Reflections on B&B

Winterfest Online 2006

January 7 - 15


Beauty and the Beast means a lot to all of us.

Every one of us has a different story to tell about the show.

Some of the fans have shared their points of view about it with us.






There are fans who found the show when they were children. Why did they like Beauty and the Beast and become part of its fandom? These are their words.

Beauty and the Beast is a show with a big fandom composed mostly of women, but there are also men among us. Some of them have written about their connection with B&B.

Not only young and male fans have their own opinions about Beauty and the Beast. In this section you can find essays written by fans about different subjects related to the show.

Elisabeth Hanninen

Lindsey Aubel

Eva Mispelbaum auf Deutsch

Eva Mispelbaum in English



Heather Andrews


  Mariano in English

 ◦ Mariano en Espaņol

Wayne R. Kelley

Pablo Giovine in English

Pablo Giovine en Espaņol

◦  Vincent in English by Annik

Vincent in French by Annik

Literature by Radcliffe

Classic fans and Season 3 by Tina


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Also, if reading the other fan's words has inspired you to write an essay on any topic related to Beauty and the Beast,

send it to us and we will include it in this site.