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Sharing the Light

Winterfest Online 2005

January 8 - 16

“…And each of us grew stronger, those who took the help and those who gave it. We are all part of one another - one family - one community…”

-Dead of Winter

Beauty and the Beast is a very special television show for many reasons, but one of the most unique has to be the values that our show promotes. In doing so, Beauty and the Beast has, in turn, attracted an exceptional group of people who call themselves its fans. Since the very first fan gatherings, there has always been a very strong sense of community and the desire to reach out to those in need. By following the example of the Helpers, we bring a little bit of the warmth of the Tunnels to life in a sometimes very cold world.

Beauty and the Beast fans have expressed this desire to help in many different and often creative ways. Maybe it’s a kind word to a stranger that brightens their day. Maybe it’s forming a group like the Band of Angels that responds with prayers and good wishes when someone is not feeling well. Maybe it’s collecting canned goods at your local Winterfest gathering to donate to a food pantry in the show’s name. Maybe it’s donating something to a convention charity auction, or purchasing something from that same auction. Big or small, it really doesn’t matter, only that it is done in the spirit of the Tunnel Community that we all love so much.

The Winterfest Online 2005 Committee would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has ever taken the ideals of Beauty and the Beast to heart and been a Helper in “real life.” We would also like to encourage everyone attending Winterfest this year to think about what you can do to make the world more like the Tunnel Community. This page is devoted to keeping that spirit alive.

If you have ever, either individually or in a group, participated in some kind of charity or community service event that was inspired by Beauty and the Beast, we would love for you to Click here and share your story with us. In doing so, you might just inspire other Winterfest attendees to share the light in their part of the Tunnels.

Click here to read a list of past Beauty and the Beast conventions and the charities they have supported over the years.

Finally, Click here to see a list we have compiled of favorite charities for you to browse through. Maybe you will see something that gets you thinking.

Just remember…Even the greatest darkness is nothing…so long as we share the light!