We all know that, according to what Father tells the children in the episode "God Bless the Child", Vincent was found on January 12 behind St.Vincent's Hospital and brought to the Tunnels. We want to celebrate that day as his birthday. On January 12, we will have a "party" for him, and we need your help for the gift-giving.

Birthday gift #1...

Perhaps, if you all are willing and brave, we will offer him a Talent Show, singing and playing and saying poetry, or whatever we can do in his honor. If you want to participate, either with a pre-recorded performance or live, please write to us wintercandlemakers2@yahoo.com

Birthday gift #2

Vincent likes books. What better gift for him than a book of gifts from those who love him? We offer you A PLACE TO PUT YOUR GIFTS: sweet, foolish, fanciful, impossible... The gifts should be made of *words* alone to wish Vincent well and/or to describe a gift you'd like to give him.

You will not see those gifts that have already been written. It's a surprise for Vincent and for everybody, not to be opened until his birthday. Be creative. On January 12, we will post all of them in the Great Hall, and sing for him:

Happy Birthday,


Sorry Winterfest is over.