
 2/11/2010 Persona Poem
 2/12/2010 Limerick
 2/13/2010 Haiku
 2/14/2010 Free Form