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Daily Challenges

Winterfest Online 2010

February 6th - 14th

Preferences: English | All Season

The Challenge: Free Form

Today's challenge topic is:  Beauty and the Beast

Linn     2/14/2010 7:16:22 PM
We carry their light,
remember their love,
keep the dream alive,
always and forever,
Beauty and the Beast

Debbie Bluerose     2/14/2010 5:22:28 PM
Beauty and the Beast

When we were little
It was a story that started
'Once upon a time..."
Where love transformed a cursed prince
And 'Happily Ever After...'
Meant things had been restored

When we were older
It was a television show
That brought beauty and hope
Back to a world where
'Once upon a time..'
Had been lost

Now as we go forward
No longer strangers
But family and friends
Above, Below and all over the World
It's a message we live
A home we share where
We can become Real
To be loved for who we are
For always

Edith     2/14/2010 5:00:13 PM
Beauty and The Beast
This story is a wonderful story,
Full of love and glory.
When you think of their love,
We come from up above.

Marianne "Lioness" Nielsen     2/14/2010 3:05:07 PM
Two lovers,
A bond, felt at a distant shore.
Love, trust, tenderness
Emotions, confidence, friendship.

One man, one unique man
Featured like a lion, majestic and noble

Lady Catherine, the beauty,
One night got attacked by ugly men.
Vincent, her handsome "beast"-prince
Eventually gave her strength and won her love!

LauraG     2/14/2010 12:45:14 PM
Dreams, ideals, and vision
Magic, mystery and hope
Poetry, prose and laughter
Comfort, caring and goodness
Family, friends and love

Joyce Elliott     2/14/2010 11:11:07 AM
What did I know as I watched you sleep
While yet not knowing your name
Our hearts were destined to join as one
And our worlds would never be the same.

Then you awake and hear my voice
As I tell you to please not be afraid
I can feel your trust as you whisper ďIíll tryĒ
And my heart at your feet is laid.

When you first saw my face would your eyes fill with fear
Or would you simply know my heart
Then you leaned forward and pushed back my hood
And I know from your eyes this was our new start

So today of all days Catherine my love
When loverís everywhere share their desire
I want you to know that, for the rest of my days
Only you will stoke my heartís fire.

Sierra     2/14/2010 10:18:59 AM
Rollover fun
Addicting to everyone
Could send you to the hospital
Cause it could give you a headache
To try to find a word that fits
It's exhilarating fun on the BATB website
Oh, but it waits to break my heart
Not finding a word within the letters
Addicts out there
Raise your hand
Young and old come together, for a RACCTIONARY event!!

Quin     2/14/2010 10:14:28 AM
A love so strong and pure
It transcends logic and time
Our hearts entwined
With bonds of dreams and longing
How apt that we would find each other
Above, then below this city
With each breath we move to
Our final destination
Arm in arm
Cheek to cheek

Quin     2/14/2010 10:12:39 AM
Beauty and the Beast

Sierra     2/14/2010 10:11:25 AM
Beastly in Beauty
Kindness at heart
Beauty in the Beast
A firery start

Sierra     2/14/2010 10:08:11 AM
Beauty from within
Eternal loves thirst fullfilled
At last Destiny's key unlocks the
Start of somthing new
Thrilling love for the Beast
Lastly, the One for the Beauty
Your heart, my heart, for evermore

Phantom     2/14/2010 12:08:50 AM
A tale as old as time
Yet never told before
A magical relationship
Turned into favorite lore
A beautiful young lady
A different young man
They met within catastrophe,
And there the tale began
A shining crystal and a rose
A love that never wanes
A passion, yet a purity
That flows through dual veins
Never a reality,
Yet a fiery hope at least -
The bond of love that never ends
Twixt Beauty and the Beast

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