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The Ways Change

If you've visited Winterfest Online in years past, you've no doubt already noticed that things are different this year. Once you arrive in the Great Hall, things will be different there too. As always, be sure to click on everything and you'll soon know your way around as well as a tunnel dweller.

Here are a few important tips before we move on.

Any time you see the Winterfest Online logo, you can click on it to go directly to the Great Hall. (Yes, even the one on this page, but don't click it now, or you'll miss the opening ceremonies!)

Visit the Pipe Chamber every day for an updated list of what's new in the tunnels today. Heck, visit every chamber every day. Most of them have additional content every day of Winterfest.

We've added a site map this year. Check it out when you get to the Great Hall. It might be helpful if you forget where something is located.

If strange words appear when you rest your mouse over a picture, not to worry. They're just French, Italian, German, and Spanish translations for our friends whose English isn't so good.

If you're on dialup, you will almost certainly have to skip some parts of Winterfest unless you have a good reliable connection and are extremely patient. The videos will pose the greatest challenge, though the full size wallpapers could also be a problem. The Stop and Back buttons in your browser are your friends.

Off you go! Have fun!

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