General Chat, 10 January 2005, 7pm GMT

ljb20012 (20:02:38): Hyah!!
cosi2cg (20:02:41): hi!
ljb20012 (20:02:59): I missed the chat yesterday, so did not want to 
miss this one too..
cosi2cg (20:03:05): oops it started a 2nd conference... wait a sec...
ljb20012 (20:03:24): ok

ljb20012 (20:03:42): hi
ljb20012 (20:03:52): Having probs?
ljb20012 (20:04:22): still here?
cosi2cg (20:04:44): Just unfamiliar with "add more people" vs "invite 
other" in ym conferences...
ljb20012 (20:04:59): so are we in the correct place now?
cosi2cg (20:05:05): + typing w/ one hand , baby / other
ljb20012 (20:05:21): sounds like you are doing really well then:-)
cosi2cg (20:05:50): yes, right place.... but the others haven"t knocked 
yet :)
ljb20012 (20:06:01): fair enough..
ljb20012 (20:06:17): I will delete the other window, cause i get a bit 
confused here else:-) 
ljb20012 (20:07:12): are you the one who just had the baby?
mahurin10 (20:07:31): hello
ljb20012 (20:07:35): Hi there
cosi2cg (20:07:36): yes in November
ljb20012 (20:07:41): Erwan?
mahurin10 (20:07:43): Is this a WF conference
cosi2cg (20:07:46): hi Deb
ljb20012 (20:07:47): Yes
mahurin10 (20:07:53): Oh good
mahurin10 (20:08:09): I'm just now getting up and around after working 
all weekend
ljb20012 (20:08:31): snap... I do nights... finished this morning
mahurin10 (20:08:42): me too
ljb20012 (20:08:58): Need my bed, but had to come here for a little 
while first:-) 
mahurin10 (20:09:10): I know what you mean
ljb20012 (20:09:35): why didn't they do the episode watch last night?
ljb20012 (20:09:52): Yesterday I mean..
mahurin10 (20:10:38): not very many people had the episode
ljb20012 (20:10:45): Got ya..
ljb20012 (20:11:01): well if they reschedule it, I might get to it 
second time around..
ljb20012 (20:11:24): Pity someone couldn't dowload it onto the 
internet, but I guess it would take a lot of space...
mahurin10 (20:11:37): Je sent a copy of the episode to a website so 
people could download it and they may do it at a later time
ljb20012 (20:12:00): Great! I shall look out for details...
ljb20012 (20:12:57): I see cosi is from France, are you from europe 
too, mahurin?
mahurin10 (20:13:19): no from the US
ljb20012 (20:13:39): right... what time is it with you? afternoon?
mahurin10 (20:14:04): 1:15 PM
mahurin10 (20:14:13): What about you all
ljb20012 (20:14:25): its 7.20pm here
cosi2cg (20:14:44): 8:15
ljb20012 (20:15:07): International is good, but the times get really 
mahurin10 (20:15:21): Have you been able to look around the great hall 
ljb20012 (20:15:31): Hi, 
mahurin10 (20:15:32): Hi monika
monika_j1984 (20:15:53): Hello :)
ljb20012 (20:16:00): I have been playing games, checking out the 
interviews, etc.. yes, i have been looking round:-) 
ljb20012 (20:16:07): Its brilliant!!!
mahurin10 (20:16:41): It really is amazing, I don't know if there is 
anything like it anywhere else
ljb20012 (20:17:16): Amazing what can be achieved when like minded 
people get together:-) 
mahurin10 (20:17:23): So many people from around the world celebrating 
together based on a TV show that is almost 20 years old
ljb20012 (20:17:40): definitely amazing
monika_j1984 (20:17:45): I must see it once more, because I was busy 
today :(
mahurin10 (20:17:58): Too bad Monika
ljb20012 (20:18:02): its great having something new each day too..
mahurin10 (20:18:11): I have to go look several times a day
monika_j1984 (20:18:21): why? I had a lot of learn... :( But now I am 
free :)
cosi2cg (20:18:31): give me a minute please - I'll be back
podlasianka1 (20:18:36): hi there all
mahurin10 (20:18:43): Sorry Monika I misread 
mahurin10 (20:18:57): I thought you said you could only see it once 
monika_j1984 (20:19:55): I meant, that I had a lot of learning today, 
and now I am watching for Great Hall...
mahurin10 (20:20:17): Oh OK 
mahurin10 (20:20:26): Hello Pod and dragon
monika_j1984 (20:20:29): :)
monika_j1984 (20:22:02): Hello, who will start?
ljb20012 (20:23:33): Sorry.. .phone went.. back now:-) 
ljb20012 (20:23:53): Start? start what? did I miss something?
monika_j1984 (20:24:18): no, only I am asking, if somebody can start... 
ljb20012 (20:24:48): I think we were just chatting in general... did 
you want to chat about something in particular?
cosi2cg (20:24:51): we have started :)  and we don't have a topic
ljb20012 (20:24:57): :-)
monika_j1984 (20:25:22): hmmm, I don't know :-/
ljb20012 (20:25:35): :D
cosi2cg (20:25:38): my first round of invitations didn't work 
obviously, so I'm inviting the others again
ljb20012 (20:26:13): I have only just downloaded the new YM.. not quite 
used to it... I see new emoticons... i like the emoticons...:-*
monika_j1984 (20:27:08): wha is emoticons?
podlasianka1 (20:27:10): if you only saw emoticons from Polish 
gadu-gadu, the are fantascic
ljb20012 (20:27:25): Little smiley faces and such..
ljb20012 (20:27:38): don't you have them?
monika_j1984 (20:27:44): hmmm, I understand :)
podlasianka1 (20:27:45): show much more than these from here
mahurin10 (20:27:52): Hi all.  I was looking for the URL for the "Dead 
of Winter" file that Je posted and fell off the internet
mahurin10 (20:28:09): Ih annabelle
ljb20012 (20:28:16): did it give you the problem?
annabelle_lee_x (20:28:17): hi!!!!!!!
podlasianka1 (20:28:27): hi there annabelle
monika_j1984 (20:28:28): Are here everybody?
mahurin10 (20:28:28): oops that should have been Hi instead of Ih
cosi2cg (20:28:31): hello Sylvia, Juliet..
ljb20012 (20:28:37): Hyah
monika_j1984 (20:28:54): hello and welcome ;)
annabelle_lee_x (20:29:01): glad to see all of you here again!
spalumbiny (20:29:02): Hi
forbidden_dragon_throws_a_hissy (20:29:05): mahurin: did it hurt when 
you hit? ;)
mahurin10 (20:29:24): No I have lots of cushion LOL
ljb20012 (20:29:37): :))
annabelle_lee_x (20:30:01): oh my, what have you been discussing here? 
podlasianka1 (20:30:15): I must starrt downloading again cos connection 
withe trhe server was broken
ljb20012 (20:30:32): we werer just chatting in general.. no topic
monika_j1984 (20:30:41): ok :)
mahurin10 (20:30:43): Juliet you never know with Batb fans
ljb20012 (20:30:51): LOL!!!
annabelle_lee_x (20:30:54): :D
annabelle_lee_x (20:31:25): btw, I suppose jecris won't be available in 
chat today?
mahurin10 (20:31:33): Isn't it nice to be somewhere that people 
understand this passion for Batb
ljb20012 (20:31:35): no idea..
mahurin10 (20:31:50): My family knows, but don't understand
ljb20012 (20:31:52): that was in reply to annabelle
ljb20012 (20:31:54): :-) 
cosi2cg (20:32:10): J'e will be there later... let me check what she 
e-mailed me
monika_j1984 (20:32:11): Hi Sylvia - I was writing today, but it was 
not you... Does anybody use your ID?
ljb20012 (20:32:17): My family think I am nuts.. always have done.. 
when it comes to bnb of course
forbidden_dragon_throws_a_hissy (20:32:21): What have you all been up 
to today?
mahurin10 (20:32:29): Someone else in fandom said her mother was afraid 
she was in a cult and might be kidnapped one day.  
ljb20012 (20:32:39): I sat down this morning and then it was suddenly 
cosi2cg (20:32:41): he he Deb...
ljb20012 (20:32:44): :))
monika_j1984 (20:33:00): I was learning :(
mahurin10 (20:33:06): The time does fly by 
podlasianka1 (20:33:16): my parents don't rather understand either bum 
my mum is very supportive
cosi2cg (20:33:27): my partner knows but i somewhat minimize my 
involvment... especially the tons of  fanfic  I've read, and the kind of 
spalumbiny (20:33:31): No, but my boyfriend was on the internet and the 
YM start automaticaly with the connection to the net. I was at work.
annabelle_lee_x (20:33:41): my mom HAD to understand me, otherwise she 
would have to kill me>:)
cosi2cg (20:33:53): and the fact I'm trying to write some
ljb20012 (20:33:55): My hubby loved me enough to take me to a con, but 
he still thinks i am daft
monika_j1984 (20:33:59): I understand you Sysa :)
monika_j1984 (20:34:14): Could I call you so?
cosi2cg (20:34:27): my mum will never understand, I never even told her 
I had found this fandom. she won't understand a single sci fi or 
fantasy story anyway, much less "Vincent".
forbidden_dragon_throws_a_hissy (20:35:03): I cleaned my closet, 
repaired a painting, made it a print, and compared sizes with Annebelle. As 
for me being odd, everyone knows that already.  :D
monika_j1984 (20:35:09): And has Vincent ever chat in WFOL? 
spalumbiny (20:35:49): Soryy I must leave - somebody is ringing at the 
cosi2cg (20:35:51): I don't know about last year I wasn't there yet... 
mahurin10 (20:35:52): Last year he and Catherine both visited a chat
forbidden_dragon_throws_a_hissy (20:36:11): Oh, just tell everyone 
you're in love with Hellboy, the looks alone will be worth it...
annabelle_lee_x (20:36:23): oh when I put Vincent's pictures on the 
walls, there's always much of arguments. and I usually give in. But I 
couldn't help putting up 'Surfin' Vinnie' drawing! And nobody, even my mom, 
could make me take it off!!! >:)
mahurin10 (20:36:53): Way to go.  Stand up for your fandom rights!
annabelle_lee_x (20:36:59): yeah!!!
annabelle_lee_x (20:37:33): but my mother never ceases to wonder in 
shock looking at my images of Vincent, what her son-in-law would look like 
annabelle_lee_x (20:37:57): but I don't dare to dream that much...:(
mahurin10 (20:38:08): That's funny Juliet
monika_j1984 (20:38:51): hmmm, and these year he will be not here? I 
have never been here, so I am only asking, if he comes here now... :-?
mahurin10 (20:39:49): Maybe he will visit, especially during his 
birthday celebration on Wed.  
mahurin10 (20:41:00): I'm not sure how that will work, but I would 
expect there would be some kind of message from him
cosi2cg (20:41:02): let's hope so ! keep sending wishes :)
monika_j1984 (20:41:03): do you think? I will be glad :-P 
mahurin10 (20:41:29): I am trying to decide what to add to the guest 
book for his gift.  
cosi2cg (20:41:34): oops we're in whisper mode, aren't we, as "Pascal" 
said !
mahurin10 (20:42:11): oooh yes, and you know Vincent has very sensitive 
mahurin10 (20:42:19): We can't let him in on the surprise
monika_j1984 (20:42:20): did you all write to Vincent for his birthday?
mahurin10 (20:42:39): I plan to, just have to clear the cobwebs from my 
brain first
mahurin10 (20:43:20): hello juliet
annabelle_lee_x (20:43:24): I am back! :D
monika_j1984 (20:43:29): ok!
annabelle_lee_x (20:43:43): have closed the window by accident :">
mahurin10 (20:44:29): Juliet..Premature just happens 
monika_j1984 (20:45:12): where is father?
forbidden_dragon_throws_a_hissy (20:45:16): Never happens to me :-"   
mahurin10 (20:45:36): Claire, do you have the URL to download the Dead 
of Winter episode...I can't find it
annabelle_lee_x (20:45:47): I want an url too!!!
monika_j1984 (20:45:52): Claire is busy now
mahurin10 (20:46:07): I know Je posted it on the "you send it" site, 
but must have deleted it
mahurin10 (20:46:24): Oooh, did the baby call
mahurin10 (20:47:01): The Dead of Winter episode is a large file to 
download, but if you haven't seen it I think it is worth it.
mahurin10 (20:47:28): That was one of the most special moments of the 
conventions that I went to
annabelle_lee_x (20:47:32): btw, girls, I'm wondering where on eath do 
you take episodes in digital form? I know of the episodes in eMule, but 
there are mostly 1st season! where can such a crazy idiot as me obtai 
second season ones? 
cosi2cg (20:48:11): yes deb, url coming... 
mahurin10 (20:48:14): The official second season, except for a few, 
aren't out there
monika_j1984 (20:48:25): I don't know :|
mahurin10 (20:48:52): But if you have taped it from the TV and have a 
computer that has a "TV in" thingy...they can be saved to CD
mahurin10 (20:49:11): Thanks Claire
monika_j1984 (20:49:26): I don't have it :-<
annabelle_lee_x (20:49:51): well, I have all the technical means to 
record video from VCR, but I don't have good quality tapes, and they are 
in Russian X-(
mahurin10 (20:51:05): I have some of the second season saved to 
CD...maybe we could have some kind of  file sharing so people could download 
the episodes
cosi2cg (20:53:54): here is the link to the Dead of Winter episode: 
cosi2cg (20:53:57):

cosi2cg (20:54:02): valid for one week
annabelle_lee_x (20:54:17): well, it would be really great! but those 
who are without broad band may have problems. I myself do not have LAN, 
and it's hard for me to download big files without resuming - I have to 
turn the computer off sometimes...
annabelle_lee_x (20:55:16): wow!!! thank you!!! I'll try it right now!
annabelle_lee_x (20:56:12): it works! let's now check if it supports 
resuming downloads...
monika_j1984 (20:56:46): But it takes some time - a long time. Do you 
know the other sites to download other episodes?
mahurin10 (20:57:01): I don't 
monika_j1984 (20:57:10): Claire?
annabelle_lee_x (20:57:21): IT DOES!!! it supports resuming 
downloads!!! hurray!!!
monika_j1984 (20:57:49): yes, but 4 hours and half (:|
annabelle_lee_x (20:58:21): well, I download files from emule, very 
long and very boring, but I've downloaded 15 episodes from it. but others 
seem incomplete or rarely available
monika_j1984 (20:58:27): more than 4 hours and half, early 5 hours :(
cosi2cg (20:58:31): i'm here
monika_j1984 (20:59:06): ok, do you know other address for download 
B&B, like you have written the address up?
cosi2cg (20:59:12): I can't help you with download sites... I don't 
even use p2p myself
annabelle_lee_x (20:59:17): with my speed it will take about 8 hours to 
download this episode, not so long comparing 2 months I spent for 
downloading Dark Spirit to find out the file canot be opened! 
annabelle_lee_x (21:00:09): Monika, the more files you download at a 
time, the lower the speed will be, so it's better to dowload them one by 
mahurin10 (21:00:44): Also if you have your computer doing only one 
thing at a time it will help the speed
monika_j1984 (21:00:59): ok, I know. But later, when it will be 
downloaded, I would like to have other - do you understand?
monika_j1984 (21:01:23): I would like to have other addresses
monika_j1984 (21:01:31): sorry - other episodes
annabelle_lee_x (21:02:25): well, firstly we'll have to ask someone to 
upload it there O:-)
monika_j1984 (21:04:37): Clair? Are you here?
annabelle_lee_x (21:08:57): how many people are really here? :-/
cosi2cg (21:09:10): I'm back
cosi2cg (21:09:27): real life interfering a little
monika_j1984 (21:10:08): I know, Annabelle, it does 8-|
monika_j1984 (21:12:44): I have still now 6 % of download #-o
annabelle_lee_x (21:13:14): well, if everything goes fine, I'll have 
the episode downloaded by the morning! I want to see it! the only good 
quality shots from it I manages to put my hands onto are the waltzing in 
the end! not much, but SO MUCH at the same time! I stuffed them into 
the vid immediately!

monika_j1984 (21:14:56): hello
podlasianka1 (21:15:10): hi, what happened?
annabelle_lee_x (21:15:15): is that another conference?
cosi2cg (21:15:41): sorry, I closed my own conference window
annabelle_lee_x (21:15:42): how can i be in two at the same time?
cosi2cg (21:15:49): is the other one still active ??
cosi2cg (21:16:21): if so..
annabelle_lee_x (21:17:02): yes it is
annabelle_lee_x (21:17:19): but noone's there safe for me =)
ljb20012 (21:17:28): Hi again...
cosi2cg (21:17:42): ...then could someone try and invite me back in the 
other one?
annabelle_lee_x (21:17:48): why did we close another conference?
cosi2cg (21:17:49): I'm so sorry !
cosi2cg (21:17:57): by mistake!
annabelle_lee_x (21:17:57): too late! I closed it as well =))
monika_j1984 (21:18:05): it is ok - isn't it - ALL?
annabelle_lee_x (21:18:09): and everyone is here anyway!
cosi2cg (21:18:45): good let's stay then...
annabelle_lee_x (21:18:47): hey, lasies, confess who of you have 'God 
Bless The Child' on CD? B-)
monika_j1984 (21:19:03): me not
ljb20012 (21:19:34): I still have the other one open.. what do you want 
to do?
cosi2cg (21:19:42): well I have it on hard disk and the pc that can 
burn cds is currently down with severe problems
annabelle_lee_x (21:19:44): oops..i meant 'ladies'.. :">
ljb20012 (21:20:08): I have all eps on vids and cd and nearly on dvd
annabelle_lee_x (21:20:25): I need this video for making music video! 
but as I said yesterday it's nowhere available =((
ljb20012 (21:20:50): which video do you need?
annabelle_lee_x (21:20:54): can anyone with high bandwidth upload it on 
the net
ljb20012 (21:21:29): which ep?
annabelle_lee_x (21:21:33): I need 'God Bless The Child'. And I also 
need two more episodes from 2S, but they are not that urgent not
ljb20012 (21:21:50): which format do you need.. ntsc or pal
forbidden_dragon_throws_a_hissy (21:22:03): 22% rsources....must reboot 
before I crash.....
monika_j1984 (21:22:40): I have only 10 % :( It is so slow...
annabelle_lee_x (21:22:47): the format doesn't matter, my computer 
'eats' everything
ljb20012 (21:22:56): I will be happy to copy the eps onto a vido for 
you, if you can play it in uk format, or am happy to burn cd compatable 
eps instead
annabelle_lee_x (21:23:16): I have 5 % downloaded, and it's VERY quick 
comparing to eMule!
annabelle_lee_x (21:23:53): ljb20012, that's TOO kind of you! Really!
monika_j1984 (21:24:33): Annabelle - you are very crazy, yren' you?
monika_j1984 (21:24:43): sorry - aren't
ljb20012 (21:24:52): just tell me which you want cd would be easier for 
me to do.. and send your address. My e-mail addy is
annabelle_lee_x (21:26:16): oh Lesly, I didn't recognise you because of 
you nickname! :D CDs are much better, of course, though my VCR format 
is PAL as well as in England 
ljb20012 (21:27:27): no problem doing cd, just say which ones you 
want... I have heard your nicname, but I have no idea who you are... doesn't 
matter, any B&B fan, is a friend of mine:-) 
annabelle_lee_x (21:28:07): Monika? Why do you think me crazy? (Is it 
that obvious? :D)
ljb20012 (21:28:14): LOL
annabelle_lee_x (21:28:58): Lesley, I met your name on the Internet 
very often! And I belive I saw it in British fanzines as well B-)
ljb20012 (21:30:24): I am a bit of a lurker on the groups... don't 
manage to get to many chats these days.. used to do so with Lynn and 
annette and such
annabelle_lee_x (21:30:24): BTW, has anyone heard of the movie named 
'Bear's Kiss'? It's really another 'Beauty and the Beast' tale!
monika_j1984 (21:30:36): Annabelle no, because. You are like cheeky. 
When you are giving on the window some crazy smiles... 
ljb20012 (21:30:59): Nope, but Hoodlum and son was on here the other 
day and I missed it... Arrrrrgh!!!! 
annabelle_lee_x (21:31:37): crazy smiles? You mean this? >:)
ljb20012 (21:31:42): Is everyone, a Ron fan, as well as a Vincent fan?
monika_j1984 (21:32:01): yes, they are very hard :-w
annabelle_lee_x (21:32:18): I love RON!!! He's the only one male actor 
I really adore!!!!
ljb20012 (21:32:43): Yep, he's a great guy:-))
ljb20012 (21:32:59): oops... that should have been:-)
ljb20012 (21:33:05): :))
annabelle_lee_x (21:33:16): and so handsome!!!! my mom keeps telling me 
I have a perverted taste in men... 
ljb20012 (21:33:33): Ron was supposed to be here in the uk a few weeks 
back at a sci-fi con and we went to meet him but he cancelled
ljb20012 (21:33:47): got to meet up with some other celebs though, so 
it was not too bad:-) 
ljb20012 (21:34:04): I will not tell you what my husband calls him..
cosi2cg (21:34:07): I like all his appearances but frankly I had no 
idea one could be such a fan as the ladies who run "masks" and "the 
perlman pages" and the yahoogroup "ron's loves"
cosi2cg (21:34:33): (advertising you see? of course you knew these 3 
ljb20012 (21:34:41): Oh Yes, Pat Paone who does the PPs definitely 
adores him
annabelle_lee_x (21:35:04): yes Amy hazzard told me about that sci fi 
convention! She had promised to get a signed photo for me... O:-)Alas... 
Why was it cancelled?
ljb20012 (21:35:23): I remember our legs turning to jelly when we got a 
hug from him..well mine did at least...sigh...
monika_j1984 (21:35:42): hello, I must go now again like yesterday :( 
Please, write me later to my messenger, ok? Be well everybody. Bye
ljb20012 (21:35:43): The con wasn't cancelled, just Ron cancelled
cosi2cg (21:35:43): oh now that's different
monika_j1984 (21:35:59): Bye Claire - thank you
annabelle_lee_x (21:36:00): oh... *sigh*
ljb20012 (21:36:07): Bye claire
ljb20012 (21:36:11): nice to meet you
cosi2cg (21:36:39): I've tried to imagine... if he did one of those 
films with the French directors... in France... and if I crossed his 
monika_j1984 (21:36:44): nooo, I was writing it to Claire, because I am 
going now ;)
cosi2cg (21:36:47): I'd be very pleased
monika_j1984 (21:36:49): So bye all
monika_j1984 (21:36:56): Goodbye
monika_j1984 (21:36:58): :)
ljb20012 (21:37:00): bye monica
cosi2cg (21:37:04): besides he gets better with age
ljb20012 (21:37:25): yes, he is maturing well and the same age as me, 
so thats ok too:-) 
cosi2cg (21:37:56): but some poeple I know tend to confuse him & his 
more brutish characters if you see what I mean
annabelle_lee_x (21:38:00): bye Monika! B-)
monika_j1984 (21:38:24): bya Annabelle
monika_j1984 (21:38:52): :-?
ljb20012 (21:39:28): I know he has played a lot of bread and butter 
parts, as he calls them, but he has done some nice ones too and of course, 
Vincent was the best:-) 
ljb20012 (21:39:55): I didn't leave??
ljb20012 (21:40:00): did I?
annabelle_lee_x (21:40:08): BTW, what is this movie mentioned in IMDB 
that has both Ron and Linda? Couldnn't find any info about it!
ljb20012 (21:40:24): Which one was that?
annabelle_lee_x (21:40:40): uhm, one moment
ljb20012 (21:41:09): It says I left the conference.. am I still here?
cosi2cg (21:41:12): the woodcutter?
annabelle_lee_x (21:41:26): you are here, Lesley
ljb20012 (21:41:29): Ah yes, i have heard of it... not had any news of 
it though
ljb20012 (21:41:38): thanks.. i wondered if I left:-))
ljb20012 (21:41:47): silly YM:-) 
annabelle_lee_x (21:42:13): No, it's called Missing in America
cosi2cg (21:42:48): do they have scenes in common in that one? 
cosi2cg (21:43:02): they didn't in the other one
annabelle_lee_x (21:43:39): i have no idea! I found it out while 
searching Ron's IMDB file for the Info I needed for my own page
annabelle_lee_x (21:44:28): but as long as they are supposedely have 
big parts in the movie, they may have scenes together!O:-)
ljb20012 (21:44:30): I shall look out for it...
cosi2cg (21:44:53): same movie, new title.
annabelle_lee_x (21:45:10): really?
cosi2cg (21:45:17): they don't have a common scene
ljb20012 (21:45:30): I have to say goodnight now. Its been nice 
chatting with you all and I hope we get to do it again soon. Annabelle, send 
me details for the CDs.
cosi2cg (21:45:38): at least it's a movie I've already read about.
ljb20012 (21:45:38): Bye for now everyone.
ljb20012 (21:45:44): Big Hugs....
ljb20012 (21:45:52): =;
annabelle_lee_x (21:45:56): bye Lesley!
cosi2cg (21:45:58): on the perlman pages I think!
ljb20012 (21:46:09): O:-)
cosi2cg (21:46:29): bye Lesley
annabelle_lee_x (21:46:33): why don't they ever play together?... :(
cosi2cg (21:47:10): have you seen the new art pages? PS Nim? beauty and 
the Yeast?
annabelle_lee_x (21:48:28): yeah!!! it's absolutely cool! 
annabelle_lee_x (21:48:50): and this story about V&C as kids is so 
cosi2cg (21:50:34): yes; I could read the whole of it thans to Annik
cosi2cg (21:50:46): "thanks" I mean
cosi2cg (21:51:00): I'd love to read b& the y too
cosi2cg (21:51:15): I mentioned it because of the ending
annabelle_lee_x (21:51:39): i read the bits of the novels today online. 
And I so much loved the art from different zines I've never seen!
cosi2cg (21:51:58): usual reaction I guess, even for Ron fans ? lol
annabelle_lee_x (21:52:19): yes the ending is nice. such a frown at 
Vincent's face! :D
cosi2cg (21:53:09): I had zines in hand last summer... with other good 
artists... too bad they couldn't get in touch and/or get permission to 
use it online
annabelle_lee_x (21:53:55): yes it's sad. but there are many thing 
online I haven't read yet, so I have things that keep me occupied =)
cosi2cg (21:56:22): after a year of frantic reading online... I have to 
re-read things
cosi2cg (21:56:45): not that I mind ;-)
annabelle_lee_x (21:58:40): I wish I could get some zines as a 
hardcopies but they are mostly sold in the USA only
cosi2cg (21:59:46): oh really?
annabelle_lee_x (22:02:40): at least most of them are. and they are 
sold via ebay which usually claims for bidders to have a credit card. I do 
not have it. though I managed to urchase a couple of thing from there
cosi2cg (22:02:55): if they won't post them abroad maybe arrange with a 
fan who will?
cosi2cg (22:03:14): if you find a way to pay that fan
cosi2cg (22:03:53): besides there is Annik's unofficial "French lending 
annabelle_lee_x (22:04:12): yes, this is the way. but now it's not that 
urgent yet =)
cosi2cg (22:04:13): a few zines went to Greece and back
annabelle_lee_x (22:04:29): i haven't read all od B&B reading chamber 
cosi2cg (22:04:35): oh I see
cosi2cg (22:04:59): what about classicalliance (tunneltales) ?
cosi2cg (22:06:16): there are so many stories there that once in a 
while I find one I had forgotten to read
annabelle_lee_x (22:08:26): yes I like TunnelTales, it was the first 
place I found when I first time came online back in 2000
cosi2cg (22:18:45): I was disconnected
cosi2cg (22:35:02): asia are you there ? I think not
cosi2cg (22:36:22): that's it then... no more tapping