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Never Alone Again - Kayelle Allen (
Vincent/Catherine -G)

For Catherine

(from Vincent)


Guardian to your angel,

I watch you toss in sleep,

chaste even in your dreams

while my thoughts ravish you.


I guard your purity

while I own none.

Demon to your virtue,

assault of need to your tower of grace.


I dare ask nothing,

forced to possess you with my eyes

while others touch and love you

heedless of your fragility.


Sleep untouched, my beloved,

Safe -- outside the circle of my thoughts.

My shame at touching you, even in love,

surety against your peril.


I hide my heart behind a face of peace

and walk beside you

a beast no longer free.

Iím chained by the iron beauty of your soul.

Destiny - Lynn Aoki (
Vincent/Catherine - PG13)

There is a special place

Below the city streets

I know, because He took me there

To heal, and tend my needs


There's tap tap tapping

And candles aglow

And magical chambers

Where water will flow


With people who love

And give you their all

From the hidden threshold

To the Chamber of the Falls


One special being, who was alone

Until one fateful night

When he found me in the park

And saved me from my plight


I love him with all I am

And all I can possibly be

My heart it skips a beat

When that wondrous face I see


And as he holds me in his arms

I melt in his embrace

His scent intoxicating

My hearbeat ups its pace


As he takes me to his bed

My core anticipates

Mere touches, render me helpless

Paradise awaits


Our bodies join, it is sweet bliss

Our life has just begun

The feel of him, his tender kiss

Soon I am undone


And as we reach that pinnacle

Our destiny is plain

We are forever... eternity

Never alone again.