Fic, Poetry - Winterfest

Do you Dance - Tunnelmon (Vincent/Catherine - G )

She smiled as she asked me this question.

“Do you dance?” were the words that I heard.

My heart skipped a beat,

As our eyes they did meet,

And my answer need be just one word.


The room fell away as I pondered,

“Do I dare answer yes, do I dare?”

To hold her so tight

To be her white knight,

My Catherine, so lovely and fair.


The chance disappeared in a moment.

There was danger and chaos and fear.

Paracelsus’ plan failed.

Love and Caring prevailed,

But Winterfest’ end soon grew near.


The Great Hall is empty and quiet.

“Can you hear it?” she whispers to me.

The melody starts.

It’s two beating hearts,

Whose love is now soaring free.


'Twas The Night of Winterfest - Lynn Aoki (Vincent/Catherine -PG13)

'Twas the night of Winterfest

Catherine was feeling so horny

But she knew with her Vincent

That subject was thorny


She thought that this year

It was time to take a chance

And hopefully her Vincent

Would do more than dance


Winterfest had gone

So wonderfully well

Catherine flirted shamelessly

Trying to ring Vincent's bell


As Winterfest wound down

Proceedings came to a close

Vincent seemed rather restless

Catherine's hopes...up they rose


In the middle of the night

Out of the silence

Earth-shattering sounds

But certainly no violence


As Catherine reached climax

On that wonderful crest

She screamed out in ecstasy

Oh Vincent! I love Winterfest!