Chill Factor

Cyndi Day


Catherine was getting tired of waiting for Vincent to return from the bathing chamber. He had been working in the remote tunnels for three long days and all she wanted now was to hold him. When he had returned earlier he wouldn’t allow even the smallest hug, stating he was off for a proper bath and would return to her soon.

Well, she was not about to wait a minute longer! On her way to find him, she decided she would get even for his making her wait.

Vincent wondered what Catherine was up to. A few moments ago he felt the bond between them suddenly close off. He had felt her disappointment when he arrived home. He wanted so to hold her, but needed to wash three days of dirt and grime from his body before folding her in his arms.

He hadn’t noticed Catherine enter their private bathing chamber as he rose out of the water and reached for a towel to begin drying the silky hair that covered his chiseled body. His head shot up and he dropped his towel when he heard her startled scream.

"Oh no!" she cried.

"Catherine, what is it. Are you hurt?"

Catherine could not look him in the eye. "Hmmm, no, I’m OK" she said suggestively

"Then what is it?" he asked again as he reached once more for his towel.

As she looked over his very masculine body she began to blush. "It’s just that well, I thought the water in this chamber was always very warm. Obviously it has run cold, and…"

"Catherine!" Before he said another word a feeling of mischief flooded their bond, and he decided to play along.

"Well, then, in that case I believe it is your wifely duty to make me…hmmm, warm again."

And she did.