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Winterfest Online 2007

January 7 - 15
Yahoo Groups FAQ

What is yahoogroups exactly?

Yahoogroups is a service that lets people join or create online communities. There are groups for just about every imaginable topic. The most commonly used feature of yahoogroups is the mailing list. Read more here:

Why would I want to join?

There are a number of fairly active Beauty and the Beast lists on yahoogroups, and Winterfest Online has one too.

Why do I need a yahoo id?

You must create a yahoo id in order to join a yahoogroup. Yahoo uses it for keeping track of what groups you're in, displaying your name in Chat, and remembering how you've voted in Polls.

I'm afraid I'll get more spam if I sign up for a yahoo id.

You are not required to give yahoo your email address. You may set up a yahoo mail account using the same yahoo id, and just give that email address when yahoogroups asks for one; however you can still set the group to No email and just read and post messages at the group's site.

If you decide to use the yahoo mail account, ward off some spam by clicking Options, Account Information, then click Edit your marketing preferences. Make sure all the boxes are unchecked. Then click Save Changes.

BATB yahoogroups do sometimes receive spam, but it's pretty rare. Some groups are Moderated to help keep out spammers, but that means your first post(s) will be delayed until the Moderator approves your message to be sent on to the group and/or changes you to unmoderated.

Read what yahoo has to say about spam here: and here

How do I get a yahoo id?

Click here and follow the instructions:

I'm shy. Will I have to say something if I join a group?

No, you can lurk as long as you like. Some groups may post a welcome message, but you're under no obligation to reply. However, you will enjoy yourself more if you do join in the discussions. Beauty and the Beast fans are, all in all, pretty nice folks.

Is there any way to get rid of the ads?

Yahoogroups is a free service, so there's no way to get rid of the ads entirely, but if you browse the messages at the group's site, the ads may be somewhat less annoying if you click Expanded.