Daily Word Challenge: 


We thought it would be fun to have some quick contests during the festivities.

Each day we presented a word or a phrase.

 Your mission, if you chose to accept it:

Write an acronym, a haiku or a limerick using that day's word/phrase.


The next day we posted the best examples from each category from the previous day's entries.

They were funny, serious, romantic or nonsensical.

You certainly let your creative self explore your poetic side!




Mission Possible!


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A word formed from the first letters of a name or by combining the initial letters of a series of words.      

USA - United States of America

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion



Examples: CANDLES


Can Anyone Not Deeply Love Evergreen Scent?

The most common form for Haiku

is three short lines.

The first line usually contains five (5) syllables, the second line seven (7) syllables,

and the third line contains five (5) syllables. Haiku doesn't rhyme. A Haiku must "paint" a mental image in the reader's mind.


Example:  CANDLES

     Flickering candles

     Light the underground tunnels.

     Kisses in shadows.

A light humorous, nonsensical verse. The rhyme pattern is a a b b a with lines 1, 2 and 5 containing 3 beats and rhyming, and lines 3 and 4 having two beats and rhyming.


Example: CANDLES


     There once was a place called Below

     Where candles did seamlessly glow

     No light switch was there

     No, Mouse did not dare

     And this much to Edison's woe.








SUNDAY: JANUARY 15, 2006                                                 WORD:    BE WELL


Believe. Even though Winterfest Ends, Love Lingers.


farewell all dear friends

be well while the Great Hall sleeps.

keep the dream alive


We've had treasures, and stories to tell,

Enough pleasures to make our hearts swell,

Though a while we remain,

Endings come all the same,

Now we leave with soft chants of "Be Well..."

SATURDAY:  JANUARY 14, 2006                                           WORD:       ROSES


Roses often sweeten embittered situations


Balcony Roses

One pure white, one passion red

Kissed by morning light


Vincent and Catherine made love And all of us fans from Above Never

minded the roses but as anyone supposes would have given the lava a


FRIDAY:  JANUARY 13, 2006                                                   WORD:      TUNNELS


This Unusual Newborn Needed Exceptionally Loving Surroundings


Tunnels carved through rock

burrow deep beneath the ground

Always a safe place.


To some it may look like a hole

And to live there you must be a "mole"

But I call it home

And never will roam

Its wonders I love to extol!

THURSDAY:  JANUARY 12, 2006                                             WORD:       BEAST



Beautifully Eloquent And Sexy, Too!


when storms of dark pain

thunder deep inside the Beast

'tis Beauty, calms beast.


There once was a dream-boat called Beast,

Who made true love for Cathy a feast.

I wish I were she,

Oh..., that's not to be,

But, I can dream of it, can't I, at least?

WEDNESDAY:  JANUARY 11, 2006                                         WORD:      THRESHOLD



Their Hearts Remember Every Sweet Happening On Love's Doorstep


Between Light and Dark

A crossroad, A meeting place

Where two hearts collide


When Catherine descended the ladder

To meet Vincent, she couldn't be gladder

To have slipped on a rung

When he caught her, she clung

To him tightly, but KISS him she'd rather!

TUESDAY: JANUARY 10, 2006                                                 WORD:       GREAT HALL



Gazing, Really Enraptured, At Tapestries Hung At Lofty Level


The Great Hall echoes

with laughter and mixed voices.

Couples dance the waltz.


Artists and writers and fans, Oh my!

All come together to give it a try

So Great is the Hall,

We're having a ball!

If there's not one next year I shall cry.

MONDAY:  JANUARY 9, 2006                                                    WORD:       CHAMBER



Catherine Heals After Many Beautiful Earthly Readings


In Vincent's chamber,

A stunning glass-stained window.

No landscape outside.


There's a CHAMBER below that's a feat

Vincent ventured one time for a treat

He returned to the hub

Gave the crystals a rub

And Mouse asked

him if it was neat!

SUNDAY: JANUARY 8, 2006                                                     WORD:          BELOW



Boundless Energy, Lets Others Worry

                     beyond what we know
                    a hidden place of safety
                       his refuge, her love.


Below it was black as the night;

Catherine stood showing Vincent her light.

She asked why he wouldn’t,

He said that he couldn’t,

But if she was patient he might!

SATURDAY: JANUARY 7, 2006                                                 WORD:    WINTERFEST



 Wind in narrow tunnels evokes remembrances from earlier secret times.



 winter gathering

 those bundled against the cold

 light candles and smile.



 The Winterfest candles were burning

 And Vincent and Catherine still yearning

 Said Catherine, "What bliss"

 (It was only a kiss

 But the big, furry fellow was learning)