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Beauty and the Beast merchandise available for sale. 
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Joann Baca


Zine:  Once More, With Feeling
The long-awaited sequel to "The First Time I Loved Forever"
All profits go to the Multiple Sclerosis Society
$25 + $4 shipping within the U.S.
Must certify over age 18
Joann Baca 
The Wintercandlemakers committee takes no responsibility for any items listed. 
All transactions are strictly between the buyer and the seller. 
We reserve the right to delete anything we deem inappropriate.
 Zine:   Remember Love
A collection of 7 classic short stories, ratings g to R/adult, available August 2004,
180 pages, no art, $23.00 which includes shipping anywhere
Linda S. Barth 
snailmail:  P O Box 264, Branford, CT 06405   USA



Beauty and the Beast writers inspired to publish professionally...

GeMs Paradis Perdu
Corinne Guitteaud

Gabriel is a GeM for Genetically Modified. He was created as a weapon with Siberian Tiger's genes, but managed to escape. He survives, like other outcasts in the EDo, out of the Parisian protected Dome. "There's  nothing out there" say people who live in the Domes. They lie to the other GeMs to keep them inside. But the call of Freedom is stronger. Gail, a young clone, decides to escape. She manages to join the EDo and is recued by  Gabriel. This one takes her to EDen, his community, where, with his friends Tasha, a doctor, Theo, an ex-soldier, and the children, Thomas, Kaori, Annie... he tries to create a new future for the wounded Earth. Little by little, Gail learn to trust Gabriel and fall in love with him, in spite of his terrifying look.

Gabriel est un GeM, un Génétiquement Modifié. Créé à partir des gènes du Tigre de Sibérie, pour devenir une arme, il parvient à s'enfuir et survit avec les autres exodés (personnes qui vivent hors du Dôme), hors de la protection du Dôme Parisien. Il est recueilli par Tasha, une femme médecin, qui lui apprend la littérature, les sciences, le respect de soi. Un  jour, Gaïl, une clone qui vivait sous le Dôme parisien, parvient à s'enfuir. Pourtant, son propriétaire lui a sans cesse répété qu'il n'y avait rien hors des Dômes. Elle ne l'a pas cru. L'appel de la liberté a été plus fort. Cependant, son évasion se passe mal et elle est sauvée in extremis par Gabriel qui la ramène à EDen. Dans cette communauté fondée par Tasha, Gabriel aide la doctoresse à réaliser son rêve : repeupler la Terre ravagée par les changements climatiques. Malgré l'opposition de Tasha, Gaïl et Gabriel vont peu à peu se rapprocher et la jeune clone finira par aimer ce GeM étrange, à la terrible apparence, qui lit Victor Hugo, cultive des arbres dans une serre secrète et raconte des histoires aux enfants.

* * *

The first book of the GeMs Trilogy, Lost Paradise, will be published in March 2006 by  L'Atalante and available for purchase at and at alapage.comTéléchargez GRATUITEMENT le premier épisode.

Corinne Guitteaud

Star-Dappled Night Mare
Wendy Tunnard de-Veryard

Tugging his jacket collar higher, a sliver of neck left exposed to the elements caused Jack to shiver.

Yet it wasn’t just that….

Mist eerily concealed the yellow light of lamps adorning the walkways.

In the hour that was darkest before dawn, Jack was terrified.

* * *

This is a story of love, hope, fear and survival.

It seemed like the perfect weekend…a surprise adventure, a beautiful estate, a sky full of stars…until a tangled web of circumstances altered everything. It is the story of three men: a man afraid to love and the woman who waits patiently for his attention; the brother who relishes life and the woman who is not his to love; and their grandfather, too afraid of the past to enjoy the present or accept the future. Little do they know of the tragedy that lies ahead…a catastrophe that in one short moment of time will change their lives forever.

Order from Publish America.

And a couple of B&B calendars for sale...

Beauty & the Beast 2006 Calendar

by Sandy Tew

My new Beauty & the Beast 2006 Calendar is now ready for sale. The art is rated G thru PG-13. It is a full size horizontal format calendar with 12+ pieces of original art by me. There are 6 color pieces, 5 pencil sketches and one silhouette. Three pieces are brand new and all the others have never been in any of my calendars before in the same form. Some are color versions of previous art. Also, a romantic quote or poem is included with each month’s picture. Along with the usual US holidays, special B&B dates have been noted. There’s also plenty of room to add your own notations. There are a limited number of calendars but I will consider printing more if there is enough interest.


USA - $18.00 ea. This includes postage for Priority Mail.
Overseas- $23.00 ea. This includes postage for Global Priority Mail.

If you are ordering more than one copy, there may be a savings on postage, and I will calculate it and let you know before you send payment.

I will accept checks, money orders, paypal, or cash in US currency.

To order email me:

Sandy Tew
1027 Ramona Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

2006 Desk Calendar

by Ginger Janssen

This laminated paper dodecahedron features classic (first and second season) images of Beauty and the Beast, a background for each month of 2006. It measures 3.25" (8.5mm) in diameter, arrives by sturdy cardboard box already assembled, with an additional gift inside the desk calendar. The themed gift is a secret, to be revealed after the close of 2006 by opening the ball to retrieve it.

Order online with a major credit card, no website signup is
necessary for purchase, and your information is safe. $15 includes shipping and handling. All orders are honored within a week of receipt. Arrangements for payment by postal mail can be easily made, and questions are answered promptly. Order from Ginger at