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Friday, February 1, 2008

Correction: our charity auctions totaled $500.59 and donations for Save the Children came to $235.56, for a grand total of $736.15.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Our charity auctions totaled $500.59 and donations for Save the Children came to $140.56, for a grand total of $641.15. Thanks everyone who donated and bid.

Sunday, January 20, 2008, update 2

The closing ceremonies are ready in the Great Hall (northeast corner - the birthday

festivities have moved to the Conversation Corner). Please also take a few minutes and answer our ending survey.

Also, for those folks who were disappointed when all they found in the Bathing Chamber was a warning... search around again.

We'll post the final results of the charity auctions and donations here, as soon as we have them.

Thank you all. We love you. :-)

Sunday, January 20, 2008, update 1

Here we are on our last day of Winterfest, a bittersweet kind of thing. The closing ceremonies will be coming up later today, but you just keep that festive spirit until then!

The Talent Show page is up in the Great Hall. If you wanted to record something and send it, there might still be time, but no guarantees.

The transcript of the role play chat has also been posted in the Amphitheater.

Those of you who were around during our last Winterfest season might remember something about technical difficulties - much of our old Winterfests were lost in the fray. Well, Mouse and a few diligent helpers have been working their tails off (hehe) to restore them. If you were present for our past Winterfests, here's a chance for a bit of nostalgia. If not, more stuff you haven't seen! ;-)

In chat, we'll be watcing Dead of Winter (again, yes) at 4pm EST today and we'll have a farewell chat at 8pm EST.

The closing ceremonies will be ready some time today. We'll send another update about that later. And there might be another little surprise yet. ;-)


Saturday, January 19, 2008

More goodies for you today!

Have you ever tried to remember that one certain story and you maybe know the author or the title or some key plot detail, but for the life of you, you just can't find the darn thing?! Well, it's Vickypedia to the rescue! Our own Jeff Carden has created a fanfic database, and we've populated it with Vicky's data. It rocks the Library! :-D

And, since fan fiction doesn’t write itself, we've compiled for all you writers, budding writers, and soon to be writers, a wonderful collection of links: Resources for Writers. Find it - where else? - in the Library.

Also new today, our resident artist, Chandler aka Tunnelbrat has compiled a lovely collection of BATB art by artists at the Deviant art site. Go and see!

Our annual Talent Show Chat is scheduled for 4PM EST. Come and join the fun as we are entertained by some very talented fans. Get your Yahoo Messenger installed well ahead. It's been fussier than usual about voice, so we'll begin the voice troubleshooting probably around 3pm EST. Please come early and make sure yours is working.

If you don't do YM, or would just prefer to send an mp3 of your performance for all Winterfest guests to hear, that would be fine and dandy! Later today we'll post all the entries received on a Talent Show page in the Amphitheater.

At 8pm EST we'll read a zine aloud. Again, please arrive early so we can all get our voice capability working.

Still treasure hunting? We're adding some hints in Mouse's chamber.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Everyone here and accounted for?? Anyone still out hunting treasure? This year's Treasure Hunt is a challenging one, isn't it?! Please contact us for hints. We don't want to post things publicly too soon, lest we ruin anyone's fun.

If you're done hunting, you need a break! Head over to the Library, grab a cushy chair, put your feet up and read our second offering in Finally Online, "Parallel Worlds Within the City." An interesting story with lovely artwork and poetry to savor.

We're planning a role play chat. It's currently on the schedule for Friday 7pm EST, but we've had feedback that it's too late for Europe and too early for the US west coast. How about noon EST on Saturday instead? Please leave feedback on the WFOL yahoo group. Whenever we decide - we'll meet in the simple chatroom. Arrive early to choose a scenario and divvy up roles. 

A solid subgroup of B&B fans have also become fans of Ron Koslow's new show, Moonlight. It has a bit of B&B energy about it, though of course it's not as good as our show. Anyway, since a good number of the chatters were planning to watch this season's last episode on Friday, we decided to toss in a Moonlight episode watching chat at 9pm EST.

More auctions! Woohoo! Check em out!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Although most BATB fans love a good romp in their writings, there are also those who search for deeper meaning in the tale of our Beauty and the Beast. Today we have the pleasure of presenting an essay, written by Agnes from France, which explores one of those deeper facets. We encourage you to drop by the Library and read, “Who will tell us about the beginnings of the Tunnel Religion.” Fascinating.

Gather your flashlights, compasses, maps and string because it’s time for the Winterfest Online Treasure Hunt!! Follow the trail, conquer the challenges and then enjoy the spoils of all your hard work! If you find yourself completely stuck along the way, feel free to ask for help on the WFOL yahoo group or at our usual email address. Please do NOT post spoilers! The hunt is at least as much fun as the treasure itself; please don't deny anyone else of their fun. Happy Hunting!

(What was that? We forgot to tell you where the Treasure Hunt is? We didn't forget! The first part of this year's Treasure Hunt is finding it! You'll need the practice anyway. Lots of challenging activities this year! Off you go!)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We guarantee you loads of smiles when you try our new activity in the Game Nook, Guess the Author. Read this totally enchanting collection of new short stories written for this year's Winterfest by some of the best online BATB authors. Then try to match the tale to its writer. Even if you don't feel up to the challenge, these stories are just too cute to miss.

The Amphitheater today hosts an interview with Wendy Pini. Meet the author and illustrator of the two BATB graphic novels, "Portrait of Love" and "Night of Beauty," both, incidentally, available on ebay in our charity auction.

Today's Candlelight Creation vid is *not to be missed*! Go and watch The Silent Movie. We dare you not to laugh! :-D

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Brand new today, for all you fanfic and fan art addicts, we have a very special offering. Finally Online is proud to present the full zine, "The Roads not Taken" by Sandy P. Shelton, with artwork by Sandy Chandler Shelton. You'll find it in the Library, naturally. Indulge your addictions with this beautifully written and illustrated zine.

The Game Nook has a new challenge for you. "Test your Memory" and there is no better or more enjoyable way then with using BATB images. (Requires IE.)

In case you missed the chat with David Greenlee on Sunday, we've posted a transcript next to his interview over in the Amphitheater.

By now we hope everyone is comfortable moving around the various chambers. In your travels, be sure to stop in and add a line to the Classic or Third Season Mosaic Stories found in the Library. Let your poetic side emerge and try your hand at the Daily Challenges. While there, be sure to read all the wonderful poems written by our budding BATB poets. Share your thoughts in the Question of the Day or leave a comment in the Grin Gallery. This and more awaits you on this, the fourth day of Winterfest Online.

Ooooh! More ebay auctions! Go to the Charity page in the Helpers Nook. Go directly there. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200! ;-)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Besides all the "regular" updates, we have two new activities for you to explore. In the Gallery, stop in and see all the lovely fashions designed for Vincent and Catherine by some very talented (and imaginative) fans. Then hop on over to the Amphitheater and see Vincent and Catherine strut their stuff in the CC video, "The Paper Doll Fashion Show."

The first of our ebay auctions was posted last night. All proceeds go to charity. We also received $25 in donations yesterday for our 2008 charity, Save the Children. Please check out the Charity page in the Helpers Nook.

The Whispering Gallery is back by popular demand in the Amphitheater. Stand on the bridge and see if you can "capture" the the sounds or enter the Listening Chamber and read or listen to some beautiful selections of literature.

Also, we forgot to mention Hangword yesterday, a challenging cross between hangman and word search. Find it in the Game Nook. This game requires Internet Explorer. In Mouse's Chamber, we've made a list of all our pages that need IE.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

News travels swiftly in the tunnels but in case you haven't heard, David Greenlee, our very own "Mouse" will be joining us for a LIVE chat at 2pm EST in the Simple Chatroom located in the Conversation Corner. You do NOT want to miss this chance to meet a wonderful man and a great fan.

Then break out your DVD and join us for the "Dead of Winter" chat at 4pm EST (Simple Chatroom or Yahoo Messenger? Location still to be determined).

Also new today is the beginning of the Third Season Round Robin.

Of course there are also new entries in Question of the Day, Poem of the Day, Puzzle of the Day, the Grin Gallery, and the Daily Challenges, not to mention a new wallpaper by Corinne, and last but not least, a new Candlelight Creation vid: Mighty Mouse. Not to be missed! :-D Have fun!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hello again. We hope you're enjoying the festivities so far. We heard a rumor that Mouse has equipped Arthur with LED-studded goggles! Anyone seen him?

As promised, the submissions are now available. (Refresh your page if you don't see them.) Made by you and your fellow fans, the submissions are what make Winterfest online so special.

The birthday page is also up. So drop by to wish Vincent a Happy Birthday!

A suggestion, especially for first-time visitors to Winterfest: the WFOL yahoo group is the place to meet old friends and find new ones. Open 24-7, it's the best place to laugh, share experiences and connect with your BATB family, as well as to get help if you need it or to report problems.

Now, a bit about our activities that are new this year.

In the Conversation Corner, stop in to Meet the Guests and tell us a little bit about yourself as you sip some tea or hot chocolate. Then mosy on over to the Library for Poem of the Day and enjoy the first of some of the most romantic poems ever written. Read it yourself or sit back and listen to an audio recording. Check out our Simple Chatroom where you can visit with other guests in real time.

Remember, this is just the beginning. At the dawn (or the noon or the dusk, as the case may be) of each day of Winterfest, more goodies will be added throughout the various chambers.

Just a simple piece of advice: Participate! Play the games. Write a limerick. Leave comments. Post on the Yahoo group. The more you interact with the other guests, the more fun you'll have. (We know many of you are addicted to fanfic, but if you have the choice, read later. Play first.)

Now off you go. :-)

Oh - almost forgot - there's a welcome chat tonight at 8pm EST on Yahoo messenger. See you then!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Welcome to Winterfest Online 2008!

And welcome to the Pipe Chamber, this year's "What's New" page.

Run and play now - why on earth are you reading this? ;-) Some of our best treats are yet to come! Expect the submissions and the birthday page later today, as well as a longer update. ;-)

And please poke us if you find anything amiss anywhere. (Already sleep deprived and we haven't even started yet. Ah well, such is Winterfest Online. LOL.)

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