Chapter Six


"Catherine, you really should rest, that was quite a fall." Vincent said gently touching her shoulder.

By then Father had nursed his throbbing foot and gingerly hobbled over to his medicine bag. He took a cup of tea that had been previously poured, and dropped two drops of liquid from a bottle into it. He stirred the hot, sweet liquid quickly, and then hobbled back over to his bed where Catherine was attempting to sit up.

"Drink this, it will take away the pain and allow you to sleep."

"Ok Father," Catherine replied taking the ornately painted china cup from his hands. She had already taken a sip of the tea when she remembered that she was going to ask Vincent something. But what was it?

"Vincent… " she said softly before drifting off to sleep.

"Father, should that have worked so quickly?" Vincent asked with concern. He then sat down on the small wooden bench that was next to the bed.

"It was a very strong sedative." Father replied. "She will be ok, but hopefully she won’t remember why she came down here in the first place. Ouch!!"

"Father you really must sit down and let me tend to your foot," Vincent interrupted. "Poor Catherine, I hope she won’t be in too much pain when she wakes up." Catherine’s forehead had swollen into a knot that was rapidly turning purple and a sickly pale green.

"The pain shouldn’t be that severe, I assure you," Father replied, "However my toe is a different story."

"Father, please sit still for a moment while tend to it." Vincent said taking Father by the arm and helping him into his desk chair. Vincent gently touched the bruised and swollen toe in an attempt to ascertain whether or not it was broken.

"Ouch!" Father yelped once again.

"I don’t believe that it is broken," Vincent replied with authority. "But we should wrap it up for the time being."

Vincent had just taken Father’s medical bag and pulled out a ball of gauze when he heard a knock at the door.

"Vincent, I heard Catherine had fallen down. Is she ok?" Samantha asked standing in the doorway

"She will be fine after she rests." Vincent replied.

"What happened to your toe Father?" Samantha asked when she noticed that Vincent was preparing to wrap it.

"Uh, we dropped a book on it," Father replied. "It will be fine."

"Here Samantha, you can help me bandage it." Vincent said handing her a pair of scissors.

After Father’s foot was properly bandaged and his medicine bag was tucked away Samantha looked up and sighed. "All this just to keep a secret."

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