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Convention Charities

Winterfest Online 2005

January 8 - 16

2004: Kansas City, MO; Of Love and Hope: A Summerfest Family Reunion; Shadow Buddies,

2003: San Francisco, CA; Follow Your Heart: Beauty and the Beast By the Bay; National Alliance for Caregiving,

2002: Orlando, FL; A Kingdom by the Sea: A Celebration of Love; American Cancer Society & Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Alliance (SIDS), &

2001:New York, NY; Once Upon a Time in NYC: A Homecoming; New York Foundling Hospital,

2000: Los Angeles/Burbank, CA; A Distant Shore II: Remember Love; The National Multiple Sclerosis Society-San Diego Chapter,

1999: Orlando, FL; A Kingdom by the Sea Revisited: The Romance Continues; American Cancer Society (see above)

1998:Virginia Beach, VA; Beauty at the Beach: To See the World in a Grain of Sand; Samaritan House of Virginia Beach,

1997: Minneapolis, MN; Reflections: A Beauty and the Beast Celebration on the First Ten Years; St. Joseph's Home for Children of Minneapolis,

1996: Norfolk, VA; A Kingdom by the Sea: A Romantic Celebration; Samaritan House of Virginia Beach (see above)

1995: Los Angeles, CA; A Distant Shore: The Fairy Tale Continues…Laguna Shanti, Laguna Beach, CA,

1994: Las Vegas, NV; Tunnelcon III: A Family Reunion;

1993: Austin, TX: Great Expectations: A World of Dancing Lights

1992: Las Vegas, NV; Tunnelcon II: A Carousel Fantasy

1991: Kissimmee, FL; South of Oz: Where Magic Meets the Sea and Dreams Become Reality; Make A Wish Foundation, Inc.,

1990: Las Vegas, NV; Tunnelcon: A Beauty and the Beast Celebration