Chapter 7


As Catherine lay in her blissful world of unconsciousness she thought over what was going on.

I know something is up, she thought. They are all acting so strangely. Something is wrong. Even Vincent is in on it, but what?

She began to see these questions coming from her in a court room. Each person that she had recently seen was in that courtroom. She was trying them for confusing her.

As with most fantasies nothing made sense. She saw all the things that had been happening in the last few days and weeks as if they were pictures on a roll of film. She saw Jamie asking her to hide Mouseís present. Then asking about the ribbons, and asked her what she was up to. But like everyone else she said she didnít know.

Catherine saw this over and over with each of the people who had been doing this to her the past few days and weeks. She just wished she could wake up and forget it all. Then she heard a peaceful sound. It was only a whisper, "Catherine, my love, come back to me. Wake up." VINCENT! It was Vincent! Catherine struggled to wake up but she couldnít. She could hear Father saying she should have awakened by now. Vincent and Father sounded worried. While she listened to their concerned voices she was trapped in this nightmare world and couldnít wake up.

"Father, whatís wrong? Why is she not waking up?" Vincent asked.

Father looks at Catherine and racks his brain before answering Vincentís question with everything he knows, "I donít know, Vincent. I just donít know."

"Father, will she wake up?" Vincent asked.

"Dear God I hope so, "replied a very worried Father.

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