In Celebration and Appreciation



Beauty and the’s been 19 years

but we still gather together, sharing the light of friendship and love. How is this possible? Because we have refused to let the dream fade away. Through the years fandom has kept in touch by letterzines, fanzines, conventions, local clubs and finally, when it seemed it was needed most, through the advent of the world wide web (WWW). Web masters created Beauty and the Beast sites and writers and artists filled the web pages with stories and art to share with all of fandom.

Winterfest Online is possible because of the WWW and it is in keeping with the virtual nature of our celebration, that we bring you a selection of interviews with a variety of people who have helped keep the candles burning in our hearts. This year you will meet another group of people who have greatly enriched our lives and the "dream" over the years. We hope you enjoy meeting them as we post their interviews one at a time during Winterfest and we encourage you to let them know what their efforts mean to you by leaving the small gift of your thoughts and thanks in the guestbook provided. 

Obviously, this is only a small group of those whose creativity has kept Beauty and the Beast alive in our hearts and minds. Many others all over the world have enriched our fandom with their visions made manifest and our heartfelt "thank you" goes out to all of them.



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