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B&B on DVD!!!

Winterfest Online 2007

January 6 - 14
BATB Season 1 DVD cover art

Beauty and the Beast on DVD on February 13, 2007!!! knocked our collective socks off on November 1, 2006 when it reported that Season 1 of our beloved Beauty and the Beast will, at long last, be released to DVD on Tuesday, February 13, 2007! Just in time for Valentine's Day! How romantic is that? And in the year when Beauty and the Beast will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its television premiere. If you weren't around when the news hit, I gotta tell ya, there was dancin' in the virtual streets!

The following day, TVshowsonDVD wowed us again by posting the DVD cover art, pictured above. Those of us who were still afraid to believe became a little less doubtful, and when online retailers began accepting pre-orders, any remaining doubts evaporated!


look here! Don't miss the fun as Poetrymischief tells us in music video format how excited she is about the DVD release.


Here are some merchants who are accepting preorders of Beauty and the Beast Season 1.


Paramount owns the rights to Beauty and the Beast. Here's their address - why not write and thank them for Season 1, and perhaps also encourage them to release Seasons 2 & 3?

Paramount Studios
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038


OLAH cd coverIn case you missed last year's news, Of Love and Hope was rereleased on CD on November 8, 2005. If you don't have this collection of original music from the show and poetry read by Ron Perlman using his Vincent voice, you are missing out!

Barnes & Noble


If your browser complained that this page is trying to display 'active content', it's a javascript countdown timer to the DVD release date. Nothing much you're missing, it's just kinda fun.