Image of the city with 'Beauty and the Beast' in gothic lettering.
The images Deb is using look like screencaps, but they've been altered so they almost look hand painted. Very cool effect!
Rebecca in the chandlery. 'Phew! I've got all the candles ready, Father.' And she thinks, And you'd better like them!
Vincent standing next to Rebecca: 'And I helped. Well... I made one.'
Father pointing a finger, 'As well you should have! All you do lately is eat and sleep.'
Vincent, aside, whispers, 'Do you believe this guy? It's winter! I'm supposed to hibernate... I think.'
Later, on Catherine's balcony... of course... 'Catherine I've brought you a gift.'
Catherine, looking down at Winterfest candle: 'Oh, Vincent! It's lovely!' and in a separate bubble, 'But I'm out of batteries.'
Vincent, looking intense, 'It's... a... candle.'
Catherine thinks 'Shit!'
And says, 'I... thought it was one of those electric candles.'
Text top of next page: Vincent explains the concept of Winterfest and Catherine agrees to come. To Winterfest. Later that night, everyone begins to arrive....
Screencap of helpers on windy staircase. Judy Shimizu thinking I'm too small for a wind machine!
Another windy staircase shot with Lou and Catherine in it. Lou thinking, 'Who are the two jokers behind me?'
Outside Great Hall doors, Mouse, Rebecca, Mary, Father. Mary thinking, 'Gotcha!' Father whispering, 'Mary! Keep your hands to yourself!'
Closeup of Judy Shimizu thinking, 'Who ever heard of wind underground anyway?'
Text: And so it begins.
Screencap of Father, 'The world above us is cold and gray... summer a distant memory...'
Catherine with eyes closed. 'ZZZZZZZZ'
Vincent, whispering, 'Psst. Wake up.'
Screencap of lit candles at the long table. Rebecca thinking, 'Am I supposed to be looking at Father or that hottie at the end of the table?'
Text: And so each year, we begin this feast in darkness...
Text: ...we meet here each year....
Text: ...even the greatest darkness is nothing, so long as we share the light.
Catherine, head down, 'ZZZZZZZ'
Mouse grinning, whispers, 'And Mouse got trouble for bringing Arther last year! Hmph!'
Text: Catherine's faux pas aside, the party begins in earnest...
Screencap of the party. Pascal thinking, I need to get to my pipes. A woman asking, 'Are we supposed to dance?' Someone asking, 'Okay, who farted?' Someone thinking, 'Wonder if Vincent will get lucky tonight.'
William at the keg, shouts, 'Real booze!'
Mouse looking puzzled, 'Mouse wants booze. Okay good?'
Sebastian with his hand on Jamie's face, William in background. Sebastian: '..and that's why you have to keep your bird away from Mouse's bee.' William: 'Burrrrrrp.'
Catherine and Sebastian, Vincent in background. Sebastian, touching Catherine's face, 'You, on the other hand...'
Vincent. 'Rrrrrrrr'
Catherine, smiling radiantly, 'Oh, Vincent. You're so cute when you're jealous!'
Text: Meanwhile across the room....
Father whispers, 'Follow me, Mary. I've something to tell you... in private.' Mary thinks, 'Dare I hope?? At long last??'
Father whispers, 'I asked Peter to bring down a special item....' Mary thinks, 'Maybe if I close my eyes and wish....' Father continues, '...a little blue pill.'
Father holding his coat open, looking down, whispers, 'Well, see for yourself.'
Jamie, looking down. 'Why is Mary on the floor?'
Father explains, 'Er.. too much wine. She'll be fine soon.'
Screencap of Father, Mouse, Peter with Sebastian in background. Mouse: 'Mary's not good. Not fine!' Father: 'I'll handle it, Mouse. Run along.' Peter thinks, 'Jacob! The pill was for 'after' the party!'
Mouse and Jamie standing together, both thinking, 'No one ever tells us anything.'
Text: Meanwhile...
Peter hugging Catherine. Catherine: 'Peter, that was so funny! I was so bored until now!' Peter whispers, 'You want one for Vincent?'
Catherine, looking wistful: 'I wish that was all it would take. I have to get him to loosen up. Let his tail down, so to speak.'
Catherine grinning, Vincent in background. Catherine whispers, 'Sshhh! Here he comes. Look natural.'
Catherine and Vincent. Catherine: 'What have you been up to?' Vincent, 'Just walking around with my hands behind my back so you can see my massive thighs.'
Catherine looking uncomfortable. Vincent thinks, 'Did i Just say that OUT LOUD?!?' Catherine thinks, 'Ookaay. Not quite poetry.'
Vincent: 'What I meant was, do you like my puffy... shirt??'
Catherine thinks, 'Don't look down, don't look down, don't look down.'
Father with Vincent and Catherine. Father: 'What are you two talking about?' Catherine: '(Phew!) Uh, just that it's late and I should be heading off to bed.'
Text: Father agrees. And with that, he calls everyone into a circle....
Text: Father invites Catherine into the circle as she is now one of them.
Screencap likewise.
Text: Others join in...
Screencap of shy Mouse reaching out hand to Jamie.
Text: somewhat shyly...
Screencap of circle with everyone with hands in the air. Catherine thinks, 'I am sooo glad I used Secret!'
Text: And so... another Winterfest comes and goes. Father had disappeared somewhere with Mary... Mouse and Jamie are trying to figure out what Sebastian meant about the birds and the bees... And Peter is driving home, chuckling to himself about the little pill he put in Vincent's drink....
Screencap of the dance.
Text: But that's another story.
The End