Chapter 8


Vincent waited by her side for the three days that it took for her to regain consciousness after her small accident. Thankfully, when she did come to, there didnít seem to be any serious damage done by Fatherís quick thinking, and really unthinking, act of making her fall asleep so soon after a head injury. She did, however, manage to forget the real reason for her being Below at the time, and Father allowed her to leave the day after she awoke, but only after Vincent had come back from an Ďerrandí to see her safely home. When Vincent returned to the tunnels, he sat down with Father and breathed a sigh of relief and frustration.

"I hope this is all worth it," he finally said after a few moments of silence.

"After this, Iím never going to try to keep a secret from any lawyer ever again."

"Here, here," Father replied as he handed Vincent a steaming cup of tea. He seriously looked at his son for a second before saying anything else.

"Iím truly sorry about that. I had thought that the article would have kept her busy longer. I hope that you have enough time to finish the project now that sheís gone back Above."

"It was nearly finished before she came. It shouldnít take much longer, and thank goodness that itís only two days before Winterfest."

"Speaking of which, I heard that all the candles have gotten out already, and everyone hasÖ."

Vincentís face went ghost white as he realized that Catherineís candle was still sitting on his dresser waiting to be delivered. "Forgive me Father, but Iíve just realized that there is one candle which is lacking an owner," and with that he strode out of the chamber.


In no time at all, Vincent gracefully landed on Catherineís balcony. He had hoped that she would already be getting ready for bed and he could just leave the candle on the little worked steel table outside, but the bright glare of the lights told him that luck just wasnít on his side. He tapped the glass and only waited a breath or two before she was outside and hugging him tightly.

"This is a treat, not only do I get to see you once this evening at the threshold, but you surprise me here as well," Catherine observed happily. "To what do I owe this extended visit?"

"Iím afraid that I can only stay for a short while, as there are still some preparations that cannot wait until later," he explained. "However, I have discovered that I have forgotten a very important parcel." He pulled her candle out of his pocket and placed it in one of her hands.

"I had completely forgotten about my candle. Thank you Vincent. It would have been somewhat rude to come without an invitation." She said mischievously. Suddenly, her face turned a shade or two paler. "Seven oíclock at the threshold?"

"As always, I will meet you there," Vincent answered. "I must go now. Goodnight Catherine."

"Goodnight Vincent," she responded as she watched him start his long way back to the tunnels.

She went back inside and placed her candle on her bedside table thinking, How could I have forgotten HIS gift?

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