Welcome back, Treasure Hunters. 

Catherine’s day is off to a late start.  She finally fell asleep but as often happens, she then managed to sleep so soundly she hit the “off” instead of “snooze” button on her clock.  She barely made it into the office to see Joe before her lunch date with Jenny.  Luckily, Dr. Alcott is also in the office so Catherine can deliver two candles at once…. Or is it THREE?


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“Wait, Peter .  I was going to stop by your office to deliver your candle right after lunch!”


“ Thanks, Cathy.   I hate to grab a candle and run but we’ve been waiting for this baby to make an appearance all week.  

“Don’t bother seeing me out, Joe.  I know the way”


“ Get going, Peter. 

Drive carefully, 

birth that baby,  and

I’ll see you tonight as well.  

 Give Suzan my love the next time she calls?”


“ Babies, huh?  Seems the first time we met we were talking about babies.”


“No, the first time we were talking about seeing a naked Catherine.  She just happened to be hanging upside down at the time.”


“ And screaming at the top

of my lungs! 

You were there for me then and you have been all my life.  I still can’t believe you were a Helper all those year and I didn't  know”


“  Small world that it is, I can’t believe that there is a long-time helper right here in the office.


“ Imagine my surprise when I became a Helper and was introduced to Rita!”


“I got to bring another Candle for her. My family just keeps getting bigger and better… and I thought I was all alone. ” 


What surprised me even more was to find out that  Rita and Pascal had become an item.


“Somebody had to get him away from those pipes for a while. 

“It took me a while to get up the courage to  talk to him. 

I had a crush on him for all those years when my mother took me Below with her as a helper.”


“Well I couldn’t be happier! 

“ I’ll see you later at Winterfest.”


“And you… get back to work!”


“I miss you, Kido.  It’s not the same around the office without you.”

“Ditto, Joe. 

I’ll be back soon.  I just need some time to be with Vincent.”