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Chat Schedule

Winterfest Online 2005

January 8 - 16
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Day 1 pm CST / 7 pm GMT 8 pm CST / 2 am GMT
Saturday * Welcome chat
Sunday Dead of Winter epi watch *
Monday General chat *
Tuesday * *
Wednesday Talent show Talent show
Thursday * *
Friday * Dead of Winter epi watch
Saturday Tunnel folk chat *
Sunday Farewell chat
3 pm Talent Show!

*We can add more chats if there is sufficient interest.

YM Chat directions
You will need Yahoo messenger in order to participate in the chats. Install YM YM FAQ

After you have installed YM, send a message to the wfol2005 yahoogroup to let us know you want to join the chats. Be sure to tell us your yahoo id. We will send you a friend request.

In order to join the chat, have YM loaded, logged in, and set to Available (or whatever, so long as you're visible) at the advertised time of the chat. We will send you an Invitation when we start, or if you have technical difficulties, we'll still invite you even if you're late. :-) Good luck, and if you run into trouble, send us a message.

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