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The essence of the Winterfest celebration
is the sharing of ourselves with others.

We send our thanks to all those who took the time
to share their talents for everyone to enjoy.

elow is a list of the entries.
e chose to feature online creations only,
so as not to detract from the artwork and submissions that will be shown
at the Beauty and the Beast Family Reunion in Kansas City this summer.
This also gives us the opportunity to explore new paths
in the cyber world that can offer wonderful possibilities.

Although the most important element is the sharing of our talents,
we also have some very nice prizes for the winners.


A1: Art, Cyber Candle
This candle
From my Daughters

A3b: Art, Photo-montages - General B&B
Moon Madness
Super Vincent

A4a: Art, Other - Winterfest
Winterfest Globe
Winterfest Reflections
Old Photo

A4b: Art, Other - General B&B
Night and Day

B1a: Fic, Moments - Winterfest
Winterfest Surprise
In The Cold Twilight of Winter
Winterfest Candle
Incident on a Dance Floor

B1b: Fic, Moments - General B&B
To Change My State with Kings
A Gift for You
Second Time Round
In Need of a Hug
3S, SND: And I will Always Love You
Sweet Dreams
Have We not Heard the Chocolate at Midnight

B2a: Fic, Poetry - Winterfest
Do you Dance
'Twas The Night of Winterfest

B2b: Fic, Poetry - General B&B
Never Alone Again

C2: Web, New Winterfest page
Winterfest Webpace #1
Winterfest Webpage #2

D: Tunnel Togs
Lace Blouse
Golden Snowflake Winterfest Vest

E1: Recipes
Soft Drop Cookes
Flo's Sugar Cookies
Peanut Butter Blossoms
Coconut Layer Cake
Salted Nut Bars
Tunnel Cake
Easy Trifle


All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

The above photomontage courtesy of Lynn Wright.