Mild Confessions

Amber and Vicky


Dearest Catherine,

Last night we sat on your balcony under the stars. I could not have been more content as I held you close, talking with you for hours, until sleep finally overcame you. I held you there for the longest time before putting you into your bed. When I returned to my chamber Below, I tried to sleep. The image of your sleeping form, sweet and beautiful, burned through my dreams. I could not shake the memory of how you felt in my arms.

When I woke up this morning, as I searched for you, I realised you weren't there. In my sleep, my dreams had convinced me that I would wake up with you. How many times have I had such a dream... Sometimes, I try not to dream. To dream of such things, knowing they cannot be...

But don't let the hopeless thoughts of a dreamer cloud your way. Just know that you're a light for me, with me always. I hope all of your dreams come true.

Sleep well, Catherine.



Dearest Vincent,

Last night we sat on my balcony under the stars. And as you held me in your arms and softly touched your lips to my temple, as your sweet voice caressed each word of the more intricate poem, of the simplest everyday conversation, and as your beautiful blue eyes gazed at me in amazement at some ordinary tale in which you nevertheless saw something extraordinary, I felt so alive... complete... and loved. I felt so safe, Vincent, so relaxed and content, that I closed my eyes and willed my senses to be filled of, surrounded by, only you.

And then I woke to sunlight filtering through the balcony door... and to your absence. I was beginning to resent that light... but your beautiful face rose before me, keeping me from dwelling on any unpleasant feeling.

Dream on, Vincent; dream always, and remember hope... remember love. We will find a way; because  you must know I have those same dreams, of waking to your warm presence, so close... of holding you as no one has ever held you before...

One day, I promise; one day, soon.

Sleep well, my dearest Vincent.



Vincentís letter by Amber
Catherineís letter by Vicky