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B&B Paper Dolls

Winterfest Online 2008

January 12th - 20th

Preferences: English | All Season
Paper Dolls

We at Winterfest Online wonder about things sometimes and one of the things we've wondered about is what kind of things the tunnel children do. We think making and playing with paper dolls might be something they enjoy. It's a nice peaceful, creative, inexpensive pastime. And what with how BATB folk like to emulate the tunnels, we thought you might like to have a go yourself.

Lynn Wright has made dolls and made up some sample clothes and instructions. After you look at them, come on back here for details of how to submit your entries.

Email them to the usual place:   wintercandlemakers2@yahoo.com
The deadline is also as usual: December 17, 2007.
Submit your clothes on the doll. The dressed doll should be on a white or black background.
If you're printing out and re-scanning, the size will likely change. Resize the dressed dolls as follows:
Catherine: 639 pixels tall from top of head to tip of toe.
Vincent: 672 pixels tall from top of head to tip of toe.
A pixel or 2 off won't matter, so don't fuss too much about that. Keep in mind, though, that if your doll is wearing a hat, he or she will be taller than 672 or 639 pixels.(FYI, printed out, Catherine is 6.5"/16.5 cm and Vincent is 7"/17.8 cm.)

PS: As a special treat and assuming we get sufficient entries... Umm, actually, I think we'll keep that as a surprise.  ;-)