Welcome Chat, 8 January 2005, 9pm EST

beatlegirls25 (7:56:58 PM): Hello
jecris27 (7:57:00 PM): Hello!
beatlegirls25 (7:57:09 PM): everyone enjoying WF?
mahurin10 (7:57:11 PM): Hello all, what a wonderful Winterfest!
mcwhorterstl (7:57:11 PM): good evening!
beatlegirls25 (7:57:31 PM): which part does everyone like best?
mahurin10 (7:57:32 PM): pod you made it 
mahurin10 (7:57:41 PM): I know you were worried
podlasianka1 (7:57:46 PM): hello there
mahurin10 (7:58:41 PM): How is everyone enjoying the Great Hall?
beatlegirls25 (7:58:50 PM): The captions are hilarious and fun to read!
mahurin10 (7:58:57 PM): I love the art and just started reading the fic
mahurin10 (7:59:07 PM): Yeah I did a few of those too
jecris27 (7:59:17 PM): hello sobanme and mary
tunnelmom (7:59:19 PM): Happy Winterfest everyone
podlasianka1 (7:59:23 PM): I started with the stories
mahurin10 (7:59:35 PM): Hello Sobanme and tunnelmom
beatlegirls25 (7:59:45 PM): Hi Mary and Sobanme
mahurin10 (7:59:47 PM): Did you get some sleep?
tunnelmom (8:00:34 PM): The great hall is bigger than last year!  So many choices and I have just touched the surface
sobanme (8:00:45 PM): oh, me... sorry. Not enough, as you see.
tunnelbrat (8:00:46 PM): Everyone, don't forget to preface with the name of whom you are speaking to.  It helps those who are new to chat
mahurin10 (8:01:18 PM): Sorry I'm not too experience with chats
tunnelbrat (8:01:35 PM): mahurin.. no problem
mahurin10 (8:01:45 PM): I am hoping to get a microphone soon so I can talk.  I think that would be nice
tunnelmom (8:02:53 PM): So, where have you all been today?  The Library?  The Games?
mahurin10 (8:02:57 PM): I tried doing some of the other games, I have to say I am not very good at them,  but really enjoy doing them...especially the audio ones.  
tunnelbrat (8:03:01 PM): Mahurin... I brought mine home from school... Do you know if that "special program" allows recording... or just music files to be added?  I want to put a track of my students reading it.
mahurin10 (8:03:42 PM): Tunnelbrat...I think you can put recordings on it, so long as you have a line in to record it
sobanme (8:03:43 PM): I see the girl from Poland here? Hallo! What time is it over there?
tunnelbrat (8:04:08 PM): Tunnelmom: I could just spend all day refreshing the candles and reading  the messages there
podlasianka1 (8:04:19 PM): hello sobanme, it's after 3 a.m. here
mahurin10 (8:04:24 PM): Tunnelbrat...I would record it and maybe save it in a program then put it in the book.  I know the kids would love that.
tunnelmom (8:04:29 PM): So it's been a busy place!  That's good 
sobanme (8:04:32 PM): same as here in Italy, so
tunnelmom (8:04:37 PM): Of course it keeps you busy too
podlasianka1 (8:04:50 PM): how did you know I'm from Poland?
sobanme (8:05:06 PM): from your intro in the member list.
sobanme (8:05:24 PM): in what language did you watch B&B?
podlasianka1 (8:05:38 PM): in Polish
tunnelmom (8:05:39 PM): Sobanme has a memory like an elephant!
jecris27 (8:05:44 PM): :-)
beatlegirls25 (8:05:57 PM): Who else has done some captions?
podlasianka1 (8:05:58 PM): but it was so long time ago I hardly remember it
tunnelbrat (8:05:58 PM): Thank goodness someone has a good memory
mahurin10 (8:06:01 PM): Is there a place to record thoughts, ideas, impressions about WF other than the yahoo group.
mcwhorterstl (8:06:11 PM): sobanme & podlaskianka: you two are up at 3 am?
podlasianka1 (8:06:27 PM): yep
sobanme (8:06:32 PM): ach. you americans have those odd time zones...
mahurin10 (8:06:40 PM):  Beatlegirl...I did some captions
podlasianka1 (8:06:42 PM): :)
tunnelbrat (8:06:53 PM): Sobi.. i agree with you on our time zones
jecris27 (8:07:00 PM): hi mary!
mahurin10 (8:07:05 PM): Hi mary
mcwhorterstl (8:07:08 PM): soba: odd?  like on the wrong side of the world?  (hee)
mkateb50 (8:07:09 PM): hi everyone
beatlegirls25 (8:07:13 PM): kind of too bad it has to be so late for the overseas members
sobanme (8:07:15 PM): exactly.
sobanme (8:07:26 PM): naaah. too early.
tunnelmom (8:07:34 PM): Hi mary b.
mcwhorterstl (8:07:51 PM): Yeah, it's dinnertime here
jecris27 (8:08:09 PM): we'll have one afternoon north america time tomorrow
jecris27 (8:08:13 PM): evening in europe
mahurin10 (8:08:22 PM): I was able to get off of work for a few hours so I could enjoy the chat...I am on call though, but it is much better to chat here than at work.  I'm not even sure if I could do it at work.
beatlegirls25 (8:08:26 PM): oh darn, will be out of town then
tunnelbrat (8:08:39 PM): there can be spontaneous chats at anytime... just get some ppl together in the same region :)
jecris27 (8:08:47 PM): yup
sobanme (8:08:49 PM): my impression, or there are maaaaany more candles this year -- only the first day?
mcwhorterstl (8:09:09 PM): soba: I was wondering if the map was carried over from last year's
mahurin10 (8:09:17 PM): Yes I noticed the candles are really growing
mahurin10 (8:09:31 PM): I think there are 81 in the yahoo group now
jecris27 (8:09:32 PM): i think you're right
havoc_cat (8:09:41 PM): The candles are all freshly lit
mcwhorterstl (8:09:50 PM): oh, cool!
beatlegirls25 (8:09:52 PM): Je, what are the restrictions for the captions?
mcwhorterstl (8:10:02 PM): dinner's ready - see you all later
beatlegirls25 (8:10:08 PM): bye Christine
jecris27 (8:10:08 PM): dunno - not my department ;-)
jecris27 (8:10:16 PM): bye christina
tunnelmom (8:10:21 PM): bye 
havoc_cat (8:10:23 PM): Last years map is still out there in read only mode
mahurin10 (8:10:25 PM): bye bye christine
podlasianka1 (8:10:36 PM): bye christine
havoc_cat (8:11:04 PM): beatlegirl: Restriction like language or number of characters?
beatlegirls25 (8:11:21 PM): I mean PG 13 or higher or lower
jecris27 (8:11:25 PM): lol
beatlegirls25 (8:11:32 PM): I'll let Je know
mahurin10 (8:11:34 PM): I love the comments on the candle page.  Everyone saying hello to their friends old and newl
jecris27 (8:11:39 PM): a gutter dweller, eh?
beatlegirls25 (8:11:54 PM): Je, Claire wants to come to the chat,  cosi2cg is her ID
tunnelmom (8:11:57 PM): I enjoyed that also Mahurin
jecris27 (8:12:07 PM): i invited her once; i will again
mahurin10 (8:12:11 PM): Well beatlegirl...I did a caption that involved Catherine sitting on her high heels.
beatlegirls25 (8:12:13 PM): thanks!
mahurin10 (8:12:17 PM): LOL
jecris27 (8:12:34 PM): hi claire
mahurin10 (8:12:37 PM): There I go laughing at myself again
mahurin10 (8:12:42 PM): Hi Claire
mkateb50 (8:12:44 PM): I saw that caption and it encouraged me to put one in too.  Claimed it came from Catherine.
tunnelmom (8:12:48 PM): Hi Claire
beatlegirls25 (8:12:53 PM): Hi claire
mahurin10 (8:13:06 PM): Mkate...good deal
podlasianka1 (8:13:07 PM): hi Claire
beatlegirls25 (8:13:09 PM): I put in captions for all of them, hope that was ok
mahurin10 (8:13:18 PM): Claire, hows the baby
cosi2cg (8:13:19 PM): hi, I was getting nervous
mkateb50 (8:13:20 PM): Hi Claire, it's cold here in Kansas. 
mahurin10 (8:13:28 PM): Beatle...the more the better
cosi2cg (8:13:44 PM): no one seemed to answer my calls
sobanme (8:14:03 PM): here is another one up at 3am, Ciao Claire.
cosi2cg (8:14:05 PM): the baby is fine... drinking again!
mahurin10 (8:14:22 PM): Claire did you find a copy of that pic that you were looking for?
cosi2cg (8:14:22 PM): the weather is quite warm here
tunnelmom (8:14:41 PM): Snowy here in Wisconsin.  Very pretty 
mahurin10 (8:15:02 PM): Does anyone know if CP will be able to join us this year. 
jecris27 (8:15:03 PM): no snow in minnesota! :-((
mkateb50 (8:15:06 PM): Everything here still has about an inch of ice on it.
jecris27 (8:15:18 PM): what's the point of winter without snow???
cosi2cg (8:15:19 PM): I could practically go out (during the day) in this central park t-shirt I'm wearing 
tunnelmom (8:15:27 PM): Sorry Jecris.  I will see what I can do for you. 
jecris27 (8:15:27 PM): wow
jecris27 (8:15:30 PM): lol
podlasianka1 (8:15:30 PM): no snow in Poland too :(
beatlegirls25 (8:15:31 PM): ?  I hate winter, especially ice and snow
mahurin10 (8:15:40 PM): I know last year she had problems and didn't get to do much
jecris27 (8:15:44 PM): i like snow. ice, no thank you.
cosi2cg (8:15:46 PM): no Deb, not in the 2 places you mentioned
sobanme (8:15:52 PM): I sent an eCard to CP. Are those eCards wonderful or what?
jecris27 (8:16:02 PM): fabulous!
mahurin10 (8:16:12 PM): It snowed here in south Louisiana on Christmas day
tunnelmom (8:16:16 PM): I sent some ecards also.  They are great!
mahurin10 (8:16:20 PM): Yes I love the ecards
beatlegirls25 (8:16:21 PM): Je, tell me what your idea of spiritual love is, I'm curious.
sobanme (8:16:28 PM): how many eCards have been sent, Jeff, do you know?
podlasianka1 (8:16:29 PM): I sent one to my friend
sobanme (8:16:45 PM): They are Jeff's idea and doing.
tunnelmom (8:17:06 PM): =D>
mahurin10 (8:17:21 PM): There are so many brilliant people here doing this project.  
mahurin10 (8:17:47 PM): I sent an ecard to both of my daughters. 
mkateb50 (8:18:12 PM): I second that Tunnelmom.
mahurin10 (8:18:15 PM): Of course they don't understand my "attraction" to BatB, but are supportive
tunnelbrat (8:18:29 PM): I am sending one out to my teachers ... they know my addiction
mahurin10 (8:18:40 PM): Can I make an announcement
mahurin10 (8:18:48 PM): OK If you insist
podlasianka1 (8:18:48 PM): mahurin, it's the same with my mom
tunnelmom (8:18:52 PM): I have one sister I share my addiction with.  
sobanme (8:19:18 PM): Ginny said that her husband does not understand B&B, but is being fascinated by the map with the candles. Keeps watching and updating it.
jecris27 (8:19:24 PM): i'm out of the closet re batb ;-)
beatlegirls25 (8:19:41 PM): ?
tunnelbrat (8:19:45 PM): I was never in the closet.. I started in the bathroom.
mahurin10 (8:19:49 PM): One of my Christmas gifts was that my daughter and her husband will present me with my first grandbaby in August....near my birthday.
jecris27 (8:19:54 PM): lol
havoc_cat (8:20:02 PM): around 74 ecards have sent.  A few of those might have been tests
mkateb50 (8:20:05 PM): Congrats grandma.
tunnelmom (8:20:09 PM): Congrats mahurin
tunnelbrat (8:20:15 PM): Yeah Mahurin
jecris27 (8:20:19 PM): congrats, deb!
sobanme (8:20:25 PM): another tunnel child. Almost.
tunnelmom (8:20:25 PM): That's a pretty good number Jeff
mahurin10 (8:20:30 PM): Thanks
sobanme (8:20:31 PM): 74??
sobanme (8:20:39 PM): wow.
tunnelbrat (8:20:52 PM): I love you ppl that collect stats. :)
beatlegirls25 (8:20:59 PM): Congrats Deb :)
sobanme (8:21:00 PM): and how many candles so far?
mahurin10 (8:21:05 PM): Will the ecards be available all through WF
sobanme (8:21:38 PM): podaslianka? is this your name or nick?
tunnelbrat (8:21:49 PM): Yes.. the ecards stay
podlasianka1 (8:22:00 PM): nick but not only
mahurin10 (8:22:03 PM): We might want to send some to people unable to attend that say something like "Wish you could have been here, maybe next year"  or something like that
cosi2cg (8:22:34 PM): I have only one regret concerning the e-cards (now that I've used them)... they don't show enough of Vincent !
havoc_cat (8:22:37 PM): 87 candles 
sobanme (8:22:41 PM): podlaetc, how did you get to know of Winterfest?
jecris27 (8:22:57 PM): lol
jecris27 (8:23:01 PM): agreed, claire
mahurin10 (8:23:09 PM): A project for next year...R rated ecards
jecris27 (8:23:11 PM): what happened to that more risque one?
podlasianka1 (8:23:29 PM): sobanme,I visit BATB websites regularely
tunnelmom (8:23:40 PM): Then you must visit the photomontage section and see Lynn W's submissions.  hehe
jecris27 (8:23:49 PM): hehe
mkateb50 (8:23:51 PM): JeCris that was some link in Catherine's section
mahurin10 (8:23:55 PM): OOOH, YEAHHH
tunnelbrat (8:24:08 PM): New ecards... another assignment for LynnW
cosi2cg (8:24:19 PM): no I'm serious because people who don't know the show well will recognize Vincent, not necessarily catch the meaning of a card with Linda Hamilton on it
mahurin10 (8:24:19 PM): And we begin again
tunnelmom (8:24:22 PM): LOL,  I am sure she would be obliging
tunnelbrat (8:24:44 PM): Sobi.. take notes
mkateb50 (8:24:47 PM): Wonder if we could make cards using some of the collages that were done this year
tunnelmom (8:24:50 PM): You might have a point Claire
sobanme (8:24:50 PM): mamma mia... 
sobanme (8:25:10 PM): collages?
mahurin10 (8:25:12 PM): sobi, I can see you holding your head now
cosi2cg (8:25:22 PM): sorry this occurred to me only yesterday
sobanme (8:25:35 PM): you have not yet seen what she really did...
sobanme (8:25:44 PM): what Lynn did, I mean.
sobanme (8:25:49 PM): be ready.
mahurin10 (8:25:53 PM): claire, good idea if we have the artists permission
mahurin10 (8:26:41 PM): I can see it now...an age declaration before you can open your ecard
jecris27 (8:27:29 PM): hehe
tunnelmom (8:27:33 PM): Warning.  Do not open if you suffer from high Blood pressure :D
sobanme (8:27:54 PM): B&B, the show of the romantic love... ha!
mahurin10 (8:28:02 PM): But seriously, we have some very talented artists and they do some really beautiful work.  
jecris27 (8:28:13 PM): nothing unromantic abou sex! come on now...
jecris27 (8:28:25 PM): of course, i suppose there could be....
sobanme (8:28:26 PM): So, what have you enjoyed more so far?
mkateb50 (8:28:50 PM): The candle messages
tunnelmom (8:29:03 PM): The map is always fabulous
tunnelmom (8:29:10 PM): and the messages
jecris27 (8:29:13 PM): the wintercandlemaker team :-)
podlasianka1 (8:29:16 PM): stories, I have never enough of them
sobanme (8:29:23 PM): You have seen that Rita Terrell was among the very first?
tunnelmom (8:29:33 PM): Yes!
tunnelbrat (8:29:37 PM): and PSNim added hers
sobanme (8:29:51 PM): PSnim? really? a candle?
tunnelbrat (8:29:57 PM): yep... 
tunnelbrat (8:30:02 PM): :)
sobanme (8:30:05 PM): oh, let me go and see...
jecris27 (8:30:10 PM): :-)
mkateb50 (8:30:11 PM): I agree Jecris...a great team
tunnelmom (8:30:16 PM): I am already on my way.  LOL
jecris27 (8:30:18 PM): it's been fun
mahurin10 (8:30:34 PM): I think I have enjoyed the art and the audio games the most so far,  but have only just now gotten into the fic
jecris27 (8:30:56 PM): i like the sound clips game
jecris27 (8:31:02 PM): and the last words one, but it's hard!
tunnelmom (8:31:26 PM): I like the games.  They're addicting!
jecris27 (8:31:37 PM): yeah, they are
mkateb50 (8:32:02 PM): Ahhhh, the fic...that will keep me up quite awhile tonight.
sobanme (8:32:08 PM): not with the PS nim name, Chan?
beatlegirls25 (8:32:20 PM): the messages are fabulous!  Everyone is terrific so far :)
jecris27 (8:32:33 PM): i saw PS Nim's name earlier
mkateb50 (8:32:52 PM): PS Nim was on one of the east coast states
cosi2cg (8:33:17 PM): I'm mesmerized by the candles, keep refreshing the text list, forget to play games 
jecris27 (8:33:19 PM): the candle messages seem to change order though, every time i look at them
tunnelbrat (8:33:31 PM): yes.. with the PSNIM name.... not her real name, lol... from NJ
cosi2cg (8:33:39 PM): yes I noticed the same thing J'E
beatlegirls25 (8:34:09 PM): one from Hellboy :d
beatlegirls25 (8:34:19 PM): and of course Father ;)
jecris27 (8:34:25 PM): there's a message in french! some invite her to dlt! lol
jecris27 (8:34:35 PM): oops - meant someone, not some
sobanme (8:35:19 PM): ach -- something wrong. I didn't see any PS nim, nor Hellboy.
sobanme (8:35:29 PM): and yes, I do hit refresh.
tunnelbrat (8:35:33 PM): Jeff... the candles seem to re-arrange themselves?  This time I see Nim's name next to yours
mkateb50 (8:35:55 PM): It's there.  I just saw it.
jecris27 (8:35:59 PM): try a search, sobi
jecris27 (8:36:05 PM): press ctrl-F and type in Nim
tunnelmom (8:36:12 PM): I found them both Sobanme
sobanme (8:36:17 PM): oh, yes, I've seen. Bear with me. 3.30AM here.
havoc_cat (8:36:35 PM): The candle messages are ordered by entry but the the first batch was only saving the date not the time so they may come out in different orders.
sobanme (8:37:10 PM): over 80 candles, and only the first day. 
cosi2cg (8:37:11 PM): the 2 French girls are already on DLT, sorry J'E
jecris27 (8:37:13 PM): suze is a doll! =D>
jecris27 (8:37:24 PM): she's sending 6 entries for talent show!
sobanme (8:37:25 PM): yes --- !
jecris27 (8:37:49 PM): the one with the M name too?
tunnelmom (8:37:57 PM): Suze is going all out for Vincent's birthday. LOL  
cosi2cg (8:38:17 PM): latest member. the one Annik couldn't welcome herself due to her modem problems
jecris27 (8:38:26 PM): ok
sobanme (8:38:46 PM): we've got a lot of fic submissions. One more is being added tomorrow.
cosi2cg (8:38:55 PM): we miss her don't we ?! 
cosi2cg (8:39:11 PM): hi Ginny
jecris27 (8:39:13 PM): hi Ginny
tunnelmom (8:39:14 PM): Hi Ginny
mahurin10 (8:39:19 PM): Hi Ginny
podlasianka1 (8:39:27 PM): hi Ginny
jecris27 (8:39:29 PM): yes, we do!
sobanme (8:39:34 PM): okay, seems a a briefing of the Wintercandlemakers...
mkateb50 (8:39:36 PM): Hi Ginny
cosi2cg (8:39:38 PM): :)
almostretired03 (8:40:03 PM): Hi Better late than never?
sobanme (8:40:15 PM): So, ladies and gentleman, are you satisfied after the first day?
mahurin10 (8:40:20 PM): just glad you could make it
jecris27 (8:40:35 PM): yeah! :-)
tunnelmom (8:40:46 PM): I am VERY satisfied.
podlasianka1 (8:40:47 PM): oh yeah
mahurin10 (8:40:49 PM): Yes it was a great day and so anticipated
almostretired03 (8:40:54 PM): Thank you.  Yep. I'm all proud of us!
jecris27 (8:41:24 PM): Who's planning to come to the epi chat tomorrow?
mkateb50 (8:41:28 PM): I think the participation is great
sobanme (8:41:50 PM): Podla, you attended Winterfest last year?
mahurin10 (8:41:52 PM): I am hoping to come if I can wake up
mkateb50 (8:41:54 PM): What time is it?
almostretired03 (8:42:01 PM): I'm planning on it.
cosi2cg (8:42:04 PM): I don't know
jecris27 (8:42:16 PM): 1 pm CST
almostretired03 (8:42:23 PM): Erwan may have other plans?
mahurin10 (8:42:23 PM): I get in at about 7:30 from work, but will set my alarm
jecris27 (8:42:24 PM): 7pm GMT
podlasianka1 (8:42:26 PM): sobanme, didn't heve the Internet at home yet at that time
jecris27 (8:43:05 PM): oh!
cosi2cg (8:43:05 PM): oh if Erwan *sleeps* I have to sleep. on the contrary I can manage if he's in my arms
mahurin10 (8:43:05 PM): pod...that's too bad.
sobanme (8:43:11 PM): you know that B&B was the very first thing I typed in the search engine when I got the computer?
podlasianka1 (8:43:15 PM): just call me Asia if my nick is too difficult for you
podlasianka1 (8:43:29 PM): me too
tunnelbrat (8:43:30 PM): Sobamme... yes, we know  ;)
sobanme (8:43:31 PM): oh, thank you. I hoped you'd say something like htat.
mahurin10 (8:43:31 PM): sobi..me too
sobanme (8:43:46 PM): and guest what I found?
sobanme (8:43:51 PM): all together now...
mkateb50 (8:43:52 PM): me 3
jecris27 (8:43:53 PM): do we want to post a transcript of this chat?
sobanme (8:43:56 PM): the blue bird site!
cosi2cg (8:44:01 PM): sobi I'm ashamed it took me five years to type it !
podlasianka1 (8:44:04 PM): you are welcome sobi, sorry I waited with that
tunnelbrat (8:44:13 PM): sobi: songs of the blue bird... we can say that in unison :)
mkateb50 (8:44:17 PM): stories galore, yeah
mahurin10 (8:44:34 PM): Yes I love the stories
almostretired03 (8:44:35 PM): I remember reading until my eyes glazed over
cosi2cg (8:44:37 PM): I found... last year's candle map... and the bbrc.
podlasianka1 (8:45:06 PM): I kept on readin till I reached the last I found
tunnelbrat (8:45:07 PM): Cosi.. that must have been an awsome way to find us
tunnelmom (8:45:14 PM): I first found CABB and tunnel tales.  I was in heaven!
almostretired03 (8:45:25 PM): BBRC was the second site I found - a few years later. I thought I'd died and gone to beastie heaven
cosi2cg (8:45:48 PM): and the tunnelring, hence *everything*
sobanme (8:45:54 PM): I remember I run out of toner in my printer...
cosi2cg (8:46:10 PM): I couldn't believe my eyes, I hadn't even read a single fanfic in my life
podlasianka1 (8:46:15 PM): I translate the stories for my friend
tunnelmom (8:46:16 PM): I shutter when I think of the ink I went through
jecris27 (8:46:25 PM): lol
mkateb50 (8:46:37 PM): and the paper, piles and piles of it
sobanme (8:46:45 PM): you have friend loving B&B in Poland?
tunnelmom (8:46:54 PM): I was afraid it would all disappear! 
cosi2cg (8:47:00 PM): I read non-stop (er between work hours) for a week and then subscribed to the y!groups
sobanme (8:47:01 PM): well, of course all recycled paper...
cosi2cg (8:47:16 PM): and continued reading.
tunnelbrat (8:47:18 PM): since i was before internet... I started pumping out art so I could get the zines... I could see I would be broke if I kept buying them
mahurin10 (8:47:33 PM): I know I still have that fear, that it will disappear, but save stuff to disc or CD now
podlasianka1 (8:47:37 PM): sobanme, you can say so, but she hardly remembers it
sobanme (8:47:58 PM): well, thank God for the internet, so?
podlasianka1 (8:48:06 PM): yep
jecris27 (8:48:09 PM): i'll drink to that!
cosi2cg (8:48:11 PM): ooh yes.
sobanme (8:48:14 PM): Isn't it great to find so many people as obsessed as yourself?
jecris27 (8:48:18 PM): speaking of which... where's Lynn?
tunnelbrat (8:48:27 PM): We gonna drink without lyn??
mahurin10 (8:48:42 PM): Yes b/c I would still be thinking I was the only one and I wouldn't have the wonderful friends that I have now either.
jecris27 (8:48:55 PM): agreed, deb
mahurin10 (8:49:09 PM): Let's all drink one (or two) for Lynn...
podlasianka1 (8:49:18 PM): does anybody knows any true Polish BATB fans?
mkateb50 (8:49:18 PM): It's comforting to know we're not alone in this obsession
sobanme (8:49:24 PM): If only my rl friends and family would know what I'm doing at 4am in the morning...
cosi2cg (8:49:33 PM): yes I think that's the main thing that made me stay
jecris27 (8:49:44 PM): you, Asia!
cosi2cg (8:50:09 PM): otherwise reason might have won. "what ? me in a fandom"? 
jecris27 (8:50:09 PM): what country is Sylvia Palumbiny in?
podlasianka1 (8:50:12 PM): only? :(
cosi2cg (8:50:13 PM): slovakia
tunnelbrat (8:50:16 PM): Asia, keep watching the candles.. maybe another will join in
mahurin10 (8:50:22 PM): When I went to San Francisco that was so nice.  To know that you were in a room full of people who understand and don't look at you like your're crazy.
sobanme (8:50:24 PM): I think I've seen another name. Or were it you? DId you sign Marina's guestbook?
podlasianka1 (8:50:40 PM): yes
sobanme (8:50:44 PM): ach.
cosi2cg (8:50:48 PM): like the girl (monika) who joined wfol2005 today
sobanme (8:50:55 PM): slovakia
sobanme (8:51:14 PM): Also Sylvia Palumbiny is from Sloviakia.
sobanme (8:51:35 PM): Je, how did you enjoy her art?
jecris27 (8:51:52 PM): beautiful!
almostretired03 (8:51:52 PM): Where is Monika from? Slovakia?
sobanme (8:52:00 PM): yes
sobanme (8:52:25 PM): I'm seeing a lot of non Americans this year. Many more than last year.
mahurin10 (8:52:33 PM): Do we have a count as to how many countries are represented?
almostretired03 (8:52:39 PM): Were there a lot of people in the chat earlier?
jecris27 (8:52:56 PM): nope, this is the most we've had gin
mcwhorterstl (8:52:59 PM): What did I miss?
mahurin10 (8:53:02 PM): You finished dinner Christine
mcwhorterstl (8:53:07 PM): yes
jecris27 (8:53:12 PM): wb Christina
cosi2cg (8:53:18 PM): hi
mahurin10 (8:53:19 PM): So glad you could come back
jecris27 (8:53:24 PM): Asia, have you lit your candle yet?
mcwhorterstl (8:53:24 PM): thanks
almostretired03 (8:53:25 PM): Hi
sobanme (8:53:37 PM): did you get to see the videos in Annabelle Lee's website?
jecris27 (8:53:41 PM): I don't find Poland in the candle messages
mahurin10 (8:53:58 PM): Anabelle's videos are so good
cosi2cg (8:54:06 PM): oops I'll be away for a few minutes.
podlasianka1 (8:54:10 PM): you don't? it should be there
mahurin10 (8:54:17 PM): I want to try to do a video maybe for next year
almostretired03 (8:54:19 PM): I'm loving watching the candles spread across the map
havoc_cat (8:54:20 PM): Candles from 19 different countries
mcwhorterstl (8:54:21 PM): I haven't had a chance to get past the doors of the Great Hall
sobanme (8:54:28 PM): yaaa!
jecris27 (8:54:33 PM): can anyone else find it?
mahurin10 (8:54:44 PM): 19 that's great.  I knew Jeff would know that.  
mkateb50 (8:54:51 PM): Deb, were you going to show the ones you did for Kansas City?
sobanme (8:55:02 PM): ahem... you too? Want to go beyond the doors?
mahurin10 (8:55:11 PM): Can I say Sobi
mkateb50 (8:55:35 PM): Never mind.  I love a surprise
sobanme (8:55:51 PM): dontlookatme. Ask Jeff. Is it possible to post and see a slideshow?
sobanme (8:56:13 PM): I do hope.
havoc_cat (8:56:36 PM): post a slideshow where?
jecris27 (8:56:47 PM): didn't we have a powerpoint thing last year?
mahurin10 (8:56:49 PM): Anyway those were slideshows and I would like to be alble to do a video like Annabelle's or Gin's Vids
jecris27 (8:57:00 PM): with some kind of web extension, or some such?
mahurin10 (8:57:06 PM): je yes we did have one last year
tunnelbrat (8:57:11 PM):  Christine: When you get to the doors, the links are at the bottom ... they might be off your screen.
mahurin10 (8:57:36 PM): yes, I had to scroll down to see some things
mcwhorterstl (8:57:40 PM): tunnelbrat:  Oh, that's not the problem.  getting home & to the computer was the problem
tunnelbrat (8:57:49 PM): lol.. ok
jecris27 (8:57:52 PM): lol
havoc_cat (8:57:56 PM): Yes Powerpoint exports to the web.  The problem is syncing up the slides and music
mcwhorterstl (8:58:04 PM): working this weekend  :-(
jecris27 (8:58:20 PM): what does annik call her computer preventors? hyenas?
almostretired03 (8:58:30 PM): Aaaaaw
sobanme (8:58:44 PM): that's why we spread the festivities over two week ends 
mcwhorterstl (8:58:47 PM): dingoes?
sobanme (8:58:49 PM): as J'e suggested.
jecris27 (8:58:58 PM): lol
mahurin10 (8:59:00 PM): Poor Annik, she has had so many problems with her computer
jecris27 (8:59:07 PM): i know! major bummer
jecris27 (8:59:10 PM): bad timing
mcwhorterstl (8:59:30 PM): In the Buffyverse, we have dingoes
jecris27 (8:59:35 PM): lol
almostretired03 (8:59:41 PM): And I thought the hyenas were the kids trying to get to it
jecris27 (8:59:45 PM): they're australian, aren't they?
mcwhorterstl (8:59:51 PM): yes
jecris27 (8:59:53 PM): they are!
tunnelmom (9:00:23 PM): Enjoy the rest of the chat.  I have to run.  Be well all.
mcwhorterstl (9:00:31 PM): cu
jecris27 (9:00:33 PM): bye mary
almostretired03 (9:00:34 PM): Although there were moments when mine were young, dingoes would work.
jecris27 (9:00:39 PM): oh that was quick!
mkateb50 (9:00:40 PM): Night Mary
almostretired03 (9:00:51 PM): G'night Mary
podlasianka1 (9:01:07 PM): good night Mary
jecris27 (9:01:43 PM): do we want to post a transcript of this chat? (if we do, we need everyone to give permission.)
mahurin10 (9:02:01 PM): you have my permission
tunnelbrat (9:02:07 PM): and mine
podlasianka1 (9:02:09 PM): I agree
almostretired03 (9:02:11 PM): That's the chat archive?
mkateb50 (9:02:15 PM): Fine by me
havoc_cat (9:02:15 PM): Fine with me
mcwhorterstl (9:02:18 PM): For a moment, I couldn't remember why we called the computer gremlins dingoes, but now I do, but that's a different fandom.  Maybe we should blame computer mistakes & such on Arthur...
almostretired03 (9:02:20 PM): Me too
mcwhorterstl (9:02:25 PM): Ok by me
sobanme (9:02:28 PM): yes, of course
jecris27 (9:02:31 PM): ok
sobanme (9:03:03 PM): the computer gremlins have badly tried to sabotate Winterfest
tunnelbrat (9:03:06 PM): I think Arthur is a good bet
jecris27 (9:03:09 PM): lol
jecris27 (9:03:22 PM): yes, ginny, that's the chat archive
sobanme (9:03:28 PM): at one point, we were thinking that Paracelsus was behind all this.
mcwhorterstl (9:03:28 PM): they just were afraid they wouldn't be invited
almostretired03 (9:03:29 PM): I'm lookin' at Paracelsus
mcwhorterstl (9:03:52 PM): Ooh! Paracelsus!  Or his minions!
sobanme (9:04:03 PM): and perhaps he could still be.
podlasianka1 (9:04:19 PM): I don't like even this name
sobanme (9:04:24 PM): a cyber Paracelsus.
jecris27 (9:04:41 PM): lol
almostretired03 (9:04:49 PM): New virus?  Worm might be a better description.
sobanme (9:04:56 PM): here is Lynn!
jecris27 (9:05:01 PM): what's the reference to paracelsus? it's a literary one, isn't it?
mcwhorterstl (9:05:04 PM): podla: you don't like the name Paracelsus?  or minions?
jecris27 (9:05:32 PM): hi dear!
almostretired03 (9:05:38 PM): Hi Lynn
mkateb50 (9:05:43 PM): Welcome Lynn
podlasianka1 (9:05:48 PM): the name Paracelsus
mahurin10 (9:05:48 PM): Hello Lynn, we enjoyed a drink in honor of you earlier
tunnelbrat (9:05:51 PM): Lynn.. too late, we already drank everything in site..
jecris27 (9:05:54 PM): lol
jambolynn (9:05:58 PM): Hiya!
mcwhorterstl (9:06:13 PM): Hi, lynn
podlasianka1 (9:06:18 PM): hi Lynn
mahurin10 (9:06:28 PM): Lynn...how are you enjoying Winterfest
jambolynn (9:07:06 PM): I hope no one is typing, 'cause I can't see anything, except what Je types
jambolynn (9:07:17 PM): :-SS
mahurin10 (9:07:28 PM): Oh no 
jecris27 (9:07:33 PM): oh boy
mcwhorterstl (9:07:33 PM): no fair!
mcwhorterstl (9:07:38 PM): aw
sobanme (9:07:52 PM): Paracelsus gremlins.
jecris27 (9:08:16 PM): how about now, dear?
mkateb50 (9:08:27 PM): We're here.  Do you see us?
mcwhorterstl (9:08:27 PM): minions
sobanme (9:08:31 PM): what time is it over there in Japan?
mcwhorterstl (9:08:36 PM): lynn?
almostretired03 (9:08:42 PM): She could see you before. 
jambolynn (9:08:46 PM): just after noon
jecris27 (9:08:46 PM): do you see them, lynn?
jambolynn (9:08:51 PM): yes
jecris27 (9:08:57 PM): oh good!
jambolynn (9:08:58 PM): everyone say "AYE!"
jecris27 (9:08:58 PM): :-
almostretired03 (9:08:58 PM): Yaaaayy!!!!
mcwhorterstl (9:09:00 PM): yay
jecris27 (9:09:01 PM): :-D
mkateb50 (9:09:05 PM): Aye
jecris27 (9:09:07 PM): aye!
podlasianka1 (9:09:08 PM): that's good
mahurin10 (9:09:12 PM): Aye
mcwhorterstl (9:09:13 PM): Minions are eating my shift key
almostretired03 (9:09:14 PM): aye
sobanme (9:09:17 PM): okay - so we have six countries in this little chamber -- not bad, eh?
havoc_cat (9:09:23 PM): Aye
mcwhorterstl (9:09:27 PM): very cool
mahurin10 (9:09:28 PM): Not bad at all
jambolynn (9:09:38 PM): that's 3 I can see
jecris27 (9:09:41 PM): :-)
jecris27 (9:09:44 PM): only 3?
sobanme (9:09:49 PM): Japan
sobanme (9:09:51 PM): Scotland
sobanme (9:09:53 PM): France
sobanme (9:09:55 PM): Poland
sobanme (9:09:56 PM): Italy
sobanme (9:09:58 PM): USA
mahurin10 (9:09:58 PM): All brought together from the love of a wonderful show
jambolynn (9:10:04 PM): I think I probably need to add people to my friends list, before I see them
jecris27 (9:10:09 PM): ahh
jecris27 (9:10:15 PM): or else change your preferences
jambolynn (9:10:20 PM): Mary...say AYE!
mahurin10 (9:10:22 PM): Poland
sobanme (9:10:34 PM): Lynn, what time is it over there?
jambolynn (9:10:39 PM): remind me how I do that again?
jambolynn (9:10:53 PM): it's just after 12:10
mcwhorterstl (9:11:04 PM): am or pm?
mcwhorterstl (9:11:10 PM): which day?
havoc_cat (9:11:14 PM): And Canada
mkateb50 (9:11:22 PM): Mary tunnelmom left
sobanme (9:11:23 PM): SEVEN!
jecris27 (9:11:23 PM): check your preferences under Ignore List
almostretired03 (9:11:30 PM): Who's from Canada?
beatlegirls25 (9:11:37 PM): me :)
almostretired03 (9:11:48 PM): Oh hi
sobanme (9:11:53 PM): Isn't it fantastic?
jecris27 (9:11:56 PM): if it says Ignore anyone not on my friend list, check the other one
mcwhorterstl (9:12:07 PM): I'm pretty wowed
beatlegirls25 (9:12:11 PM): on phone
mkateb50 (9:12:37 PM): I'm wowed just figuring out how to do this chat stuff
sobanme (9:12:48 PM): Lynn, this year you had no problem to light your candle!
mcwhorterstl (9:12:56 PM): Me, too.  Chat usually intimidates me
sobanme (9:13:02 PM): One in Scotland, one in Japan.
jambolynn (9:13:06 PM): I can't remember where how to get to the preferences! 8-|(yes, it's so wonderful to see all these countries here!!)
jecris27 (9:13:07 PM): hehe
mcwhorterstl (9:13:13 PM): (Oh, look! Capital letters!)
jambolynn (9:13:16 PM): I know!
jecris27 (9:13:26 PM): on the friend list, messenger menu, then preferences, then ignore list
sobanme (9:13:29 PM): he he -- you learnt a lot about countries, didn't you? Like Mary B...
jambolynn (9:13:37 PM): I have short term memory loss dear
jecris27 (9:13:49 PM): lol
jambolynn (9:13:59 PM): Yes! I did! I know ever country in europe now!
jecris27 (9:14:04 PM): hehe
mkateb50 (9:14:11 PM): I had problems with just states.  Thank goodness I didn't have to do countries.
sobanme (9:14:29 PM): for the few non Wintercandlemakers here, Lynn and mkateb50 drew the maps, the magnified ones.
mahurin10 (9:14:52 PM): Great job
almostretired03 (9:15:00 PM): Well I guess you had a crash course in geography
mkateb50 (9:15:09 PM): Man countries have different names (and probably boundaries too) from when I took geography
jecris27 (9:15:12 PM): sounds like it was tedious work
jambolynn (9:15:13 PM): okay
mcwhorterstl (9:15:24 PM): They're beautiful
mkateb50 (9:15:25 PM): That's MANY countries
jambolynn (9:15:28 PM): everybody say AYE now! I think I'm in!
jambolynn (9:15:33 PM): AYE
mahurin10 (9:15:37 PM): AYE 
mkateb50 (9:15:40 PM): AYE
jecris27 (9:15:42 PM): aye
podlasianka1 (9:15:44 PM): AYE AYE
almostretired03 (9:15:45 PM): AYE
sobanme (9:15:51 PM): aie
sobanme (9:15:54 PM): aye
jambolynn (9:15:55 PM): WOOHOO! I'M IN!
havoc_cat (9:15:58 PM): Aye
sobanme (9:15:59 PM): welcome!
mcwhorterstl (9:16:01 PM): Aye?
jecris27 (9:16:08 PM): welcome! 
jecris27 (9:16:14 PM): yes, this is supposed to be the welcome chat!
jambolynn (9:16:18 PM): I can see everyone's messages now
mkateb50 (9:16:18 PM): Is that Italian for AYE?
jecris27 (9:16:28 PM): Welcome to Winterfest, everyone! :-D
jambolynn (9:16:34 PM): now we are so happy, we do the dance of joy
jecris27 (9:16:36 PM): aie is french for ouch, i think
mcwhorterstl (9:16:39 PM): Great to be here, thanks
sobanme (9:16:43 PM): Actually, I never understood what aye means.
jambolynn (9:16:45 PM): it is?
jecris27 (9:16:45 PM): =D>
jambolynn (9:16:52 PM): AYE = YES
mcwhorterstl (9:16:59 PM): Nay = No
sobanme (9:17:08 PM): I know, but why? Is it ancient?
mcwhorterstl (9:17:09 PM): when doing a voice vote
mcwhorterstl (9:17:14 PM): yes, it is
jecris27 (9:17:15 PM): it's scottish!
sobanme (9:17:21 PM): ah.
jambolynn (9:17:24 PM): I say it all the time
mcwhorterstl (9:17:25 PM): and Celtic!
jambolynn (9:17:35 PM): just wait until we meet Sobanme..
jecris27 (9:17:39 PM): hehe
jecris27 (9:17:41 PM): you should!
jecris27 (9:17:43 PM): this summer!
sobanme (9:17:45 PM): what happens then?
jecris27 (9:17:52 PM): you won't be that many countries away!
jambolynn (9:17:57 PM): lol
cosi2cg (9:18:05 PM): I'm back
jecris27 (9:18:09 PM): wb claire
jecris27 (9:18:12 PM): how's erwan?
sobanme (9:18:13 PM): olé!
jambolynn (9:18:14 PM): Hi Claire
mahurin10 (9:18:14 PM): wb claire
jambolynn (9:18:21 PM): Ole!
mcwhorterstl (9:18:21 PM): Hi, Mommy!
jambolynn (9:18:31 PM): isn't that spanish?/:)
mcwhorterstl (9:18:40 PM): How's the sweetpea?
sobanme (9:18:45 PM): yes, so what?
jambolynn (9:18:48 PM): lol
jambolynn (9:19:00 PM): I actually say that too
sobanme (9:19:10 PM): back to the maps - Jeff, last year an Italian boy lit the candle from Sicily, and the candle was in Sicily.
jambolynn (9:19:13 PM): and I'm a bit partial to "porca vacca!"
sobanme (9:19:25 PM): This year the only Italian that signed is from Roma, and the candle is in Roma.
sobanme (9:19:34 PM): it is causal though, isn't it?
sobanme (9:19:38 PM): casual.
jecris27 (9:19:47 PM): no candle in bologna?
sobanme (9:20:03 PM): not yet. I like to be the last one.
sobanme (9:20:16 PM): So last that last year I almost forgot it.
jambolynn (9:20:17 PM): is that where spaghetti bolognese was born?
sobanme (9:20:34 PM): I lit my 2004 Winterfest candle in December.
jambolynn (9:20:48 PM): /:)
jecris27 (9:20:56 PM): lol
jambolynn (9:20:58 PM): there isn't?
podlasianka1 (9:21:04 PM): no?
sobanme (9:21:09 PM): NO!
mcwhorterstl (9:21:12 PM): Soba: I'm cracking up, here!
jambolynn (9:21:14 PM): could have sworn I'd eaten it
sobanme (9:21:16 PM): spaghetti are NOT bolognese.
sobanme (9:21:27 PM): one thing is spaghetti,
jambolynn (9:21:33 PM): what's bolognese?
podlasianka1 (9:21:33 PM): but there is such name
sobanme (9:21:35 PM): one different thing is Bologna and bolognese.
sobanme (9:21:49 PM): oh, William, help me!
jambolynn (9:21:55 PM): lol
mcwhorterstl (9:21:55 PM): Give up, Soba.  
sobanme (9:22:11 PM): spaghetti is a common pasta here, very common
jecris27 (9:22:15 PM): lol
jambolynn (9:22:17 PM): Soba...is a type of noodle in Japan
jecris27 (9:22:21 PM): here too
sobanme (9:22:23 PM): but it is never dressed with a bolognese dressing.
mcwhorterstl (9:22:27 PM): Somehow, there are world traditions that trample all over other traditions
jambolynn (9:22:51 PM): what does bolognese dressing get used for?
jambolynn (9:22:55 PM): salads?
jambolynn (9:23:30 PM): what's the best spaghetti?
sobanme (9:23:33 PM): sorry, I used "dressing" because ata this time of the night I can't remember the English word for the thing that goes over the pasta to make it tasty.
cosi2cg (9:23:37 PM): it took me a moment to catch up with the messages. yes Christina, the little one is fine, with a good appetite :-)   and what did I miss... Hi Lynn, and could we please have another round of AYEs :)
jambolynn (9:23:45 PM): pasta sauce?
sobanme (9:24:00 PM): I don't know. we call it Ragù.
jecris27 (9:24:02 PM): lol
jambolynn (9:24:04 PM): ah
jecris27 (9:24:06 PM): aye1
sobanme (9:24:09 PM): aye2
cosi2cg (9:24:18 PM): aye! 
mcwhorterstl (9:24:19 PM): Ragu = sauc
almostretired03 (9:24:21 PM): aye3
jambolynn (9:24:22 PM): aye
podlasianka1 (9:24:24 PM): AYE
mcwhorterstl (9:24:27 PM): eye
mkateb50 (9:24:30 PM): aye
mkateb50 (9:24:51 PM): Somebody wake up Annette
mcwhorterstl (9:24:53 PM): and in America, sauce does NOT  = salsa
tunnelbrat (9:24:54 PM): I am working with Clare S. trying to get her through downloading YM... what are we AYE'ing?
jambolynn (9:24:54 PM): so, carbonara, would also be known as a ragu?
cosi2cg (9:24:58 PM): it's funny, it sounds like the French "ragout" (I'll spare you the circumflex accent) which is... stew.
beatlegirls25 (9:24:59 PM): on long distance
mkateb50 (9:25:15 PM): Sorry I forgot
mcwhorterstl (9:25:18 PM): actually, I think they have similar roots
mcwhorterstl (9:25:32 PM): ragout & ragu, both cooked a long time
mcwhorterstl (9:25:54 PM): Right, Sobanme?
jambolynn (9:25:58 PM): we're ayeing who's I can see and who's here
beatlegirls25 (9:26:07 PM): back now.  I see more people have added captions!  what fun
mcwhorterstl (9:26:15 PM): captions?
sobanme (9:26:19 PM): ragu is a sauce made basically of meat and tomato, which is a specialty of Bologna.
jambolynn (9:26:26 PM): ah
beatlegirls25 (9:26:39 PM): yeah, you get do add your own captions to the photos
jecris27 (9:26:40 PM): i'm getting hungry!
beatlegirls25 (9:26:42 PM): Hi Lynn
jambolynn (9:26:47 PM): Hi
mcwhorterstl (9:26:50 PM): me, too, and I just ate
sobanme (9:26:51 PM): and spaghetti is a pasta that is common everywhere, but it is not traditional in bologna.
jecris27 (9:26:51 PM): i didn't get to eat nearly enough things in italy!
sobanme (9:27:00 PM): So, spaghetti bolognese does not exist.
beatlegirls25 (9:27:01 PM): why not?
jecris27 (9:27:06 PM): only there 2 days!
jambolynn (9:27:09 PM): well, you just had an Italian cooking lesson dear, so get to it! ;-)
sobanme (9:27:09 PM): End of the digression, back to B&B.
mcwhorterstl (9:27:09 PM): one never does get to eat nearl enough things in Italy
beatlegirls25 (9:27:13 PM): oh 2 bad
jecris27 (9:27:15 PM): lol
jecris27 (9:27:20 PM): lol
mahurin10 (9:27:21 PM): Christine...Caption this is one of the games in the great hall.  You add your own caption to a picture from the show
mcwhorterstl (9:27:36 PM): Oh, those captions!
beatlegirls25 (9:27:37 PM): they are so much fun
mahurin10 (9:27:49 PM): They can get very interesting at times
cosi2cg (9:27:57 PM): if I remember one thing from this night, that will have to be it. Spaghetti bolognese does not exist. I'm gonna stun a few people here with the news.
jecris27 (9:28:06 PM): lol
beatlegirls25 (9:28:12 PM): who is responsible for them?  how do we find out what rating they can be?
jambolynn (9:28:14 PM): lol
jecris27 (9:28:27 PM): i say go for it!
jecris27 (9:28:31 PM): ;-)
beatlegirls25 (9:28:38 PM): ok :d
jecris27 (9:28:42 PM): so long as it's funny!
beatlegirls25 (9:28:46 PM): well sure!
mahurin10 (9:28:53 PM): Yeah, you could add a caution at the beginning of your caption if you wanted
beatlegirls25 (9:29:04 PM): oh man, I'm really going to go for it  then :d
jecris27 (9:29:07 PM): there's a good idea!
jambolynn (9:29:23 PM): I prefer the "shock" factor  ;-)
beatlegirls25 (9:29:25 PM): I don't mean that explicit, gang
jecris27 (9:29:26 PM): lol
beatlegirls25 (9:29:33 PM): LOL, Lynn
jecris27 (9:29:41 PM): can't be worse than the stuff my son plays on his computer
beatlegirls25 (9:29:47 PM): :d
sobanme (9:29:50 PM): have you seen Annik's one about that famous pic of V+C?
jambolynn (9:29:51 PM): he he
mcwhorterstl (9:30:03 PM): which famous pic?
sobanme (9:30:19 PM): the one they are upside down, faces close.
mahurin10 (9:30:22 PM): Haven't see it
jambolynn (9:30:32 PM): I love that pic
mcwhorterstl (9:30:32 PM): no
jambolynn (9:30:37 PM): do tell...
jambolynn (9:30:43 PM): is t in the captions?
sobanme (9:30:54 PM): yes
cosi2cg (9:31:00 PM): yes; go have a look
jecris27 (9:31:17 PM): rofl!
jecris27 (9:31:30 PM): annik using a pseudonym, is she?
jambolynn (9:31:32 PM): oki doki...if I can remember how to get there...trochles off...
sobanme (9:31:42 PM): Annik and Deb chose the pics for the captions. I'm sure Annik volunteered just to be able to chose that pic and write that caption. ha!
mcwhorterstl (9:31:45 PM): I'm coming with you!
jecris27 (9:31:49 PM): lol
beatlegirls25 (9:31:49 PM): Vincent, when I said I wanted to lie cheek to cheek with you, I was hoping we'd be lying in the same direction.
sobanme (9:32:04 PM): gooood!
jecris27 (9:32:13 PM): no no, this one's better!
jecris27 (9:32:14 PM): "Vincent, I can tell you've been doing some reading, and I do appreciate the effort... but... are you certain this is what that number stands for?"
jecris27 (9:32:26 PM): annik's, yes?
sobanme (9:32:30 PM): yes
mcwhorterstl (9:32:39 PM): Or: "Well, it's a start."
beatlegirls25 (9:32:41 PM): um, I don't quite get that one, am I dumb or what?
jecris27 (9:32:50 PM): :-))
sobanme (9:32:54 PM): he he he he...
beatlegirls25 (9:33:00 PM): you mean 69?
cosi2cg (9:33:03 PM): yes
jecris27 (9:33:03 PM): yes!
beatlegirls25 (9:33:06 PM): oh ok
sobanme (9:33:40 PM): okay, we are slowly slipping in the gutter, aren't we?
jecris27 (9:33:48 PM): of course!
beatlegirls25 (9:33:54 PM): yahoo!
mahurin10 (9:33:58 PM): I think we have mostly gutter people here
jambolynn (9:34:01 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What a rascal!
jecris27 (9:34:09 PM): lol
mcwhorterstl (9:34:16 PM): gutter, tunnel, theyre similar
mcwhorterstl (9:34:43 PM): One leads to the other
beatlegirls25 (9:34:47 PM): :))
mkateb50 (9:34:57 PM): And our gutter mom is with us!
jecris27 (9:35:08 PM): lol
jambolynn (9:35:15 PM): <--- whistles and ooks around
mkateb50 (9:35:26 PM): Look in the mirror, girl
jambolynn (9:35:49 PM): 'tis a fine place! ;-)
mkateb50 (9:36:00 PM): 'tisa fine place, indeed!
jambolynn (9:36:18 PM): Even Elizabeth came in the other day for a latte 
sobanme (9:36:23 PM): Jeff, we definited need that ribald eCard.
sobanme (9:36:43 PM): and maybe some more.
mkateb50 (9:36:46 PM): Now that we could really get some great captions for
jecris27 (9:36:56 PM): yeah, it was great
beatlegirls25 (9:37:07 PM): the photo of "red" Vincent with wild hair reminds me of Hellboy
jambolynn (9:37:12 PM): oh yes, that was fab
jambolynn (9:37:19 PM): I love that word!
jambolynn (9:37:24 PM): "ribald"
sobanme (9:37:30 PM): ribald? YES
beatlegirls25 (9:37:30 PM): :d
mcwhorterstl (9:37:30 PM): me, too
jambolynn (9:37:31 PM): has a certain ring to it
havoc_cat (9:37:38 PM): I thought I'd put it in the loony bin
jecris27 (9:37:42 PM): lol
sobanme (9:37:44 PM): it's the same in Italian. Ribaldo.
jecris27 (9:37:46 PM): do you have the link handy?
jecris27 (9:37:53 PM): let's post it here
mcwhorterstl (9:37:56 PM): I can never decide which syllable to put the accent on
jecris27 (9:38:07 PM): i thought it went on the first one
jambolynn (9:38:59 PM): Ribaaaaaaaaaaaaaaldo!
mcwhorterstl (9:39:13 PM): good name for a dog
jambolynn (9:39:16 PM): RL...back in a bit
jecris27 (9:39:19 PM): lol
beatlegirls25 (9:39:26 PM): Je, did you know alohahelper was just online?  gone off now
jecris27 (9:39:31 PM): no
beatlegirls25 (9:39:52 PM): that's 2 bad, maybe she couldn't stay anyway
havoc_cat (9:40:01 PM): http://www.beautyandthebeast-tv.com/jeff/givingherthecandle.gif
jecris27 (9:40:06 PM): i don't have her on my list, i don't think. is alohahelper her yahoo id?
jecris27 (9:40:42 PM): thanks, jeff!
sobanme (9:41:02 PM): Alohahelper, that is Linda Wong, wrote me offlist and I told her we were chatting, but she did not reply.
jecris27 (9:41:19 PM): ok
jecris27 (9:41:22 PM): i put her on my list
sobanme (9:41:25 PM): and Linda Wong is the one all of us have to thank for the FANTASTIC treat we are going to post tomorrow.
mahurin10 (9:41:45 PM): YEEEYYYYY
sobanme (9:41:49 PM): When you see that, think that she scanned all of it.
mcwhorterstl (9:41:57 PM): Lil Boy came running into the parlor, stood in the middle & hopped up & down many times, flapping his hands & whooping, and now he's run off.  And I will never know what that was all about...
jecris27 (9:42:13 PM): lol
mkateb50 (9:42:32 PM): how old is Lil Boy
sobanme (9:42:39 PM): And now, ladies and gentleman, I HATE to say it, but if I don't go bed now, I'll not be asleep in time to wake up.
jecris27 (9:42:48 PM): night, dear
sobanme (9:42:49 PM): good... night?
jecris27 (9:42:57 PM): nearly 5 am again?
sobanme (9:43:02 PM): yes.
mkateb50 (9:43:06 PM): Sleep well.
sobanme (9:43:09 PM): everything for Winterfest.
mcwhorterstl (9:43:11 PM): good night
jambolynn (9:43:14 PM): goodnight Sobanme
cosi2cg (9:43:16 PM): good night
jambolynn (9:43:23 PM): or goos morning
havoc_cat (9:43:23 PM): Good night
mcwhorterstl (9:43:25 PM): Lil Boy is 8
mahurin10 (9:43:27 PM): Sleep well Sobanme
sobanme (9:43:29 PM): Chan, Je, will you holler when you wake up tomorrow?
jambolynn (9:43:30 PM): sleep all day
mkateb50 (9:43:30 PM): Sounds like the cast of Sound of Music
podlasianka1 (9:43:31 PM): good night sobanme
jecris27 (9:43:36 PM): lol
jecris27 (9:43:38 PM): yup
beatlegirls25 (9:43:38 PM): take care, Sobanme
cosi2cg (9:43:45 PM): same time here...I should sleep too but I'm too excited
mahurin10 (9:43:48 PM): Or the waltons
beatlegirls25 (9:43:54 PM): :d
jecris27 (9:43:55 PM): hehe
jambolynn (9:43:55 PM): stay off that espresso!!
mcwhorterstl (9:44:00 PM): heh
sobanme (9:44:07 PM): Winterfest is MADE of espresso.
beatlegirls25 (9:44:10 PM): Will this be put into the chat archive, Je?
jecris27 (9:44:11 PM): lol
sobanme (9:44:11 PM): Chan?
jecris27 (9:44:13 PM): yes
jecris27 (9:44:15 PM): tomorrow
beatlegirls25 (9:44:18 PM): :)
sobanme (9:44:27 PM): Okay, ciao a tutti.
mcwhorterstl (9:44:32 PM): ciao
beatlegirls25 (9:44:55 PM): ok, in that case time to hit the hay, also for me.  Going to the States early tomorrow.  This has been fun!
jecris27 (9:45:04 PM): hi angela
beatlegirls25 (9:45:05 PM): Hi Angela
dilliedallie27 (9:45:07 PM): hi
jecris27 (9:45:09 PM): night Annette
mkateb50 (9:45:09 PM): Welcome Angela
mahurin10 (9:45:12 PM): I have to get ready for work.  I have to go in at 11
mkateb50 (9:45:19 PM): Travel safe Annette
podlasianka1 (9:45:19 PM): hi Angela
dilliedallie27 (9:45:26 PM): hi
mahurin10 (9:45:26 PM): Welcome angela
jecris27 (9:45:27 PM): bye deb
mahurin10 (9:45:31 PM): Goodnight Annette
cosi2cg (9:45:33 PM): j'e i wasn't there when you asked but naturally the archive is ok with me too... 
beatlegirls25 (9:45:36 PM): thanks everyone, take good care, goodnite Deb
jecris27 (9:45:43 PM): oh good, thanks
cosi2cg (9:45:43 PM): hi Angela.
mcwhorterstl (9:45:48 PM): 'nite Annette
dilliedallie27 (9:45:49 PM): so how's everyone doing?
mahurin10 (9:45:51 PM): Goodnite all see you all in the Am.
jecris27 (9:46:06 PM): good
mkateb50 (9:46:08 PM): See you tomorrow Deb.
mahurin10 (9:46:24 PM): cosi, I will look and see if I have that pic anywhere in my computer, but I think I deleted all of them
mahurin10 (9:46:37 PM): Thanks all.  It's been great to be with friends.
jecris27 (9:46:37 PM): angela, we were planning to post a transcript of this chat. is that ok with you?
dilliedallie27 (9:46:53 PM): sure. no problem here. :)
jecris27 (9:46:58 PM): good. thanks.
cosi2cg (9:47:16 PM): Deb if you can't find it I'll display the smallish one + the "plain" text from the Word document
mkateb50 (9:47:16 PM): Were you at Winterfest last year, Angela
dilliedallie27 (9:47:41 PM): yeah, parts of it anyway.  It's kindof hard when I work afternoons.
mahurin10 (9:47:44 PM): OK...good nite all
jambolynn (9:47:46 PM): DEb, tips on getting barium out the system?
jecris27 (9:47:58 PM): shudder
mkateb50 (9:48:10 PM): Sit on that electric contraption of yours
mcwhorterstl (9:48:11 PM): lynn, is that a caption?
jambolynn (9:48:15 PM): lol
jecris27 (9:48:18 PM): lol
jambolynn (9:48:25 PM): oki doki
mahurin10 (9:48:29 PM): Stool softeners.  Be careful that stuff turns to concrete.  If the stool softners and lots of water don't work then I'd go for a laxative
mkateb50 (9:48:55 PM): This group covers it all
jecris27 (9:48:59 PM): lol
mahurin10 (9:49:12 PM): No secrets among these friends
mkateb50 (9:49:16 PM): Stay with us Angela, we eventually get back to BATB
jecris27 (9:49:21 PM): lol
jambolynn (9:49:24 PM): oki doki
dilliedallie27 (9:49:27 PM): It's okay.  
mahurin10 (9:49:29 PM): the first time I wrote secrets I wrote secretes 
jambolynn (9:49:32 PM): I had a couple of pills yesterday
jambolynn (9:49:42 PM): had me running like the revi fountain
mkateb50 (9:49:49 PM): I thought you were saying it in french
jecris27 (9:49:59 PM): lol
mahurin10 (9:50:08 PM): Good deal maybe it will all come out them.  That stuff is bad news
mkateb50 (9:50:34 PM): Prune juice, or for me, coffee has the same effect
mahurin10 (9:50:45 PM): Good nite all have to go help deliver babies
dilliedallie27 (9:50:58 PM): You might also try apple juice or any other type of juice.
jecris27 (9:50:59 PM): have fun, deb
mcwhorterstl (9:51:00 PM): make 'em pretty, amhurin!
jecris27 (9:51:04 PM): lol
mahurin10 (9:51:16 PM): I will check in on the work computer during the night if I can
mcwhorterstl (9:51:21 PM): Lord, I can't type.  No, wait.  Its the minions!
jecris27 (9:51:34 PM): lol
almostretired03 (9:51:36 PM): Sheesh I leave the room for a couple of minutes and the subject changes drastically.  LOL
mkateb50 (9:51:50 PM): Give us the names of the babies you deliver tonight later on
mahurin10 (9:52:03 PM): chris...sometimes you just have piss poor protoplasm to start with, but I'll do my best.
mahurin10 (9:52:14 PM): mkate...OK
jecris27 (9:52:15 PM): rofl
mcwhorterstl (9:52:17 PM): oh, man, that was my mantra today
mahurin10 (9:52:41 PM): Will try to make the chat tomorrow.
mkateb50 (9:53:14 PM): Next topic
mcwhorterstl (9:53:14 PM): Had a guy come in today with an overdose.  I used his given name, he said "Call me 'Pills'".
jecris27 (9:53:28 PM): oh boy
mcwhorterstl (9:53:51 PM): Yeah, he's got a real good chance of getting off drugs.  Not
mkateb50 (9:54:50 PM): Obviously that wasn't his "rock bottom"
mcwhorterstl (9:55:13 PM): or at least not his latest
jecris27 (9:55:27 PM): perhaps we should try a more cheerful topic...
jecris27 (9:55:56 PM): i'm too tired to think of any though
jecris27 (9:55:57 PM): lol
jecris27 (9:56:43 PM): so...
mkateb50 (9:56:46 PM): I think we're all with you.  We just don't have the will to give up and go to sleep.
jecris27 (9:56:54 PM): Is Mouse bringing Arthur this year?
jecris27 (9:56:58 PM): lol
almostretired03 (9:57:11 PM): Sleep?
mcwhorterstl (9:57:11 PM): we can't have WF without Arthur!
dilliedallie27 (9:57:18 PM): Well if he does, he better keep him away from William's feast. LOL
jecris27 (9:57:21 PM): lol
almostretired03 (9:57:24 PM): Of course we can't
cosi2cg (9:57:29 PM): I should sleep... I'll say goodnight. see you tomorrow. Mmm... a whole week of this is a luxury.
jecris27 (9:57:45 PM): night claire
dilliedallie27 (9:57:48 PM): night
jecris27 (9:57:48 PM): or good morning, as the case may be
jambolynn (9:57:53 PM): I hear Vincent's rock hard buns, are just as rock hard as ever ;-)
mkateb50 (9:57:55 PM): Sleep well, Claire
jecris27 (9:57:58 PM): hehe
almostretired03 (9:57:59 PM): Goodnight, Claire
mcwhorterstl (9:58:11 PM): nite, cosi
tunnelbrat (9:58:32 PM): Je.. who did the wallpaper again?
jecris27 (9:58:38 PM): corinne
almostretired03 (9:58:39 PM): He's apparently aging well - or is that wells?
cosi2cg (9:58:44 PM): 'curiosity makes me stay one more minute to see what Lynn will say next...
tunnelbrat (9:58:46 PM): thanks
jecris27 (9:58:51 PM): lol
jecris27 (9:59:03 PM): np
mkateb50 (9:59:09 PM): She just said that so you would have GREAT dreams.
cosi2cg (9:59:16 PM): ok !!
jecris27 (9:59:27 PM): damn! i wish that would affect my dreams that way!
jambolynn (10:00:33 PM): he he
jambolynn (10:00:44 PM): gimme a mo
mkateb50 (10:00:56 PM): How come the little faces with names stay on the site bar even when people have left
jambolynn (10:01:01 PM): my daughter just brought half of Hashimoto home for lunch
jecris27 (10:01:07 PM): yahoo weirdness...
jambolynn (10:01:08 PM): my feezer is under pressure
mkateb50 (10:01:10 PM): that's supposed to be side bar
jecris27 (10:01:19 PM): lol
jecris27 (10:01:37 PM): school's not back in yet, in japan
almostretired03 (10:02:40 PM): Does it close for Christmas, winter holidays, New year...what?
mcwhorterstl (10:02:50 PM): what's for lunch?
jecris27 (10:02:58 PM): that's a question for lynn, but i think they're off about 3 weeks
jecris27 (10:04:14 PM): running out of conversation again, are we? let's see... shall we try some old standbys?
jecris27 (10:04:21 PM): what's your favorite batb episode?
dilliedallie27 (10:04:36 PM): Too many. LOL
jecris27 (10:04:47 PM): yes, too many to pick just one
mcwhorterstl (10:04:53 PM): I'm still crusing the captions
jecris27 (10:04:57 PM): i like Orphans
dilliedallie27 (10:04:57 PM): I forgot there's no such thing as too many. LOL
mcwhorterstl (10:05:03 PM): and trying to get Lil Boy to go to bed
jecris27 (10:06:08 PM): well... if a batb question doesn't spark converstion, I think we're about done for the night
jecris27 (10:06:11 PM): What say you?
dilliedallie27 (10:06:16 PM): Mine is Dead Of Winter.  Not as violent as others.
jecris27 (10:06:35 PM): Shades of Grey is one of my faves too
mcwhorterstl (10:06:39 PM): I like the Bluebird
podlasianka1 (10:06:44 PM): I like Orphans the most
mkateb50 (10:07:05 PM): I'd say they aren't ready for bedtime.
jecris27 (10:07:12 PM): lol
jecris27 (10:07:17 PM): apparently not!
almostretired03 (10:07:57 PM): I like Everything is Everything, - and all of the Above...and :)
jecris27 (10:08:22 PM): A Fair and Perfect Knight
jecris27 (10:08:35 PM): and Ozymandias
jecris27 (10:08:43 PM): The Elliot eps are good
mcwhorterstl (10:08:52 PM): Now I have the problem of not explaining some of these captiosn to Lil Boy
mcwhorterstl (10:09:02 PM): I liked it better when he couldn't read
mcwhorterstl (10:09:19 PM): I have a soft spot for Elliott
jambolynn (10:09:27 PM): sorry, running behind here..." Bluebird" is my fave epi
jecris27 (10:09:56 PM): how many are you having for lunch?
jambolynn (10:10:03 PM): three! LOL
almostretired03 (10:10:12 PM): The little box in the status bar says voice conference so I turned the volume up from the nearly nothing where I usually keep it to see if there were voices. Then Yahoo let me know I had an email -- with sound. I've just extracted the last fingernail from the ceiling. 
jambolynn (10:10:22 PM): they're all settled with their nosh
almostretired03 (10:10:41 PM): Now I remember why the sound is off most of the time.
jecris27 (10:10:44 PM): lol
tunnelbrat (10:10:52 PM): LOL ... that's why i don't have my speakers on
jambolynn (10:11:01 PM): he he
dilliedallie27 (10:11:20 PM): LOL
tunnelbrat (10:11:23 PM): I have had my head and brain in the computer so much lately that the phone makes me jump
tunnelbrat (10:11:38 PM): mmm... head and brain... i think i need to go to bed
jambolynn (10:11:47 PM): lol
tunnelbrat (10:11:53 PM): evidently i can't concentrate anymore
jambolynn (10:12:10 PM): I meant to ask you Chan
mcwhorterstl (10:12:10 PM): It's nice when you can keep them stored in the same plac
jecris27 (10:12:17 PM): lol
tunnelbrat (10:12:21 PM): (with either of them.. .. so that's a real problem :)
jecris27 (10:12:22 PM): :-))
jambolynn (10:12:31 PM): did you go through that weird tunnel in Detroit airport?
jecris27 (10:12:36 PM): i get silly when i'm tired...
mkateb50 (10:12:42 PM): I just tucked three in and went out to check on the cats.  YUK  they had bird for desert.  Feathers everywhere.  
tunnelbrat (10:12:47 PM): i evidently get stupid
mcwhorterstl (10:12:57 PM): that's an airport I'ver never been to
tunnelbrat (10:13:03 PM): Lynn... yes.. i took pictures
jambolynn (10:13:10 PM): I don't need to get tired to get stupid
jambolynn (10:13:16 PM): me too
jecris27 (10:13:17 PM): who was it last year who was so great with the captions....
jecris27 (10:13:23 PM): laura?
jambolynn (10:13:30 PM): it was 'different'
tunnelbrat (10:13:42 PM): Lynn was the fountain working when you were there?
almostretired03 (10:13:48 PM): I don't remember, but I hpe she comes back
jecris27 (10:14:18 PM): me too!
jambolynn (10:14:25 PM): I can't rewmember, I just remember weird music and kinda psychadelic colours
mcwhorterstl (10:14:36 PM): brb
havoc_cat (10:15:00 PM): Well, I need to get going.  Good Night everybody
almostretired03 (10:15:01 PM): brb?
jecris27 (10:15:05 PM): night jeff
tunnelbrat (10:15:06 PM): the fountain is in the main terminal ... it has the leaping water... to music
almostretired03 (10:15:20 PM): Goodnight Jeff
tunnelbrat (10:15:31 PM): dancing water
tunnelbrat (10:15:45 PM): BRB= Be right back
jambolynn (10:15:53 PM): I must have missed it
mkateb50 (10:15:59 PM): Night Jeff, sleep well
almostretired03 (10:16:07 PM): Oh Br right back. Yep. It's time to sleep.
tunnelbrat (10:16:10 PM): it evidently breaks down alot.
jambolynn (10:16:30 PM): maybe it wasn't working at the time
jambolynn (10:16:37 PM): probably that was it
almostretired03 (10:16:38 PM): Sheesh. Not only can't I remember it. I can't even spell it.
tunnelbrat (10:16:44 PM): I am going to update the great hall with what I have.... I am sure Sobi will have a ton of thing i missed. :)
jecris27 (10:17:04 PM): lol
jecris27 (10:17:12 PM): no doubt. she's pretty thorough
tunnelbrat (10:17:24 PM): and I need her to be :)
jecris27 (10:17:32 PM): yes, it's good :-)
jambolynn (10:18:14 PM): Mary? are you awake?
jecris27 (10:18:21 PM): Shall we break up this party?
mkateb50 (10:18:21 PM): Sure
mkateb50 (10:18:32 PM): Sure I'm awake
jambolynn (10:18:33 PM): Mary!
jambolynn (10:18:35 PM): lol
tunnelbrat (10:18:40 PM):  at the convention where Koslow picked one of my pieces of art... i was flying so hi.. I drew a pic/cartoon of me flying and JoAnn Grant holding on to my string like a balloon.. she kept track of me at that one
jecris27 (10:18:44 PM): tunnelmom is gone, dear, if that's the mary you're looking for
jambolynn (10:18:48 PM): I was wondering who that id was! LOLO
jambolynn (10:19:07 PM): ah
jecris27 (10:19:15 PM): cool!
mkateb50 (10:19:17 PM): It's my secret identity
jambolynn (10:19:20 PM): lol
mkateb50 (10:19:59 PM): Did Koslow buy it?
tunnelbrat (10:20:18 PM): hell no.. i pulled it from the auction and GAVE it to the man
jecris27 (10:20:44 PM): :-)
jambolynn (10:20:48 PM): what was it?
mkateb50 (10:20:52 PM): Way to go
jambolynn (10:21:02 PM): sculpture? pic?
tunnelbrat (10:21:10 PM): We sent it to him... i heard about it after the fact
jambolynn (10:21:12 PM): or something else?
tunnelbrat (10:21:17 PM): from the artroom director
tunnelbrat (10:21:27 PM): I have a nice thank you from him.
tunnelbrat (10:21:32 PM): that was the worst time of my life
jecris27 (10:22:03 PM): why the worst?
jambolynn (10:22:05 PM): you are a woman of many talents, and master of them all!
tunnelbrat (10:22:20 PM): pic... pilot... where V was helping C jump the pipe in the tunnel "You can do it"
jambolynn (10:22:28 PM): ah
tunnelbrat (10:22:41 PM): worst.. because I was emotionally bombarded all weekend...sick as a dog
tunnelbrat (10:23:04 PM): that and the wild lights of the casino, the smoke and my blooming headache. :)
tunnelbrat (10:23:12 PM): and i wasn't drinking
jecris27 (10:23:37 PM): goodness. does sound intense
tunnelbrat (10:24:01 PM): PSNim bought one of my pieces in auction... Koslow liked my work... I had 5 pieces go to auction... this in a year after my first convention
tunnelbrat (10:24:29 PM): too much too fast... bowled me over.
jecris27 (10:24:35 PM): ahh
jecris27 (10:24:52 PM): what year? was the show still on?
tunnelbrat (10:25:11 PM): um.. no.. it was the third convention... Las Vegas
tunnelbrat (10:25:20 PM): um.... 92 maybe?
jecris27 (10:25:26 PM): ok
jecris27 (10:25:54 PM): the 3s unplesantness still pretty new then
almostretired03 (10:26:05 PM): Sounds successful, even if intense. 
jambolynn (10:26:18 PM): I can't stand smoke filled rooms
jecris27 (10:26:19 PM): yeah
tunnelbrat (10:26:24 PM): just the year before i was grabbing people and hanging on as they walked by... trying to find my group... yes.. the 3S was the big reason i leaped into fandom
jecris27 (10:26:51 PM): yeah, it needed fixing all right
tunnelbrat (10:26:59 PM): exactly
tunnelbrat (10:27:15 PM): actually 3S was a sort of blessing in a weird way
tunnelbrat (10:27:31 PM): do you think as many of us would be here if not for the need of resolution?
jecris27 (10:27:35 PM): nope
jecris27 (10:27:36 PM): i agree
almostretired03 (10:27:43 PM): We probably wouldn't all be her if we weren't still trying to fix it.
jambolynn (10:27:45 PM): I agree with that
jecris27 (10:27:50 PM): kinda of a painful blessing though!
tunnelbrat (10:27:58 PM): yes.. very painful
jambolynn (10:28:24 PM): it was awful
dilliedallie27 (10:28:39 PM): No matter how painful it was, it's you that helps us "younger" fans find the way.  :)
jecris27 (10:28:39 PM): yeah
tunnelbrat (10:28:56 PM): I have never had anything hit me so hard, so intently
tunnelbrat (10:29:15 PM): intensely?... shoot can't spell either
tunnelbrat (10:29:45 PM): still not a day goes by that isn't filled with the show
dilliedallie27 (10:30:03 PM): I know how that is.
jambolynn (10:30:07 PM): I don't knw why they couldn't have just given us a happy ending at the end of the 2nd season
almostretired03 (10:30:07 PM): I'm impressed that younger fans can still find it. I can't find it anywhere on TV anymore.
jecris27 (10:30:39 PM): i wish it would come on dvd
jambolynn (10:30:51 PM): but as you said about 3s...
dilliedallie27 (10:30:59 PM): I was a fan since I was 12.  I just bought my first computer a couple years ago, and BatB was the very first search I did. :)
dilliedallie27 (10:31:18 PM): That's how I happened to come across it.
almostretired03 (10:31:34 PM): I think they had convinced themselves they could change the show that much and not make so many people as hurt and angry as they did.
almostretired03 (10:32:01 PM): Somebody said the same thing earlier Angela
jecris27 (10:32:26 PM): well i think... $-)
jecris27 (10:32:37 PM): had their priorities messed up
jambolynn (10:32:39 PM): lol
almostretired03 (10:32:46 PM): Me, too.
tunnelbrat (10:32:55 PM): I see alot of ppl on diviant art saying "I loved that show"... when they were 10 or so
jecris27 (10:32:58 PM): they created something larger than themselves
jecris27 (10:33:06 PM): and then went and ruined it
tunnelbrat (10:33:07 PM): i sent a few invitations to some
tunnelbrat (10:33:55 PM): I'm sure they thought they were trying to save it.  I can't blame them... but it sure didn't work.
mkateb50 (10:33:55 PM): So what is it that keeps us here, gets into our blood and won't let go
dilliedallie27 (10:34:30 PM): I know with me, it's the acceptance.
jambolynn (10:34:37 PM): It's "special" Mary
tunnelbrat (10:34:38 PM): My theory is that it hit only the ones that needed it in some way... it "spoke" to only certain ones
mkateb50 (10:34:50 PM): YES
jecris27 (10:34:53 PM): it's the relationship between them.. against all odds, yadda yadda
almostretired03 (10:35:03 PM): That's it.
podlasianka1 (10:35:06 PM): it definitly "spoke" to me
jecris27 (10:35:10 PM): definitely
jecris27 (10:35:15 PM): deeply
podlasianka1 (10:35:39 PM): made to change sth in life
jecris27 (10:35:52 PM): yes
mkateb50 (10:36:05 PM): And look what we have now...friendships that we never could have imagined, that go far beyond the show.
jecris27 (10:36:17 PM): indeed
tunnelbrat (10:36:19 PM): the great hall is updated http://www.beautyandthebeast-tv.com/winterfest/greathall/
tunnelbrat (10:36:34 PM): I had never taken art seriously
mkateb50 (10:37:00 PM): Why?
tunnelbrat (10:37:14 PM): but i *had* to draw  (which i did in the bathroom... hence, no coming out of the closet.. unless it was the water closet....mmmm?)
jambolynn (10:37:22 PM): I'd never written saucy poetry before
jambolynn (10:37:24 PM): in fact
jambolynn (10:37:34 PM): I'd never written *anything* before
jecris27 (10:37:44 PM): i'd never really written before either
dilliedallie27 (10:37:57 PM): Same here, I'm still struggling with it, but it's coming along. :)
jecris27 (10:37:57 PM): apart from work things, of course
almostretired03 (10:37:58 PM): The tunnels even echoed that against all odds feeling. The third season killed the hope that came with the relationship. 
jecris27 (10:38:09 PM): yeah :-(
dilliedallie27 (10:38:11 PM): writing that is.  :)
almostretired03 (10:38:30 PM): I'd never written anything before, either. Had no idea I could.
tunnelbrat (10:38:32 PM): why not seriously?  Because it was just a thing i could do: bulletin boards, church banners... Yawn.  Nothing that I wanted to do
mkateb50 (10:39:03 PM): So, it gave you a safe place to explore your talents, your desires?
jecris27 (10:39:08 PM): an unvalued gift?
podlasianka1 (10:39:10 PM): I never before thought I fould find books so interesting as now
tunnelbrat (10:39:26 PM): an unvalued gift, big time
jecris27 (10:39:45 PM): and batb gave it value
tunnelbrat (10:40:00 PM): no.. it gave me pain
tunnelbrat (10:40:12 PM): THEN it gave me value
jecris27 (10:40:12 PM): damn
almostretired03 (10:40:30 PM): And more confidence?
tunnelbrat (10:40:30 PM): all my pictures at first were gloom
jecris27 (10:40:34 PM): well, good end result then
tunnelbrat (10:40:45 PM): yes.. it lead to the job i have no.. and a very different me
jecris27 (10:40:54 PM): fascinating
tunnelbrat (10:40:54 PM): one that scared my hubby for a while
jecris27 (10:41:02 PM): change can be hard
mkateb50 (10:41:07 PM): and scary
jecris27 (10:41:11 PM): yeah
tunnelbrat (10:41:11 PM): confident... might not need him any more
jecris27 (10:41:44 PM): the show that changes lives...
tunnelbrat (10:41:56 PM): I would NEVER have jumped on a plane alone to go to a place where I knew no one
mkateb50 (10:42:15 PM): I hear that
jecris27 (10:42:43 PM): been there, done that too. except i'd met people online before.
jambolynn (10:42:48 PM): I don't think I would have either
jecris27 (10:42:49 PM): still, kinda scary
tunnelbrat (10:43:08 PM): and I came back knowing i would go to every one as long as they were going on
mkateb50 (10:43:11 PM): I wanted to go to New York so much.  My first con.  Talked my sister into going with me.  And I was 50 year old.
jecris27 (10:43:28 PM): :-) sigh
tunnelbrat (10:44:00 PM): I fell in love with NYC
mkateb50 (10:44:08 PM): Me too.
almostretired03 (10:44:12 PM): If there's one in 2007 I expect to meet all your smiling faces there.
dilliedallie27 (10:44:18 PM): I was going to go to San. Fran. had everything ready to go (including the suitcase packed 2 months in advance. LOL), but it didn't work you.  
mkateb50 (10:44:21 PM): Definitely
mkateb50 (10:44:26 PM): We missed you so.
tunnelbrat (10:44:42 PM): hey... I ran back there as soon as i got bumped and had a free flight this summer
mkateb50 (10:44:53 PM): Hoped you would have been able to make Kansas City
mkateb50 (10:45:39 PM): My niece lives and works in New York.  I keep telling her --- someday
tunnelbrat (10:45:59 PM): I have learned  to make it sooner than someday
dilliedallie27 (10:46:02 PM): The only problem is, we fill out our vacation papers in Feb. for the next year.  Then we don't know until March/April if we get the weeks we wanted.  It's really hard to plan. 
tunnelbrat (10:46:51 PM): Thank goodness Aurea is there and I have a place to "land"
jambolynn (10:47:02 PM): he he
mkateb50 (10:47:02 PM): How is she doing?
tunnelbrat (10:47:34 PM): in pain... constantly
tunnelbrat (10:47:56 PM): falls alot
jecris27 (10:48:26 PM): oh no
tunnelbrat (10:48:27 PM): but she is a hoot... keeps right on going.
jecris27 (10:48:37 PM): full of fire, that one
tunnelbrat (10:48:43 PM): wraps up from head to toe in braces and off she goes
mkateb50 (10:48:54 PM): Tough as nails
tunnelbrat (10:48:56 PM): watch that walker in a crowd
tunnelbrat (10:49:36 PM): for sure
mkateb50 (10:50:08 PM): Is anyone planning on going on the Vermont Vacation this summer?
tunnelbrat (10:50:18 PM): I sure hope i am going
almostretired03 (10:50:28 PM): Is that B&B related?
mkateb50 (10:50:30 PM): Yes
mkateb50 (10:50:38 PM): Replaces the convention
tunnelbrat (10:50:40 PM): don't have a free ticket now (lol) and i am retiring, so money will be tight
jambolynn (10:50:46 PM): unfortunately, I'll be in  Scotland
mkateb50 (10:51:05 PM): Maybe we'll just keep on going across the water
jambolynn (10:51:18 PM): yes!
mkateb50 (10:51:36 PM): Wouldn't that be a hoot?  Touring Scotland with you!
jambolynn (10:51:41 PM): lol
tunnelbrat (10:51:56 PM): I would love it
jecris27 (10:52:06 PM): one day...
jambolynn (10:52:16 PM): yes
mkateb50 (10:52:31 PM): I'm thinking we meet in the midwest and take a bus back east.
almostretired03 (10:52:38 PM): I retired at 55. That and the year 2000 seemed like two nice round numbers calling to one another.  Congratulations. You're gonna love it!  :)
jambolynn (10:52:41 PM): hire a mini bus, and off we go...B&B ing(bed & breakfast)
mkateb50 (10:52:58 PM): Laughing all the way
jambolynn (10:53:03 PM): lol
tunnelbrat (10:53:43 PM): I had our tech admin come in Thursday... kept trying to get me to change my mind
mkateb50 (10:53:55 PM): How many days in a row can you call in sick, Angela?
jecris27 (10:53:59 PM): lol
jambolynn (10:54:16 PM): I hate to think what that school will do without you Chan
mkateb50 (10:54:26 PM): And they know it too.
dilliedallie27 (10:54:37 PM): we only get 9 days a year to call in.  Any more than that and I'm fired.  They're really strick about that.
tunnelbrat (10:54:49 PM): Je... could you move the link to the dealer's room up to the top?  Just a suggestion.  That's a long scroll to the bottom of the page.
jambolynn (10:54:54 PM): well you onlt need 4! lol
jecris27 (10:54:56 PM): sure
mkateb50 (10:55:10 PM): Well then stay well till July
dilliedallie27 (10:55:18 PM): That's very tempting.  
dilliedallie27 (10:55:53 PM): However, with the weather we've had these last few days. I'll be using them up before spring.  
dilliedallie27 (10:56:17 PM): 2 inches of ice, and 4 inches of snow to boot.  
dilliedallie27 (10:56:26 PM): YUCK.
mkateb50 (10:56:51 PM): Okay, then we'll stop by on our way through Indiana (right?) and you can be our very own BATB B&B.
tunnelbrat (10:56:58 PM): did you see the change to the great hall?  I moved Corinne's first day wallpaper to the front :)
dilliedallie27 (10:57:05 PM): There's alot of towns around here out of power.  Luckily we've only lost elec. for only 6 hours.
dilliedallie27 (10:57:25 PM): My house is small, and there's nothing here. LOL.
jecris27 (10:57:31 PM): yup. gorgeous!
almostretired03 (10:57:49 PM): I'm loving this, but you're about to see some strange stuff on the screen from  where I fall asleep face down on the keyboard. I'm gonna go and save you from that.
almostretired03 (10:58:00 PM): See you tomorrow.
tunnelbrat (10:58:02 PM): hey yeah... that snowstorm was supposed to get me out of school on Friday and it went too far south!  
jecris27 (10:58:31 PM): night Ginny
mkateb50 (10:58:32 PM): Night Ginny
dilliedallie27 (10:58:40 PM): We have tooo much. Power is out in a 50 mile radius.
jambolynn (10:58:43 PM): Oh that's fabulous!
tunnelbrat (10:58:43 PM): we know chat addicts by the brand on their foreheads
jecris27 (10:58:54 PM): lol
jambolynn (10:59:12 PM): rofl!
mkateb50 (10:59:30 PM): l;sdfkjdsjf;asldjf
jambolynn (10:59:35 PM): lol
mkateb50 (10:59:35 PM): That's the brand
jecris27 (10:59:40 PM): ;-)
dilliedallie27 (10:59:42 PM): There's some towns that have been told to prepare for a week without power. I feel for them.
dilliedallie27 (10:59:45 PM): LOL
tunnelbrat (10:59:49 PM): yep... i recognize it from my 5 years on irc
jambolynn (11:00:14 PM): Chat addicts? here?
mkateb50 (11:00:20 PM): We've had that kind of weather here with ice but little snow.  Nothing to cushion the fall.
tunnelbrat (11:00:22 PM): <---chat burnout victim
mkateb50 (11:00:37 PM): <--- Chat newbie
dilliedallie27 (11:00:40 PM): the snow came 3 days after the ice.
jambolynn (11:01:24 PM): <---every day chatter
jecris27 (11:01:35 PM): dealer page is updated
mkateb50 (11:01:36 PM): These are the times when I'm thankful that I'm not, nor am I married to, an electric company lineman.
jambolynn (11:01:36 PM): is chatter a word?
tunnelbrat (11:01:37 PM): beware... when you set sound  functions to tell you when ppl come into your chatroom in case you miss someone when you run to the bathroom... you have a problem
mkateb50 (11:02:11 PM): Chatter is a word....now
dilliedallie27 (11:02:18 PM): LOL
jambolynn (11:02:19 PM): he he
jecris27 (11:02:21 PM): hehe
mkateb50 (11:02:25 PM): You may be a chatter if....
jecris27 (11:02:40 PM): course it's a word, you just invented a new definition for it ;-)
tunnelbrat (11:02:45 PM): I used to have up to 7 windows open on the side as well as the main room.... now i can't concentrate on one
jambolynn (11:02:54 PM): lol
tunnelbrat (11:03:12 PM): i thin you are a chatterer
tunnelbrat (11:03:23 PM): i even think it
jambolynn (11:03:30 PM): that's it! lol
mkateb50 (11:03:43 PM): I was hoping that was a new way to loose weight
tunnelbrat (11:03:51 PM): don't i wish
mkateb50 (11:04:09 PM): Chatter  Chatter   Chatter   and the pounds just fall off
jambolynn (11:04:28 PM): I'd be invisible
mkateb50 (11:04:42 PM): It's too bad it keeps fingers busy instead of mouth.  I sat here and ate apple pie with ice cream earlier
mkateb50 (11:05:00 PM): But we'd still hear you
jecris27 (11:05:01 PM): lol
tunnelbrat (11:05:09 PM): I polished off a can of peanuts
mkateb50 (11:05:19 PM): Oh that sounds good
jambolynn (11:05:58 PM): I7m drinking gallons of water and moogi cha(japanese tea) 
tunnelbrat (11:06:10 PM): i wish i could remember the other change i was supposed to do.... or where i put my notes
tunnelbrat (11:06:23 PM): oh... i rememmber on
tunnelbrat (11:06:24 PM): one
jecris27 (11:06:29 PM): something about guest authors and artists maybe?
tunnelbrat (11:06:42 PM): yeah.. the first one
tunnelbrat (11:07:46 PM): sobi is going to like the way the great hall looks with that wallpaper :)
jecris27 (11:08:01 PM): yes, i think so!
jambolynn (11:08:02 PM): yes, I think she is
mkateb50 (11:08:08 PM): I like the wall paper at the Great Hall.  I've had it on my computer since she first sent it.  Everyone at work comments how great it is.
jecris27 (11:08:29 PM): and so crisp!
jecris27 (11:08:33 PM): such a treat!
tunnelbrat (11:08:38 PM): yes
tunnelbrat (11:08:52 PM): we have a treasure in that gal
jambolynn (11:08:58 PM): yes, it's very clear andfresh looking
mkateb50 (11:09:06 PM): Now wouldn't that make a great e-card to invite someone to Winterfest?
jecris27 (11:09:17 PM): oh yeah!
tunnelbrat (11:09:21 PM): yes
jecris27 (11:09:22 PM): and she just seems to crank em out too!
jecris27 (11:09:36 PM): i'm impressed
tunnelbrat (11:09:44 PM): perhaps we should ask if the unveiled ones can be used for that
jambolynn (11:10:16 PM): how's the candle map looking?
jecris27 (11:10:18 PM): lovely idea
jambolynn (11:10:23 PM): I need to go squint
tunnelbrat (11:10:39 PM): you need to what?
mkateb50 (11:10:43 PM): Is that Scottish for something?
jecris27 (11:10:44 PM): lol
jecris27 (11:10:51 PM): she's going to look at the candle map
mkateb50 (11:10:59 PM): LOL
tunnelbrat (11:11:16 PM): then, heck.. i will squint too
jambolynn (11:11:19 PM): lol
jecris27 (11:11:24 PM): hehe
jambolynn (11:11:42 PM): can you tell Je has been having scottish lessons? ;-)
mkateb50 (11:11:42 PM): I figured she was headed down the hall to the porcelain chair
jecris27 (11:12:06 PM): lol
jecris27 (11:12:21 PM): the skooshy loo?
jambolynn (11:12:23 PM): lol
mkateb50 (11:13:03 PM): That sounds icky
jecris27 (11:13:07 PM): lol
jecris27 (11:13:15 PM): sounds damned expensive!
jecris27 (11:13:27 PM): and useful for purposes other than...
jecris27 (11:13:30 PM): never mind
jambolynn (11:13:31 PM): it's marvelous
jecris27 (11:13:37 PM): tell them what it is, dear!
jambolynn (11:13:42 PM): it has a heated seat
jambolynn (11:13:49 PM): and lights
jambolynn (11:13:50 PM): lol
jecris27 (11:13:56 PM): electric toilet
jecris27 (11:13:59 PM): hello krisanne
ticklesivory (11:14:05 PM): Howdy cowpokes!
jambolynn (11:14:19 PM): Hi Kris Anne
mkateb50 (11:14:24 PM): Hey there from your neighbor to the North (Kansas)
jecris27 (11:14:40 PM): your pages are a hoot!
ticklesivory (11:14:45 PM): Sorry I'm late. 
ticklesivory (11:14:48 PM): Thanks. 
jecris27 (11:15:01 PM): what state are you in?
jecris27 (11:15:11 PM): oklahoma?
ticklesivory (11:15:18 PM): Oklahoma! Yee Haw
jecris27 (11:15:45 PM): we were just hearing about lynn's electric toilet
tunnelbrat (11:15:51 PM): darn.. I didn't realize McWhorter was from tennessee.. remind me next time
ticklesivory (11:16:10 PM): Sounds shocking. 
jecris27 (11:16:18 PM): i will try, but i make no promises. memory like a sieve for that sort of thing
jecris27 (11:16:28 PM): where'd she go?
jecris27 (11:16:34 PM): the toilet has buttons on the side of it
tunnelbrat (11:16:35 PM): that's ok..i will forget that i told you
jecris27 (11:16:46 PM): lol
mkateb50 (11:16:49 PM): Shocking..being from Tenneesee or the electric toilet...only if you fall in.
jecris27 (11:16:50 PM): it washes
jecris27 (11:16:56 PM): lol
tunnelbrat (11:17:03 PM): she left along time ago.. just saw it on the candles
ticklesivory (11:18:15 PM): I have a comment on the Games
tunnelbrat (11:18:24 PM): ok
ticklesivory (11:18:35 PM): If you are a Classic fan....You don't have a chance! 
jecris27 (11:18:43 PM): yes, yes!
jecris27 (11:18:46 PM): set your preferences
tunnelbrat (11:18:50 PM): jeff left... we can blame anything on him
jecris27 (11:18:53 PM): lol
jecris27 (11:19:03 PM): set your preferences to classic
jambolynn (11:19:08 PM): lol
jecris27 (11:19:09 PM): and it will skip all 3s
ticklesivory (11:19:19 PM): I rushed past that option I guess. 
jecris27 (11:19:40 PM): yes, we've tried to be sensitive to that issue ;-)
ticklesivory (11:20:10 PM): And we appreciate that. 
jecris27 (11:20:12 PM): except.. we hear there may be some who would prefer all 3s questions, and no first and second season epis
jecris27 (11:20:19 PM): we're not too inclusive about them, i guess
mkateb50 (11:20:57 PM): Well the show is Beauty AND the Beast
jecris27 (11:20:58 PM): can't please everyone....
tunnelbrat (11:21:05 PM): they're outnumbered
jecris27 (11:21:08 PM): yes, very
jecris27 (11:21:25 PM): must put our energies where they're of most value
tunnelbrat (11:21:37 PM): i got a beautiful winterfest gift today
jecris27 (11:21:44 PM): oh?
ticklesivory (11:21:50 PM): What?
mkateb50 (11:22:01 PM): Besides a 3 hour lunch reprieve from the computer?
tunnelbrat (11:22:01 PM): it was inside the door when I got home from being kidnapped
jambolynn (11:22:18 PM): he he
mkateb50 (11:22:32 PM): Tell us
jambolynn (11:22:51 PM): a raccoon broke into your house?
mkateb50 (11:23:08 PM): You just know when she is doing more than one thing at a time
jambolynn (11:23:19 PM): lol
tunnelbrat (11:23:20 PM): its a casting of an open book.. V's hand holding it... a rose on it.. and Shakespeare's 29: When in disgrace...
jecris27 (11:23:40 PM): wow
ticklesivory (11:23:46 PM): That's nice.  
tunnelbrat (11:23:58 PM): I don't know how she did it, but it's lovely
mkateb50 (11:24:03 PM): Quick, take a picture and scan it.  Where can it fit in the great hall?
jecris27 (11:24:12 PM): sobanme has trained you well!
jambolynn (11:24:20 PM): lol
tunnelbrat (11:24:30 PM): from Beth... the girl i met when I was doing the Vincent gargoyle in art class 
jecris27 (11:24:41 PM): ah
jecris27 (11:24:45 PM): she was here last year
jambolynn (11:24:49 PM): lovely
ticklesivory (11:24:49 PM): I'm just happy I didn't get lynched today.  
jecris27 (11:25:14 PM): what happened?
tunnelbrat (11:25:22 PM): just a sec..  will get a pic
jambolynn (11:25:33 PM): :D
ticklesivory (11:25:45 PM): Lynched from BATB fans... the puppet show thing. 
ticklesivory (11:25:48 PM): I was a little worried. 
mkateb50 (11:26:01 PM): I was just thinking, wouldn't that make a great banquet centerpiece?  2007 New York
jecris27 (11:26:02 PM): no no! it was great!
ticklesivory (11:26:32 PM): How far ahead are conventions planned anyway?  Reminds me of the Olympics! 
jecris27 (11:26:52 PM): usually not this many at once, at least these last few years
jecris27 (11:27:13 PM): there's vermont this summer, but it's not an official "convention"
mkateb50 (11:27:18 PM): Usually 2 years, but there is talk of that one because it would be teh 20th anniversary
jecris27 (11:27:18 PM): denver maybe next year
jambolynn (11:27:18 PM): usually the one in july is announced at least a year in advance
ticklesivory (11:27:33 PM): That's what I hear.  Not too far from me actually. 
jecris27 (11:27:51 PM): driveable not too far?
jambolynn (11:27:57 PM): I'll save my yen for 2007
ticklesivory (11:28:23 PM): Driveable.  About 8 hours maybe? 
ticklesivory (11:28:46 PM): But if I show up, you can guarantee one thing -- I will have gotten a divorce! 
jambolynn (11:28:53 PM): lol
jecris27 (11:29:04 PM): lol
ticklesivory (11:29:09 PM): My DH (and the D isn't for darling) would never understand. 
jambolynn (11:29:39 PM): I made mine understand
jambolynn (11:29:55 PM): and he doesn't beven speak the same language as me! lol
mkateb50 (11:30:15 PM): I didn't give mine a choice.  He hunts.  I have BATB. 
ticklesivory (11:30:33 PM): Mine hunts, but he still doesn't get it!  Too narrow minded. 
jambolynn (11:30:34 PM): he he
jecris27 (11:30:43 PM): pity
ticklesivory (11:30:50 PM): He has no idea what I'm doing on this computer ALL THE TIME. 
jecris27 (11:30:57 PM): lol
mkateb50 (11:31:04 PM): Back to the puppet show...I thought it was neat.  I love irreverant (sp) stuff.
jecris27 (11:31:21 PM): me too!
ticklesivory (11:31:33 PM): Thanks.  I'm planning on doing some more eps after WF is over. 
jambolynn (11:31:38 PM): yes, it was pretty cool
ticklesivory (11:31:50 PM): It's time consuming!
jambolynn (11:32:02 PM): try doctoring a map! LOL
jecris27 (11:32:11 PM): lol
jambolynn (11:32:15 PM): has your fingers recovered Mary?
tunnelbrat (11:32:40 PM): http://www.beautyandthebeast-tv.com/images/
mkateb50 (11:33:24 PM): Fingers are fine.  It's the palm.  I have the death grip on the mouse.
jambolynn (11:33:24 PM): wow!
dilliedallie27 (11:33:31 PM): Well, I'm off to bed.  I have a Sunday school class to teach in the morning, and I need to be awake to handle those 10 - 12 year olds. It's been nice chatting with you.
jecris27 (11:33:45 PM): wow!
jambolynn (11:33:54 PM): that's amazing
jecris27 (11:33:55 PM): night angela
jecris27 (11:34:03 PM): very cool!
jambolynn (11:34:04 PM): night night Angela
ticklesivory (11:34:07 PM): Good night
mkateb50 (11:34:11 PM): Night Angela
dilliedallie27 (11:34:22 PM): night everyone!!!  take care.
jecris27 (11:34:43 PM): Asia, are you still hanging in there with us?
jecris27 (11:34:50 PM): nearly 7 am there, isn' it?
podlasianka1 (11:35:01 PM): yeah but almost asleep
jecris27 (11:35:07 PM): i should think so
jambolynn (11:35:11 PM): ewhere are you?
ticklesivory (11:35:21 PM): It's 11:35 p.m. here. 
jecris27 (11:35:26 PM): here too
jecris27 (11:35:33 PM): Asia's in Poland
podlasianka1 (11:35:37 PM): 6.38 here
jambolynn (11:35:37 PM): 2:35pm here
jambolynn (11:35:45 PM): goodness
tunnelbrat (11:36:10 PM): 12:38 here.... or thereabouts
tunnelbrat (11:36:23 PM): I think we should call it a night
jecris27 (11:36:29 PM): me too
mkateb50 (11:36:32 PM): I think you're right.
podlasianka1 (11:36:40 PM): it's almost dawn here
jambolynn (11:36:48 PM): oki doki
jambolynn (11:36:56 PM): you all get some sleep 
ticklesivory (11:36:56 PM): When's the next chat? 
jecris27 (11:37:01 PM): tomorrow afternoon
ticklesivory (11:37:07 PM): (I'll try to be in time)
jecris27 (11:37:07 PM): 1 pm CST
tunnelbrat (11:37:11 PM): i need to concentrate on a couple of assignments and head to bed
jecris27 (11:37:11 PM): as i remember
jecris27 (11:37:15 PM): the epi chat
jecris27 (11:37:20 PM): night Chan
tunnelbrat (11:37:29 PM): night
mkateb50 (11:37:34 PM): Everyone sleep well and enjoy the festivities tomorrow.
ticklesivory (11:37:38 PM): I'll be seeing you all soon.  
jecris27 (11:37:41 PM): night mary
jecris27 (11:37:43 PM): night krisanne
jambolynn (11:37:46 PM): night Mary
tunnelbrat (11:37:50 PM): night jim bob
ticklesivory (11:37:53 PM): Night everyong. 
jambolynn (11:37:55 PM): lol
ticklesivory (11:37:56 PM): everyong
jecris27 (11:37:56 PM): night john boy
ticklesivory (11:37:59 PM): HEE HEE
podlasianka1 (11:38:00 PM): good night all (dobranoc wszystkim)
ticklesivory (11:38:04 PM): EVERYONE
jecris27 (11:38:07 PM): night asia
podlasianka1 (11:38:17 PM): take care
jambolynn (11:38:24 PM): dobranoc wszystkim Asia!
jecris27 (11:38:25 PM): you too
jambolynn (11:38:32 PM): take care
jambolynn (11:38:34 PM): be well
podlasianka1 (11:38:34 PM): :)
jambolynn (11:38:42 PM):  and don't do anything I wouldn't do
mkateb50 (11:38:47 PM): What's left
jambolynn (11:38:49 PM): too ra loo
jambolynn (11:38:59 PM): lol
jambolynn (11:39:21 PM): ja matane people
mkateb50 (11:39:26 PM): So tell me, what do I do to actually leave
jecris27 (11:39:31 PM): just close the window
jambolynn (11:39:31 PM): lol
mkateb50 (11:39:39 PM): Ok thanks
jecris27 (11:39:41 PM): little x in upper right corner
jecris27 (11:39:42 PM): night
mkateb50 (11:39:48 PM): Night
jambolynn (11:39:52 PM): night